Our Watson Family Tree

(going back 9 generations to Northern Ireland and Scotland)

Family mottos:
“Insperata Floruit” (“Flourishing unexpectedly”)
“Esto quod esse videris” (“Men should be what they seem”)
“Mea gloria fides” (“Faith is my glory”)

Table of Contents

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Thomas Watson, Sr. (  )
Elizabeth Willson (1744-1781)
Thomas Watson, Jr.* (1779/95-1857)
Margaret ___ (1779-  )
Hope Watson (1819-1879)
Daniel Cooper Fleming (1810-1880)
Susan/Susannah Ethel Fleming (1846-1931)
Joseph Myler Moon, Jr. (1835-1905)
Alice Virginia Moon (1865-1947)
Joseph Marshall Hill (1858-1939)
Bessie Reed Hill (1887-1974)
Wesley Herron Pearce (1876-1955)
Ralph Hill Pearce (1917-2002)
Ruth Elizabeth Gray (1917-2005)
Larry Edsel Pearce (1948- )
Susan Kay Miller (1949- )
Annie Rebecca Pearce Matthew Carter Pearce
(1971- ) (1973- )

*one source has Thomas Watson, Jr. dying in Casey, Kentucky in 1857


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Various Public Member Family Trees & other documents. Ancestry.com

See “Introduction: Watson”

Last revised: 1/26/17

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