Table of Contents: Gray


Our Gray Family Tree

Vitals of Our Gray Family

Causes of Death: Gray & Associated Families (.pdf)

Cemeteries Containing Pearce/Gray Family

Locating Family Sites in Western PA & OH

Some Community Facebook Pages: Gray-associated Families

A Few of Many YouTube Videos

Our Pioneer James Gray:
Alternative Narratives as to his Origin

On the Bicentennial of James & Mary Gray’s Wedding
Rev. Abraham Boyd & Bull Creek Church

William S. & Elizabeth L. Gray: An Errand Into the Woods
Descendants of William Sylvester & Elizabeth Leslie Gray
Last Will & Testament of Elizabeth Leslie Gray (1818-1895)
Uncle “Will” (1889-1970) & Aunt Bertha Gray (1890-1987): Portraits of Greatness
Cousins’ Corner: Dr. David Bryce Gray

Descendants of Robert Patterson & Annie Sim(s) Gray

Our Grays in the Civil War book, Under the Red Patch
Robert P. Gray in the American Civil War
A Civil War Journal: Robert Gray, 6th Reg. PA Volunteers

My (2X)Great-uncle Samuel A. Gray:
Part I – The Civil War
Part II – A Letter from Civil War Camp
Part III – Moving West

A 1901 Letter from Samuel A. Gray to brother Robert P. Gray
A 1906 Letter from Samuel to brother Robert Gray
Voices from Across the Continent: Two Gray Family Letters (1908)
Four Postcards from a Sanitarium (1911)
Letter from Robert P. Gray, Lynn Haven to Home (1913)

Kellar Hull Listing of the Robert & Annie Gray Collection
Summary & Commentary on the Robert & Annie Collection
Obituary: Robert Patterson Gray (1844-1928)
Last Will & Testament of Robert P. Gray (1844-1928)

Uncle “Will” (1889-1970) & Aunt Bertha Gray (1890-1987): Portraits of Greatness
Cousins’ Corner: Dr. David Bryce Gray

Cousins’ Corner: In Memoriam “Addie” Kellar Hagen

My Grandfather Paul B. Gray, the Gardener
Descendants of Paul Barton & Bertha Iona Gray
Stories of the Descendants of Paul & Bertha Gray
Three Generations of Gray Family Handiworks

Short Stories from the Gray Family History:
Part I: “My First Trip to Florida- A Brief Encounter”
Part II: “Family, Faith, & Education”
Part III: “Memories of my Parents”

My Mother Ruth:
Part I – The Early Days
Part II – Her Parents & Grandparents
Part III – Early Married Life
Part IV – Her Later Years
Eulogy for Ruth Pearce, My Mother
“Like Mother, Like Daughter”: A Eulogy for Ruth

The Unusual Life of Uncle Merle Gray
Merle Gray: Great-grandson of Civil War Teamster, William Gray

Invitation to 2019 Gray Family/Clan Reunion
Report & Photos of the 2019 Gray Family/Clan Reunion
Report & Photos of the 2018 Gray Family/Clan Reunion
Robert & Annie Gray Reunion News: 2014
Fifty Years of Gray Reunions (1955-2004)
Letter from a Gray Family Matriarch on Preserving History

A Meeting of the Senior Gray Cousins (1998)
Touring the Old Gray Homesteads
A Letter about the Old Gray Homestead

Our Connection to the Great Coal Miners’ Strike of 1927

Photo Album: Gray
Photo Gallery: Paul & Bertha Campbell Gray

Christianity Comes Home:
Part I: Our Families’ Faith Journey
Part II: A Short History of the Reformation
Part III: A Summary of our Recent Anabaptist Heritage Tour
Part IV: Our American Amish

Preachers among the Pearces (a Gray-associated family)

Background on the Scots-Irish
Some Scottish Symbols & Traditions
Scottish Naming Practices
Naming Practices in Scotland
My First Visit to the Ligonier Highland Games

A Gray Family History by Rodney Gray
The Bann Valley, County Derry, NI, Gray Family

Were the Old Grays “Border Reivers”?
Yes, the Grays were “Border Reivers”:
A Brief Synopsis of Fraser’s book, The Steel Bonnets

Lady Jane Grey: Queen for Nine Days

Research/Writing in Progress

Last revised: 4/8/22

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