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Did you know that this is the 15th anniversary for Facebook? What a useful tool, having come out of such a humble beginning. I don’t know how else I could keep up with the thoughts and activities of family around the country. Many of our relatives have private individual Facebook pages that will probably require membership and a “Friend” request, if you’re interested, but here we are concentrating only on what we consider the very best public community spaces as a more contemporary compliment to our family history. Please take a moment to view the beautiful pictures and listen in on the interesting conversations at these sites: local organizations and activities, churches, schools, libraries, museums, and societies. Don’t forget to click on the links inside each Facebook page. Think of this as the answer to the question genealogists might logically ask about their subjects’ communities: “Where are they and what are they doing  now?”  As this section is ever-expanding, do send me new discoveries via the comment block below. Also, I have arbitrarily categorized the links by location and subject matter and have made some contextual comments for your interest. This arrangement may change, so check back.
Larry Pearce, Administrator

NORTH PARK – The original American homestead, farm, & mill of the Richard & Susan Austen Pearce families (1820-1927). Take the virtual tour of this Pittsburgh area also.

*Friends of North Park, Allegheny County, PA – Nearly 6,500 members chat here

*North Park, Allegheny Co, PA – One of the “Top 10 Cool Places in the Burg”

*North Hills Genealogists – Talk to the experts on local family history

*Northland Local History – Though no Facebook yet, see also Northland Library’s large photographic and historical collections

*Allegheny County Memorial Park, Duncan Ave. – Graves of Pearces, Hills, & others.

OLD FAMILY CHURCHES – Once just a mile apart, these two institutions, each over a century and a half old, have been rebuilt and moved a little farther part, but their rich histories and cemeteries remain in Pine Township, Allegheny County.

*Cross Roads Presbyterian Church, Gibsonia, PA – Five generations are buried here

*Salem UM Church, Wexford, PA – Our Pearces were co-founders of this pioneer place

GENEVA COLLEGE – Steeped in Pearce family tradition, this old liberal arts school along the Ohio River was guided for a quarter-century by Uncle McLeod Milligan Pearce (1874-1948). His father William constructed the grand administration building. See the elegant student dormitory, Pearce Hall, while you’re there.

*Geneva College, Beaver Falls, PA – See also the many clubs & organizations

HANNA’S TOWN – This old Westmoreland village, founded in 1773, was the county seat before an Indian raid in 1783. No doubt, our Jack and Carnahan ancestors were part of the written Resolves of 1775, sent to Philadelphia preceding the Revolution.

*Historic Hanna’s Town, PA – Enjoy the regular festivals & re-enactments

*Westmoreland County Historical Society, Old Hanna’s Town – New home!

HARMONY – From ties to George Washington to the origins of the noble Harmonite Society, this small town also came to represent the aspirations of brothers (and my uncles) Alfred (1816-1895), a banker, and John Pearce (1831-1893), operator of  the oldest woolen mill in America.

*Historic Harmony, PA – Dozens of things in the first home of the Pearce Woolen Mill

*The Center of Harmony, PA – A restored 1875 Opera House with lots to offer

LATROBE – Perhaps better known today as the birthplace of “Mr.” Fred Rogers & “Arnie” Palmer, this old Westmoreland County town was the third and final home of the Pearce Woolen Mill (1901-1960) before if was sold to Woolrich.

*Downtown Latrobe, PA – Final site of the Pearce Woolen Mill

VENANGO COUNTY – Home of Oil City, PA, this region attracted members of our Cooper, Fleming,  Moon, & other families before and after the great discovery of petroleum there that fueled the world economy.

*Explore Venango County, PA – Enjoy the photos and touring suggestions

*Venango Historical Society, PA – Look for our families amid their collection

JEROMESVILLE, WAYNE CO. – The first American settlement, in the 1820 Ohio Territory, of our Ambrose Austen (1757-1843) family. Some of our Pearces followed closely after. They are all carefully documented by various historians and genealogists.

*Jeromesville Historical Museum, OH – Indian & pioneer artifacts on display

*Wayne County Historical Society, Wooster, OH – Lots of genealogical records

*Museum of Wayne County, Wooster, OH – Pearce Mill stone of Shreve rests here

KENT COUNTY – The British home of many of our Austen ancestors, including grandfather Thomas (1740-1801) and his son Ambrose (1757-1843), who emigrated to Ohio with his family in 1820. Writer Jane Austen, probably a cousin, was from Kent.

*Kent County Council, UK – All the news from the rural homestead of our Austens

*Kent England Travel Guide – Wonderful things to see & do southeast of London

WILTSHIRE – Home to Salisbury Cathedral, Stonehenge, and several other historic and pre-historic places, this rural English county is where we find the tiny towns of our Pearce ancestors. Broham even has an old mill, perhaps the training ground for our grandfather Richard. This area was a hotbed of religious non-conformity. Pearces were Methodists.

*BBC Wiltshire, UK – Lots of stunning videos & photographs of this English county

*Our Wiltshire Home, UK – Find everything from road conditions to complaints here

*Visit Wiltshire, UK – Something for you to see and do in our British county homeland

*Wiltshire Family History Society, UK – Meet people & places here, past and present

*Wiltshire Life, UK – Dedicated to preserving the county’s natural beauty

*Wiltshire Museum, UK – Much history here & a great library

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