Stories of the Descendants of Paul & Bertha Ione Campbell Gray

Larry Pearce, son & nephew
(articles constantly being revised)

1. Ruth Elizabeth Pearce (1917-2005)

2. Barton “Bart” William Gray (1918- ) IN DRAFT

3. Edna “Ed” Iona Gray (1920-1997)

4. Sara “Sal” Louise Choura (1921-2009)

5. Lois Campbell Nicklas (1922-2012)

6. Norman “Bob” Edsel Gray (1925-2001) IN DRAFT

7. Merle Jennings Gray (1927-2013)

8. Paul Emerson Gray (1929-1930)

Humorous article in 1969
Butler Eagle by Milt Salaman about family (Click on to enlarge)

9. Mary Ellen Grieg (m.1) Duggan (m.2) (1931-1990)

10. Stanley “Dick” Wayne Gray (1933- )

11. Lawrence “Doc” Lorraine Gray (1935- )

12. Harriet June Patton (m.1) Argentah (m.2) (1940-2002)

A list of descendants of these as known is revised periodically. Please contact LRYPEARCE@GMAIL.COM  with updates. Privacy concerns will be honored.

Last revised 3/24/22

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