Our Fleming Family Tree

(back 12 generations to Scotland & Flanders)

Pleimeann family mottos: “Let the deed shaw”
“Barn ar agin” (“Wrongfully judged”)
“Bhear na Righ gan” (“May the king live forever”)

Table of Contents

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Malcolm Fleming (1677-1730)
unknown (  )
Stephen Fleming (1703-1755)
Unknown (  )
Joseph Fleming (172/30-1776)
Christiana ___ (1732-1779)
Jacob B/W (or Lawrence A. or Charles Fleming)* (1740/50-1818)
Sarah Sytje West (or Carol Squeaky or Christina Chamber (1750-1788)
Lawrence Carlysle Fleming (1784-1862)
Margaret Cooper (1787-1854)
Daniel Cooper Fleming (1810-1880)
Hope Watson (1819-1879)
Susan/Susannah Ethel Fleming (1846-1931)
Joseph Myler Moon, Jr. (1835-1905)
Alice Virginia Moon (1865-1947)
Joseph Marshall Hill (1858-1939)
Bessie Reed Hill (1887-1974)
Wesley Herron Pearce (1876-1955)
Ralph Hill Pearce (1917-2002)
Ruth Elizabeth Gray (1917-2005)
Larry Edsel Pearce (1948- )
Susan Kay Miller (1949- )
Annie Rebecca Pearce Matthew Carter Pearce
(1971- ) (1973- )

X –  some uncertainty exists

*As indicated in the comments section below, evidence seems to exist on both sides as to the parentage of Lawrence Carlysle Fleming. More recently, New Jersey court records of around 1780 suggest that he may have belonged to a William, Samuel, or Andrew.


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Last revised: 1/28/19

48 Responses to Our Fleming Family Tree

  1. Margaret FBradley says:

    Looking for Flemings of Middleton, Patillo, from Scotland to VA to Surry Co, to Cass Co., to Red River Co., TEXAS.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for responding, Margaret. I am only now researching the Flemings but have concentrated on the PA bunch. I’ll keep your note and let you know if I find a connection. Larry

  2. patty fleming says:

    I have many ancestors who came from Ireland to England and then settled in Pennsylvania, (Lackawanna and Lucerne?) For the most part, I have been able to follow the second batch, since Austin Fleming, the father, remarried and had five more children, but that was in Iowa after about 1885. No problem there. It’s the Pa. group who did not join the father and new mother, Mary Mooney from new York. I’d like to find Mary,(1861-62) born in England; James in PA in 1864; John J. in 66; Margaret in 68; Mamie B. in 70; and finally Timothy in 71. It appears that first wife of Austin died about the time of Tim’s death. I cannot locate her or her obit, nor anything after 1880 on any of the first wife’s children. All the boys were coal miners. if anyone has an inkling, I’d love to know. It’s just “hit and miss and guess” right now in PA and Iowa, trying to find out what happened to them.

    Thanks so much.
    Patty Fleming

    • admin says:

      Hi Patty,
      As our Flemings are remote ancestors, I haven’t spent much time with them, but they are well documented. In fact, just yesterday I discovered a “nest” who call themselves “The Oil Creek Flemings.” I’ve just returned from vacation but hope to “drill” deeper into this rich resource in the next few weeks at which time I’ll get back in touch with you. Meanwhile, Google “Fleming Venango Co PA” to see if you are related to any of these. Thanks for writing,

      • patty fleming says:

        Thanks for responding. The Oil Creek Flemings are not related. Mine are from Scranton (Old Forge), Lackawanna Co, and then Lucerne. They were around from about 1865 to shortly after 1885.
        I have located them, but Austin remarried after first wife died and this complicates it. Some stayed behind when he moved to Iowa. Those are the ones I have trouble with, especially the girls, Mamie B., Mary, born in England in 1862, and Margaret in 1868 in Pa. If I could just find what happened to them after about 1880, it would help. I will just keep digging.
        Thanks again,

        • admin says:

          Thanks for responding, Patty. I’ll remember the Old Forge Flemings when I trace our Oil Creek family back. My experience is that many, if not all, families of the same name eventually come together. The mid-1800’s seems rather late though for mine to have ventured West from yours. Let me know if you find anything interesting as I love narratives within family groups.

          • patty fleming says:

            I did finally find Tim Fleming, son of Ann and Austin Fleming of Old Forge, PA. When he and his new wife married in PA, they moved west to Iowa, Albia, another mining community. Tim was the only child of the first mother, Ann, and went with the family to Iowa. I had always heard in my family that one of the children had died in a skating rink, but none of us knew who it was. One brother, Thomas, would never allow his own son to go into a skate rink. The child I have been trying to find was Tim Fleming, 16 years of age when he died. In a news piece in 1886 from Albia, it tells of a 16 year old Tim Fleming, having a rupture, trying to pick up a handkerchief with his teeth (while skating.) I hate to hear of a young person dying so young. But now, at least, someone knows what happened to him and he is not lost to history. It gives more meaning to our lives to, at least, knowing something about Tim Fleming, rather than just losing him to the unknown.
            Patty Fleming

          • admin says:

            I’m glad for your discovery. Please send me the complete newspaper information if you have it and I’ll put it in my Fleming introduction. Is Tim’s last name spelling with two “M’s”? Thanks,

    • Sam Allen Smotherman says:

      I just started searching my Fleming family. My mother was Martha Jane Fleming, daughter of Elmer Luther Fleming and Annie Edna May Cottar. There are a lot of Flemings – lol. Just trying now to find out where my Fleming’s came from. We used to call Annie “Mammy,” but I never knew Elmer, even as a small child. Annie lived in Murfreesboro, TN, with her daughter Ruth and Ruth’s daughter Mary Edna for as long as I can remember.

      • admin says:

        Hi Sam,
        Thanks for sharing this information. As you can see from my Fleming Tree and other material, my family hails from the old oil fields in Venango County, PA. In fact, there were two distinct Fleming families in that region. I’m sure one of our readers will be able to connect with you and yours. Regards,

  3. Courtney Fleming says:

    Ha wow. I didn’t know there was soo many Flemings out there that I didn’t know about! I was just wondering if we really are Irish, and if we really have Royalty in our blood? Since our crest is purple, they say we do.. ..

    • admin says:

      Hi Courtney,
      I haven’t researched or written an introduction to the Flemings yet, but there has been a lot posted already on the internet. As with other families, ours has sprung from various countries, including Ireland. Check back with me and meantime, Google “Fleming family” for yourself. Let me know what you find. Are we related? Thanks for your interest.

  4. Daniel Foley says:

    My oldest male ancestor is John Fleming who lived in Bald Eagle Township, Pennsylvania, during the Revolutionary War. He was recognized by the DAR for patriotic service. He died in 1777. Just wondering if he is one of yours?

    • admin says:

      I’ve only started my research on our Flemings recently, but thanks to you, I see many possibilities. Our dates and locations in the northern half of PA suggest there could be a link, but the sheer number of Flemings will require more work. Glad to see so many notable Flemings, I’m excited to get back to my research. Thanks for your interest and inspiration, and please stay in touch.

      • Daniel Foley says:

        My Flemings were THE Flemings in northern Pennsylvania circa 1780. John Fleming had a large number of children. I have his will, which indicates who the daughters married as well. They all trace back, according to legend, to Lanarkshire, Scotland, and the Earl of Wigton. The Flemings who arrived even earlier in Virginia also claim this lineage, and their connection has been proven. I always believed that my Flemings came from Ireland but was surprised to learn they probably did not.

        • admin says:

          Don’t know if you read my “Introduction: Fleming,” which I just posted today. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough room to include all the Fleming material I discovered, including most of the references and stories of your John Fleming and descendants. I mentioned that I am planning another article. I would like to run it by you first, if you would agree. Thanks for your interest,

  5. Sam Allen SMotherman says:

    My Grandfather was Elmer Luther Fleming. He married Annie Edna Mae Cottar.Kids were Martha Jane, Ruth,Fred, Dorothy and Buster. I can’t find my Fleming family. I can’t find my Fleming family anywhere.

    • admin says:

      I don’t recognize any of your names, but then my Flemings came from New Jersey to Cumberland County, PA, then to Centre and Venango Counties. Please let me know if you see those locations in your line, and please tell me where your Flemings are from. Thanks for your interest,

  6. Nathan Fleming says:

    I am looking for information for William Fleming, born in Ireland in or close to 1793 and died about 1875. Wife was Mary Ann Weldon or Veldon 1803-1874. His family was sailing to Upper Canada as it was called then from Ireland and was shipwrecked and settled in Melbourne, Quebec for a number of years. Older children remained in Quebec, while William, Mary and their younger children moved to Wisconsin, USA.

    Any information on William or Mary would be most helpful!

    • admin says:

      I’m not familiar with your Flemings. There were two main lines that went from eastern to western PA, but I didn’t follow any of thoses Flemings to Quebec or Wisconsin. Fortunately, there is a good bit of information on these families about this time. Several tips: Start with the sources I have listed on the Fleming tree and Vitals, then post your inquiry on the genealogy boards, and finally, check with libraries and databases in Wisconsin and Quebec. Do you speak French? Best wishes, and thanks for your interest,

    • mathew fleming says:

      William Fleming was my great,great grandfather.
      I have some Fleming history. Mary Ann Weldone was his wife, and they lived in Quebec, Canada, from 1835.

      • admin says:

        Hi Mathew,
        I don’t see any Williams on my tree that would match yours:
        But, thanks for the information. Please read my other articles and Virals from the Table of Contents. If you have any other info on the Flemings, you’re welcome to share anytime. Regards,

  7. philippe fleming says:

    My family is from St. Martin in the Carribean. I’m not having any luck finding anything on them. Rumor is they shipwrecked and never left. Louis Control Fleming is as far back as I can find. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    • admin says:

      Dear Philippe,
      I’m not familiar with your family as mine is from Pennsylvania, but you have done the correct thing in allowing me to post your inquiry here. Next, you should post the exact same message on the Fleming family boards at Genealogy.com and Ancestry.com and wait for replies. If there is a board specific to St. Martin, try that also. Of course use Google and other search engines and let me know what you find. Thanks for your interest.

  8. andrew fleming says:

    I’m looking for Flemings from Alabama. If you can help that would be great.

    • admin says:

      Dear Andrew,
      As my Flemings are from Pennsylvania, I can’t help, but in posting your request, I hope a reader will contact you. Thanks for your interest,

      • Debe Jones says:

        My Fleming family came to Alabama from Georgia and South Carolina. Hope you see this and we can compare notes.
        Debe Jones

        • admin says:

          Hi Debe,
          I believe my Flemings were from the Northeast, although there’s always been some differences of opinion. Research is ongoing, and I appreciate hearing about your family. Likewise, please stay in touch.

  9. Gladys Brashear says:

    I have just recently started my genealogy searches, and now I keep hitting my head against a brick wall. My great-grandfather was John Robert Fleming (b. Aug 1857 in Arkansas). He married Susan P. Girtman in AR. They had 4 children: Bacilena E. (Bassie), who married Charley Mcloud;Lewis (no info on him); George Franklin (b. Feb.26,1889 in Cave City, AR, and d. Sept.,1977 at Salem, AR, who married Mary Jane Goodman). These are my grandparents. I know that they are from Lawrence and Sharp Counties in Ark and that John Roberts’ father was from Illinois. He had a brother Oliver. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am finding that so many records were destroyed during the war.

    • admin says:

      Hello Gladys,
      Thanks for the information. As you read in my Fleming Introduction, the family that produced me and that I am familiar with was from Pennsylvania. I am posting your inquiry here with the hope that someone will see it and be able to help you tear down that brick wall. Don’t give up. Some of my success came years after I knew what questions to ask.

  10. Russ Young says:

    Jacob Fleming was my 5th great-grandfather who was married to Sarah West. His son Lawrence Carlysle Fleming was my 4th great-grand uncle. His brother Stephen West Fleming Was my 4th great- grandfather, whose son Aaron Van Martin Fleming was my 3rd great- grandfather, whose son Richard Chapman Fleming was my 2nd great- grandfather, and his daughter Sarah Emma Fleming was my great- grandmother. Sarah married William Henry Young Sr., 10 Sep 1882 in Philadelphia, PA. They had 5 children: William, Jr., Alice, Annie, Emma, and Aaron. William H. Young, Jr. became my grandfather, whose son David was my father.
    Thank you for the info, Russ

    • admin says:

      Hi Russ,
      Good to finally know Jacob’s wife’s name. Where did that information come from? I’ll post your family tree. Thanks,

    • Tom Robertshaw says:

      I am searching for documentation that Lawrence Carlysle Fleming was the son of Jacob Fleming and Sytje (Sarah) West. Jacob did not mention him in his will. Never, never, never give up! After 25 years, I just proved that the lineage given to me for Lawrence’s wife was not correct.

      • Tom Robertshaw says:

        The following paragraph from the Fleming Introduction is a work of fiction, and I would not say historically-based fiction.

        “Fleming family researcher Tom Robershaw bases his theory of Jacob B. being Lawrence’s father after the fact that Lawrence and Margaret named their sixth of seventeen children Jacob Budman Fleming (b.1819). Apparently, the Budmans had been friends of the Flemings, either in New Jersey where both Lawrence and Margaret were born, or in Cumberland County, PA, where they lived before the move to Venango County. Incidentally, Lawrence’s father-in-law John Cooper is found next door in the Cumberland census reports. Our research continues.”

  11. Dave Stone says:

    Hello, I’m helping someone who has roots in the Fleming family try to determine the veracity of Lawrence Fleming being the son of Jacob and Sarah. They have been searching for quite a while now with no luck. Would you have a source identifying this relationship? Thanks for your time. Look forward to hearing from you.


    • admin says:

      Hi Dave,
      I have communicated with you privately, and I have qualified my postings on this website more recently. I too am revisiting my sources and will share when I have something more concrete, if any of us ever do. Thanks for keeping me honest. Regards,

  12. Kel-lea Erickson says:

    I have a Timothy Flemming who lived in York & Cumberland Co., PA..I know nothing yet on him except that he married Elizabeth Bollinger. Elizabeth Bollinger’s father, Abraham Bollinger, says in his probate, “Elizabeth Flemming intermarried with Timothy Flemming.”
    That is all I know so far…Abraham Bollinger died in York Co., PA, but he lived also in Cumberland Co., PA.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for writing, Kel-lea. Our Venango Co., PA, Flemings were one of two families there. Although they spelled their name with one “m,” it’s possible that earlier families used two. York and Cumberland Co’s were the general area from which they migrated, so I’m guessing there’s a connection. Please send any updates you get. Regards,

  13. Mel J Fleming II says:

    I’m seeking more family connections, as well. Please contact me, if we’ve any links. My email: acknchip@gmx.com My Ancestry.com account is ACKNCHIP.My Gedmatch numbers are #A060557 ACKNCHIP, and YDNA is #T345092.
    Genesis numnber is: NX1905737 My gedcom is #4061136

  14. Tom Robertshaw says:

    Hello, I’m helping someone who has roots in the Fleming family try to determine the veracity of Lawrence Fleming being the son of Jacob and Sarah. They have been searching for quite a while now with no luck. Would you have a source identifying this relationship? Thanks for your time. Look forward to hearing from you/ Dave

    Hi, we are both looking for the same thing, above. Please let me know if you find it. Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hi Tom,
      In checking my Fleming sources, I see that we go way back. I have put “X’s” between the generations to indicate the uncertainty of the specific connections. My comment below the tree refers to sources on the various sides. Thank you for restating your earlier arguments from above. They are well taken. Please stay in touch with anything new. Unfortunately, I have nothing new, and we may never know Grandfather Lawrence’s roots. I’m proud to bear his name ;>)
      Regards, Larry

  15. Samuel Smotherman says:

    Hi, looking for information on relatives of Elmer Luther Fleming and his wife Annie Edna May (Cottar) Fleming. My mother Martha Jane Fleming(Smotherman) parents. Any help would be appreciated. THANKS

    • admin says:

      Hi Samuel,
      I’m not familiar with those names as I mostly do straight-line family history. Perhaps with some dates and locations, some others can help. I’ll pass along anything I get. Thanks for your interest, Larry

      • Samuel smotherman says:


        • admin says:

          Samuel, Elmer’s birth is fairly recent by family history standards. He shouldn’t be too hard to trace. Have you tried church and county records for Murfreesboro? I hope some of our readers can help. I hope you’re connected to my large family from Venango County, PA. Thanks for writing,

  16. Tom Robertshaw says:

    I have been spending many hours, and years, researching the lineage of Lawrence C. Fleming, b. 1784. My notes, sources, and stories are available to everyone on Familysearch, and they change at least weekly.

    last month, I learned that a descendant of Lawrence’e son, Barton, had a DNA test that proves she is a descendant of Margaret Young (married Robert Fleming). All we need to do now is figure out which of Robert and Margaret’a sons is father of Lawrence C. Fleming b. 1784. As y0u can imagine, I am beside myself with excitement!

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