Vitals: Nathaniel, Sr. & Mary Weller Beard

Nathaniel, Sr. (c.1733- ) b. unknown; r. Rottingdean, Sussex, UK (son of Daniel & Susannah Scrace Beard; Gentleman farmer)

Mary Weller ( ) b. unknown; r. Rottingdean, Sussex, UK (daughter of unknown; Homemaker)

Married: March 8, 1757 at Staplehurst, Kent, UK

1. Thomas
2. John
3. Nathaniel, Jr.
4. Maria
5. Susannah (1759/69-1848) b. Rottingdean, Sussex, UK; r. Enfield, London & Jeromesville, OH (m. Ambrose Austen, Sr.-our line)
-buried: Jeromesville Cemetery
6. Charlotte
7. Philadelphia
8. Barbara
9. Eleanor


Peter Beard. Various responses to “Our Beard Family Tree” & e-mail documented at The Keep, Sussex, UK

“The Ambrose Austen, Sr. Family of Kent, UK”
information from a draft by Brian Austen, Austen families historian and researcher with credits to Caroline Pinkers, Susan Lee, Marjory Austen, and Lynn Austin


Last revised 12/21/18

2 Responses to Vitals: Nathaniel, Sr. & Mary Weller Beard

  1. Peter Beard says:

    Nathaniel Beard’s note book is held at East Sussex Record Office England.
    In it he notes his marriage at Staplehurst Kent to Mary Weller. 18th May 1757
    by the curate Mr Jones. He also notes the exact time and date of the birth of all his children. He attended the Baptist meeting house at Smarden in Kent. All his children were born in Kent and brought up as Baptists. Later he returns to Rottingdean where he came from and was buried in the Quaker burial ground there.
    The Beard’s of Rottingdean owned and leased land across Sussex Kent and Surrey only the inheritors stayed in Rottingdean.

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