Vitals: William & Hannah Baird McRoberts

William (c. 1740-1808) b. Glasgow, Scotland; r. Paxton Twp., Dauphin Co., PA (parents unknown)

Hannah Baird (1739-1812) b. Scotland; r. Mifflin Twp., Allegheny Co., PA (parents unknown, but had brothers Henry, a blacksmith, and Thomas, a minister) Believed to be buried, perhaps with other family at West Mifflin U.P. Church

Marriage: before 1760, probably Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland Emigration: before 1779 to Paxton, Lancaster (now Dauphin), Co., PA

Children*: exact dates and birth order unknown

1. James (1760-1823) b. Glasgow; r. Lancaster and the Allegheny Co. with brother John in 1799 (m. Nancy Agnes Wishart)
military: believed to have come to America as a British soldier but enlisted 1782, 10th Batallion of Lancaster Co., PA Militia, Cpt. George McMillin
2. John (1764-1834) b. Glasgow; Franklin Co. then Allegheny Co., PA 1799
3. Robert (  ) b. Glasgow? William’s will says he was “bonded” in lieu of inheritance. Had he received a portion of the family farm before the will was written?
4. Charles (1773-1859) b. Glasgow?; Mifflin Twp., Allegheny Co.
5. Elizabeth “Betsy” (   ) b. Glasgow?; Mifflin Twp. (m. William Allison, possibly brother to George who married sister Susannah)
6. Hannah Susanna (1775-1854) b. Glasgow?; r. Mifflin & Pine Twps., Allegheny Co. (m. George Allison, Sr. – our line)

*see William & Hannah’s Last Will & Testaments for clues: Robert was given a “bond,” while the rest, except Charles, were each given 1/4th parts of their father’s real estate. Hannah mentions “George.” Could “Charles” have been part of George’s name?


“James McRoberts.” National Society Sons of the American Revolution. Applications 1889-1970

William & Hannah McRoberts. Last Will & Testaments. Larry Pearce, ed. 10 Oct. 2019. Provided by James Paxton (Link)

Pennsylvania Land Warrants, 1733-1952

Pennsylvania Tax Lists, 1768-1801

Various public member family trees & other documents

Last revised 10/15/19


4 Responses to Vitals: William & Hannah Baird McRoberts

  1. James Paxton says:

    Hi Larry,
    I have found a copy of the will of William McRoberts. In it he mentions his wife (Hannah), his sons (James, Robert, John), and his daughters, (Susanna Allison and Betsy Allison).
    I am trying to find out which Allison his daughter Betsy married. So far no luck. Any ideas?
    James T. Paxton

    • admin says:

      James, we’ve been in touch directly, but for the record, I’m still trying to decipher the old handwriting and “will” get back to you. As for Betsy, maybe a reader can help us out. Thanks for your keen interest.

      • James Paxton says:

        Thank you, Larry. I have found information indicating that Betsy (Elizabeth) was married to William Allison. Is he possibly a brother of George Allison?
        James T. Paxton

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