Gold in the Hills: Becky

Supplemental character material on members of the Alton Krause family
to accompany “Gold in the Hills”
Sister Rebecca Ann “Becky” Krause (b. 1941, Johnstown, PA)

Rebecca Ann “Becky” Krause

Alton and Genevieve’s second child is Becky. After spending time in Europe and Philadelphia, she has returned to the Idaho mountains. We’ll talk about her literary accomplishments in a minute, but here’s what Cindy has to say about her older sister: “She has always been a rock collector – very knowledgeable and still had a rock shop in Salmon until forest fires and high price of gas curbed the tourist trade. She doesn’t like fishing, hunting, or card games. She’s a very hard worker and artistic, very good at humorous writing. Becky no longer eats beef or pork, just chicken and turkey. She likes to eat meals off platters. An avid reader, she volunteers at the library. She lived in Germany for two years with her ex-husband and two daughters. Becky is the only one of us kids who has brown eyes like Mother.”

Somewhat of an introvert, here’s what Becky has to say about herself: “I was always a shy kid and am still uncomfortable in a gathering where I don’t know most of the people. But I don’t hesitate to have a conversation with a stranger in the grocery store. I talk to so many people that way, and when I see them again, I recognize them but can’t remember where I met them. So, I figure they must just be friends. I don’t remember names. Never did. Never tried. Don’t care. My daughter Heidi remembers names. She writes them down in a little note book and puts an ‘association note’ after the name. Then refers to it until she has the name fixed in her memory. Same family, different values? I like cats, dogs, hummingbird moths, birds, and most animals, but not any insect that bites, cougars (or the idea of cougars), or sharks (or the idea of sharks), or little yappy dogs that wet on everything. I once had a friend who lived just outside the back door. Her name was Drusilla and she was a huge cat-face spider. Her web stretched from the wall to the door, and she caught at least 20 flies a day, rolling them up and tucking them away. That’s 20 flies who didn’t make it into the house. There were horses in the pasture then and maybe they brought flies. Drusilla didn’t like to carry on long conversations. Instead she’d dart back into her house until I left. But she was the best fly trap ever. No one else in the house appreciated Drusilla. What a strange world. I love rocks. Not diamonds and rubies, but rocks with character. I has a very nice arrangement of coprolites in a fish bowl on the coffee table and it is really neat.”

A graduate of the junior college in Coeur d’Alene, ID, Becky has always loved to write. She doesn’t own a television, but sees the value in her old computer that she bought from a local repair shop. Among her creations are two collections of original pieces she describes as, “Stories Channeled from Oomal.” The first, published in 2003, is titled, Treasure Map, and contains such fascinating titles as, “The Good Place,” “Star Path,” and “The Man Who Went to the Moon.” Becky’s second book, published in 2008, she calls, Oomal is Here. She provides an overview of the three stories within like this: “The writings are sometimes humorous and sometimes not humorous. Oomal is not a guide like those who appear in many other books. He has no high purposes connected with this earth, nor with the people on it. He is not interested in saving humans or their earth as he says that this is a war planet. I argued that for about ten seconds before I conceded.”

In each book, Becky relates how she “experiences” Oomal and is able to record his wisdom. Both books are available on and directly from the author. We want to add to this article about Becky in the future, so we hope you’ll come back from time to time. Meanwhile, there’s more to read in the Alton Krause family original chronicle.

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  1. Cary Cook says:

    I would like to say hello to Becky, an old friend of mine from the past. Well, more than a friend.
    I can be found on Instagram, caryextremethings, and Strava Runner Profile

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