Table of Contents: Norris


Our Norris Family Tree

Vitals: Our Norris Families

Locating Family Sites in Western PA & OH

The Life of Dowling Norris (1823-1858)

Last Will & Testament w/Codicil, Elizabeth K. Norris (1824-1916)

“Aunt Mary Bryce” (1852-1940): Heiress to the Bryce Glass Fortune
Mary Norris Bryce Last Will & Testament
A Tribute to Mary Norris Bryce

“Norris” from West Deer-A Century and Half of Progress, 1836-1986 by John Graff

Photo Album: Norris

Old Norris Families in Northern Ireland (1740-1859)

New Information on our Gray, Norris, MacKrell, & Dowling Families

Excerpts from Two Robert Norris Wills (1835 & 1863)

Four Postcards from a Sanitarium (1911)

Research/Writing in Progress

Last revised 3/1/21

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