Larry Pearce & Susan Miller DNA Results

 Autosomal DNA only as first determined in 2018*

(See Homepage “Origins” tab for first immigrants & regions)

Larry & Susan Miller Pearce

Larry Pearce DNA

37% Ireland/Scotland/Wales
(all but England, usually after emigration)

Gray, Campbell, Hill, MoonMacKrell, McRoberts,

Leslie, MarshallRoss, Crawford, Browne

Allison, Allen, Baird, Carnahan, Davis

30% Europe West/Germany/Holland/France
(and others before emigration)

Hoffman, Fleming, Jack

16% Great Britain
(England only)

Pearce, Austen, Nelson, Beard, Barber, Cooper, Watson, Wilson

9% Scandinavia
(before emigration)

Norris, Patterson, Anderson

8% Other Regions
(unknown at this time)

* Revised by 6/20/19 for more precise locations as follows:

50% England, Wales & Northwestern Europe
(Scottish Lowlands, Northern England & Northern Ireland)

42% Ireland & Scotland
(General communities)

6% Norway

2% Germanic Europe

* Revised by 9/16/19 for more precise locations as follows:

47% Scotland

20% England & Northwestern Europe

13% Ireland

8% Germanic Europe

7% Sweden

4% Wales

1% Baltics


Closest Cousin Communities in America:

Pennsylvania (especially Western PA), Ohio River Valley, Indiana, Illinois, & Iowa

Susan Pearce DNA

68% Germany
(This includes Austria & Switzerland)

Miller, Krause, Baer, Baush, Bowman, Georg, Speicher, Brenneman,

Berkey, Bender, Zimmerman, Sadorus, Diehl, Horner, Hostetler

Shaffer, MusserLehman, Mauer, Sauter, Saylor, Sell

16% Great Britain and Northwestern Europe
(England only with Holland & France)

Taylor, Long, Lincoln

5% Eastern Europe and Russia
(may include Scandinavia)

Peterson, Rambo

5% Ireland and Scotland


6% Other Regions (unknown at this time)

Note: These are a few family surnames & trees ordered by approximate marriage dates. Older families may not be included above at this time. Spellings may vary, and several lines may contain similar names. This page is constantly being edited as we understand more of the origins of our ancestors, some 200+ surnames now. Please check back from time to time.

* Last revised 9/19/20
Page last revised 2/25/21

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