Vitals: Daniel & Maria Bender Brenneman

Daniel (1769-1842/62) b. Darmstadt, Hesse or Braunschard, Germany; r. New Germany, Garrett Co., MD (son of Nicholas & Barbara Kurtz Brenneman; Farmer)
-buried on Brenneman farm, New Germany, MD (See GPS on tombstone)

Daniel Brenneman stone
Brenneman Farm near
New Germany, MD

Maria/e “Mary” Bender (1782-1856) b. Bodenhausen, Hann, Prussia, Germany; r. New Germany, Garrett Co., MD (daughter of Jakob, Sr. & Helena S. Brenneman Bender; Homemaker)
-buried on son Jacob’s  “Beachy” farm, Bittinger, MD

Maria Bender Brenneman (1782-1856) gravesite on Jacob & Catherine Brenneman farm, Bittinger, MD

Married: Hesse Castle, Germany, 1803

Immigration: 1826 to Baltimore from Eichof bei Rosethal, Hesse (Largest family of this wave to arrive on the same ship)

Children: all b. in Germany except Barbara (& John J.*)

1. Jacob (1805-1806) died in infancy
2. Jacob J. (1806-1880) b. Meinscheidt, Hesse, Germany; r. Accident & McHenry, MD (m. Catherine Engle; minister in Accident, MD)
3. Mary (1809-1891) b. Meinscheidt, Hesse; r.Grantsville, Garrett Co. (m. Benedict Beachy)
4. Anna (1811-1840) b. Hoff, Hesse; r. Somerset Co., PA (m. Daniel Yutzy)
5. Catherine (1813-1870) b. Hoff, Hesse; r. Grantsville, MD & Somerset Co., PA (m. Joel B. Miller)
6. John (1815-1816) died in infancy
7. Elizabeth (1816-1890) b. Meischeidt, Germany; r. Springs, Somerset Co., PA (m. Thomas “Tommy” Lee – our line)
buried: Hershberger Cemetery, Simon Yoder farm, Niverton, PA
8. Magdelena “Lena” (1819-1863) b. Meinscheidt, Hesse (m. Daniel Yutzy)
9. Christian B. (1821-1898) b. Germany; r. Smithville, Wayne Co., OH (m. Hannah Plank)
10.Daniel D. (1824-1918) b. Rosenthal, Hesse, Darmstadt; r. Bittinger, Garrett Co. (m. Susan J. Beachy)

Daniel D. Brenneman & wife Susanna Beachy

Daniel D. Brenneman & wife Susanna Beachy         Photo: Alvin H. Yoder

Daniel D. Brenneman (1824-1918 center in wheelchair) with family

Daniel D. Brenneman (c. 1918 center in wheelchair) with family                 Photo: Alvin H. Yoder

11.Barbara (1827-1895) b. Berlin, PA; r. Jamestown, Iowa (m. Joseph J. Swartzentruber)
12. John J. (1830-1901) b & r Garrett Co. (m1. Lydia Beachy; m2. Mary Beachy) *Note: He is not listed in all sources as Daniel and Mary’s twelfth child.


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