Vitals: Charles Frederick & Annie Lee Krause

Pop (Charles) & Mom (Annie Lee) Krause (c.1950)

Charles “Charlie” “Pop” Frederick (1884-1973) b. Cove, Garrett Co., MD; r. Jennerstown, Somerset Co., PA (son of Carl Ferdinand & Margaret Georg Krause; Farmer, worker in lime quarry, lumber camp, mines, general store, & caretaker Pine Springs Presbyterian Camp, Jennerstown)
-burial: Lutheran (a.k.a. Reformed) Church Cemetery, Jennerstown

Annie “Mom” Lee (1885-1971) b. Salisbury, Springs, Somerset Co., PA; r. Jennerstown, PA (daughter of Christian F. & Laura Catherine Speicher Lee; Homemaker)
-burial: Lutheran (a.k.a. Reformed) Church Cemetery, Jennerstown

Causes of death: Various

Wedding: 19 July 1908, St. John’s Lutheran Church, Cove, MD


1. Ernest Lee (1909-1980) b. Garrett Co., MD; r. Somerset Co. (m1. Mary K. Kaufman; m2. Mary A. Coons Mayor; Electrician, steel worker, truck driver)
-buried: Kaufman Cemetery, Davidsville, Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA
2. Harry Glenson (1910-1970) b. Salisbury, PA; r. Jennerstown, PA (m. Alma R. Kaufman; Farmer & steel worker)
-burial: Kaufman Cemetery, Davidsville, PA
3.  Floyd Alton (1913-1978) b. Berlin, Somerset Co; r. Texas, Idaho, & Riverton, WY (m. Genevieve Overdorff; Welder, rancher, & prospector)
-burial: Mountain View Cemetery, Riverton
4. Clyde Elwood (1915-2008) b. Berlin, Somerset Co; r. Parkville, Baltimore Co., MD (m. Anna “Jean” Trexel; Utility Worker)
-burial: Delaney Valley Memorial Gardens, Baltimore
5. Olive “Toots” Fern (1917-2014) b. Berlin, Somerset, Co; r. Spring Hill, FL (m. Herbert L. Adams; Nurse)
-burial: Grace Memorial Gardens, Hudson, Pasco, FL
6. Ralph “Pud” Edgar (1919-2011) b. Berlin, Somerset Co; r. Corpus Christi, Texas (m1. Carol “Betty” ____; m2. Rachel ___; Rancher & restauranteur)
-burial: Seaside Memorial Park, Corpus Christi
7. Hilda Elizabeth (1921-1997) b. Salisbury, PA; r. Hollsopple, PA (m. Richard O. Miller; Homemaker-our line)
-burial: St. James Cemetery, Jenner Twp., Somerset Co.
8. Lawrence “Larry” Elvin (1924-  ) b. Salisbury, PA; r. Johnstown, Cambria Co. &  Somerset Co. (m. Lois Sell; Builder)
military-Gunner’s Mate, US Navy, U.S.S. Monogahela, Philippines 1944-46


“Family Group Record.” Cindy Krause Leonhardt

Family tradition; Church & Cemetery Records



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