Last Will and Testament of Michael Beeghly (1742-1812)

*see Editor’s Note

IN THE NAME OF GOD, Amen, I Michael Beeghly of Brothersvalley township, in
the County of Somerset, in the State of Pennsylvania, Yeoman, being sick and
weak in body, but of sound mind, memory and understanding (blessed be God for
the same) do make and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner and
form following to wit .

Principally and first of all I command my immortal soul int o the hands of
God, who gave it , and my body to the earth , to be buried in a decent and Christ –
ian like manner at the discretion of my executors, here in after named, and as
to such worldly estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me with in this
life, I give and dispose of the same i n the following manner towith:

First, I give and devise that my five sons and six daughters have equal
shares alike, that is to say first and formas one hundred and fifty pounds,
each of them all, of which my sons, Jacob Beeghly, John Beeghly and Joseph
Beeghly have received their sums in full as it will appear by the receipt.
My son Abraham receive d fifty pounds, and my daughter Barbara intermarried
with Christian Moyer, received one hundred twelve pounds, fifteen shillings
and three pence. Mary, intermarried with Michael Moyer received one hundred
and thirty-five pounds. Elizabeth , intermarried with Joseph Flora received
Fifty two pounds. Catharina intermarried with Jacob Horner received one hundred
and fifty pounds, her share in full . Hannah intermarried with John Kover
received twenty one pounds, thirteen shillings and nine pence. Susana inter –
married with John Forney received forty one pounds, five shillings and nine
pence, as it appears by thire tifrent receipts.

Second, I give and devise that too notes due by Jacob Horner, first No. 3
and No 5, twenty five pounds each to be given to Joseph Flora and too notes,
No. 4 and No. 6, twenty five pounds each to be given to John Forney. And I
devise that my executor here after nam it is out of the first money which is to
come in, to pay my just debt and then pay to the children which is jet behind
til l they have their full sums of one hundred and fifty pounds and all equal
as above mentionit .

Third , I give and devise that my son, Michael Beeghly when he comes to his
age of twenty one years to have the old plantation whereon I now live, containing
one hundred and forty four acres, twenty eight perches, and alowance
at the valuation of four pounds per acre, first detackt out his share of one
hundred and fifty pounds, and to give noty for the remanter of twenty five
pounds each to become due, the first on the first day of May after he come to
his age of twenty two years, and twenty five pound yearly and every year until l
the sum is paid .

Fourth, I give and devise unto my beloved wife Barbara my black mare, her
saddle and breidle, two of my best cows, four sheep, her own bed and bedding,
one iron wash kettle, two small iron pots, one washing tup, one dozen table
spooms and one dozen pewter plates, a set of knifs and forks and four pewter
dishes to her own choice, one iron pan, one iron stue pan and all the iron
ladles, one coffee mill and papper base, one quqrt bottle, one pot rail, one
tea kittle and coffee pot, all the tea cops and sausy, one tin bucket, one
ditto of wood, one smol basket, one chorn, two sachels, two cow chanes, one
table, one gear on spinning weel, all her yarn, all the lincy and all the table
clauths . One togh trough, one wineger keg, one keg with all the wiskey in it
and all the wool which is on the sheep now, two bills, two of the new tite
barrels, three arden pots with the honey in it and all the arden ware in the
house. Two kegs with all the sugar in it, all the baken, one testament, one
pesalt spile, one blumangardlin, and I order and devise that my wife Barbara
is to have the tenths of the plantation whereon I now live until Michael come
to the age of twenty one years, and after Michael come to hi s age heis to give
twelve bushels of weat, ten bushels of ray, seventeen pounds hachelt flax , the
tenth wherever she chous in the garden, eight apple trees to chose them every
year, and to haul firewood as much as she do wand and to feat her mare and her
cows the same like his own and the sheep. And I order that my wife is to have
the East side of the house and prevelige in the kitchen and fireplace and to
have the tin plate stove and all the pipes, one hundred pounds hoge meet and
Vii stable room for cattle, that is the stable next to the maudo. to have tore
artickles yearlay and every year during her live, and Michael is to pay the
four first notes as the come due to my said wife and to have the whole during
nature l live, providit if she should keep single. If she should git married
it is to fall to my elaven children and equly to be dividit among them and if
not, after her Decease it is to be equly dividit, except Michael is to have
his mother’s stove and all the pipe .

Fifth, I gave and devise unto my son, Michael the young sorrel mare with a
ball and the first could out of my wife’s mare, one wind mill, the clock and
case, the clous preps and the stelyard and his own tools which he bought him
self, the Bible and testament and prolterspil, bed and bed stat.

Sixth, and as touching all the rest residue and remander of all my estate,
real and personal whatsoever I give and devise to all my children or the survivors
of them, share and share alike to be equally divided between them providit
my son Abraham in his share of one hundred and fifty pounds as before
mentioned, he has received one note of George Laman of one hundred pounds. If
it should be lost that his los should be made good out of this last divition.

My executor is to rent or let the plantation whereon I now live and to give
the preference to John Kover. If the plantation is rented the grane in the
ground is to go with it except my wife’s tenth, but he must lafe so much in the
ground when he lefs it and sow no more than two fields yearly, one with sumer
grane and one with winder grane, and to furnish my wife with firewood during
that time. And lastly I nominate, constitute and appoint my son, Joseph Beeghly
of Somerset County to be my executor of this my Will and hereby revoking all
other Wills by me heretofore made and declaring this and no other to be my
last Will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and
seal this eighth day of April in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred
and six.

Sealed, published and pronounced and declared by the said testar as his last
will and and testament in the presents of us, who in his presence and at his
request have subscribed as witness.

Simon Hauger
Adam Miller
Michael Beeghly

*EDITOR’S NOTE: The misspelling of words in this will are not typographical errors,
but spelled as in the original will. Many words would have been spelled as they sounded in Michael’s first language, German

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