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Gunnar Petersson (c. 1555- ):
(from the Joseph Miller-associated families) The great-great grandfather of Mons Rambo (c.1700-1782) who settled near Philadelphia, like his ancestors was known for his hunting skills,  and is buried in Old Swedes’ Church.

Peter Gunnarsson Rambo (1611-1698):
(from the Joseph Miller-associated families) son of Gunnar and great-grandfather of Mons, whose daughter Ann (1725-1819) married into the Lincoln family which produced a President.

Andrew/Andreas Peterson (1750- ):
(from Joseph Miller-associated families) father of Ruel (1770-1841), who emigrated to York Co., PA, to be the 4 X great-grandfather of our Susan Pearce of Somerset County.


Stockholm, the nation's capitol

Stockholm, the nation’s capitol

The beautiful island of Ven

The beautiful island of Ven

Malmo, a city of bicycles

Malmo, a city of bicycles