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Thomas Lincoln (1465-1500):
(from the Joseph Miller-associated families) Born in Hingham, Norfolk Co., UK, Thomas and wife Joanna Bawdiven produced five generations before the birth of 4 X Great-grandson Mordecai I (1657-1727), the father of Mordecai II and President Abraham Lincoln’s line. Mordecai I’s son, Captain Abraham Lincoln, married Rebecca Ann Boone and they produced Jacob (1725-1769), father of Anna Maria who married a Somerset Co., PA, Bowman. Could we be cousins to both a President and famous frontiersman?

Thomas Beard (c.1570-1627):
(from Pearce-associated families) Born in Rottingdean, Sussex. Married Susannah Hollingdale. See “Our Quaker Beginnings.”

Thomas Allison/Allanson, Sr. (1593-1675):
(from Pearce-associated families) Born in or near London. Son Thomas, Jr. is thought to have arrived in America before 1656. His 1,000 acre Maryland estate, Christian Temple, was a grant from Lord Baltimore.

John Austen ? (c.1700-1801?):
(from Pearce-associated families) Born in Marden, Kent. Great-grandson Charles married Sarah Pearce, a twin to Richard, in 1813 and came to Allegheny Co., PA, in 1820. See “Introduction: Austen.” and “Origins.”

Henry Moon (17? – 1825):
(from Pearce-associated families) Born in the British Isles. Possibly came to America during the Revolutionary War to fight with the Colonists. Married Mrs. Sarah Wilson and claimed Depreciation Lands north of Pittsburgh around 1794 where he ran an inn.

Thomas Pearce (1751/57-1797):
Born in Mildenhall, Marlboro, Wiltshire. Married Jane White? Son Richard, daughter Sarah, and spouses came to Allegheny Co., PA, in 1820. “Original Austen-Pearce Family Narrative,” See Caroline A. Pinkers’ “Commentary on Original Family Narrative,” and Fred A. Tice’s “Tice-Pearce Heritage” (1967).

Adam Barber (1764/67-1836):
(from Pearce-associated families) Born in the British Isles. Married Mary Ann Stewart? and helped settle Slippery Rock Twp., Butler Co., PA, where they raised as many as 10 children.

John Davis/Davies (1774-1802):
(from Pearce-associated familes) His father probably born in Wales and came to New York or New Jersey. John married Keturah Jane Hamlin/Whitman? and they settled in Clinton Twp.,Venango Co., Western PA.


Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire


Stonehendge – Wiltshire’s most famous prehistoric site

Canterbury Cathedral, Kent

Rottingdean Village, Sussex


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