Vitals: James Gray I & Martha Jackson

James I (c.1725-1795) b. Chester Co., PA; r. Allen Twp., Northampton Co., PA “Forks of the Delaware, the Irish Settlement” & Westmoreland Co., PA & Nicholas or Bourbon Co., KY (possibly the son of Nigel & Mary Gray)

Martha Jackson (c. 1726-1803) b. Northern Ireland? r. Kentucky (parents unknown)

Married: c. 1745 Northampton Co.


1. Nigel (1745-1767)
2. Mary (1747-1792) (m1. David Cowan, m2. William Mitchell)
3. Rachel (1749-1815) (m. Mathias Cowan, brother to David)
4. George (1751-1779)
5. Jennette (1753-1767)
6. James (1755-  ) (m. Mary Caldwell)
7. Elizabeth (1757-1807) (m. Joseph McAnulty)
8. Sarah (1760-1814) (m. David McKinley)
9. William I (1762-1794) (m. Mary Boreland)
10. David (1769-1840) (m. Nancy Mooney) Could he have married an Indian & vanished?
11. John/Abner? according to one source


John J. Lolla, Jr. The Creek Runs Deep. 2008

Old family records of COWAN-L Archives.


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2 Responses to Vitals: James Gray I & Martha Jackson

  1. Jeffery A. Duvall says:

    My ggggg-grandfather was a James Gray (ca. 1775-1856) who settled in Switzerland County IN sometime between 1810 and 1820, and moved there from Bourbon Co., KY. I believe he may be the James Gray who married Sarah Ayres in Bourbon Co., KY on September 8, 1799. He had at least three known children, Cynthia (who would have been born from an earlier marriage) and Charles and Diana (Dinah) who would have been the children of his second marriage (assuming he is the James Gray who married Sarah Ayres). Diana Gray is my gggg-grandmother. I’m curious if you have any idea whether or not my James Gray might be a member of this Gray family. Thank you for your help.

    Jeff Duvall

    • admin says:

      Hello, Jeffery. Seems like James was a popular name for Scots-Irish men in those days. I’ve researched at least two in Western PA, but only found one to be related, and his trail runs cold. I hope someone see this who can help. Thanks for your interest.

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