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On January 27, 2001, I e-mailed as many relatives as I had addresses for, offering family trees, original narratives, research essays, and the latest references on the history and genealogy of my dad’s family, Pearce. Having recently returned from England with fresh commentary in hand on the newly discovered Pearce-Austen story, I was anxious to share my work and challenge others to contribute their knowledge of our common ancestors. The encouraging response led to the birth of E-GEN: PEARCE, an Electronic Genealogy, a weekly newsletter. Then, with the help of my son and daughter, a family website soon took shape. After years of revising and reformatting thousands of pages and hearing from distant relatives from around the world, the Geocities “Larry & Susan Pearce Family Webpage” was scrapped in 2009 to make room for new ideas and technologies.

E-mail inquiries were answered with personal attention and file attachments, whenever possible. However, with the approach of the 10th anniversary of the E-GEN concept, a more practical and effective way of publishing and archiving was envisioned. Thanks to my son Matthew and the WordPress format and my daughter Annie’s expertise in MAC writing applications, a new era for E-GEN is dawning.

While E-GEN.INFO is up and running, the full compliment of family trees, articles, and references will be a while in coming. These are just some of the goals we have for the new webpage, time and technology permitting:

*Many documents (trees, articles, maps, charts, & photos) offered in .PDF for universal accessibility, with older versions archived in original formats (.doc, HTML, etc.)

*All lists of ancestors fully documented, with at least two citations, whenever possible to meet professional genealogists’ standards

*Full use of visual elements of support: photographs of people, places, gravestones, etc. in thumbnail format for faster loading; perhaps even audio and video

*Revelations of “What we know” as well as “Research needed”

*References to other family and subject sites, linked whenever possible

*New material and updates clearly marked for easy access

I hope that my work is both informative and inspirational to you. Please print, save, and share anything you find on this webpage, with the understanding that it is a “work in progress.” Check back often for updates and new findings and let others know that they too can contribute their research for the good of all.

Larry Pearce, Genealogist, Author, & Webmaster ( LRYPEARCE@GMAIL.COM )

ADDENDUM: The formal announcement of the E-GEN.INFO website was made to dozens of family members via e-mail and about 40 surname forums at Ancestry.com and GenForum.com on April 20, 2011. To date, the response has been widespread and gratifying with pledges of support and letters of inquiry.

E-mail address revised 3/25/22

4 Responses to About E-GEN

  1. Kathleen Paik says:

    Aloha Cousin Larry,

    Thank you for your reply last month to my question about Lawrence Carlysle Fleming.
    I apologize for this tardy response but I broke my arm and am just now beginning to use the keyboard comfortably. I am delighted to find another cousin. The “Tom” to whom I addressed my earlier memo was the author of a post just immediately before yours but do not know who he is.

    Thanks for the information regarding LCF’s parents. This is certainly confusing. My original data came from Ken Gibbons, another cousin. He believed Jacob Fleming and Sarah West to be the parents. Unfortunately I have lost contact with him. Do you have any more information on Sarah West? I believe she came from Canada but have no proof.

    Thanks for your patience. I wish you a lovely holiday season and joyous New Year from Keaau, Hawaii.


    • admin says:

      Aloha Cousin Kathleen,
      In reading back over some letters, I see that “Tom” is the serious researcher who keeps us honest (See Fleming family tree page). I haven’t heard from Cousin Ken in many years. In checking old notes and new Ancestry.com I see that the Luton/Ritter tree has the most speculation about our Flemings and takes Sarah West’s parentage back to James and beyond. Have a look, if you are a member. That’s all I have for now. Enjoy the sunshine,

  2. Erica Hahn says:

    Hi all , I am trying to pin down information about Elizabeth Jack, the wife of James William Kilgore. You know that it is claimed that she was born in 1727 in Ardstraw Ireland, but if so she is too young to be the mother of James Kilgore’s first three sons. However at the Family History Library in SLC I pinned down the origin of the claim which is from a manuscript prepared by Gustav Anjou, for JV Thompson. Other records suggest that she was older and the mother of all of Kilgore’s children, so born about 1715-1720, but that throws out the claim that her older brother James Jack and she are children of James Jack allegedly born in 1705. Have you Lee done any further work on this? Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hi Erica,
      Unfortunately, I haven’t taken the time to revisit my research on our JACKs, but I surely do get a lot of inquiries. Glad you are using references from the great journals of JV Thompson. Also glad that you qualify your findings with “allegedly,” because with men and women remarrying out of necessity in those days and 10 or so years not having been much difference and so many persons in the Scots-Irish lines with similar names, we can only guess at who belonged to whom. Thanks for sharing that great information, and stay in touch,

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