Our Hochstetler* Family Tree

(going back 15 generations to Switzerland)

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Peter Hochstetler (1600-1660)
Catharina Rohrbach (1605- )
Christian Hochstetler (1624-1697)
Maria Rolin/Foville (1633?-17??)
Jakob Hochstetler I (1644- )
Anna/Polly Gebhart (  )
Hans Jacob Hochstetler, Sr. (1667/71 -1732)
Margaret Nabel (1668-17??)
Jacob Hochstetler, Jr. (1704-1776)
Anna Barbara Lorentz# (1710-1757)
Barbara Hostetler (1732-1782)
Christian Stutzman, Sr. (1732-1770)
Veronica Stutzman/Blough? (c.1757 – )
Christian “Glades” Miller, Sr.^ (1760-1839)
Christian “Glades?” Miller, Jr. (1779-1865)
Susannah Musser (1785-1818)
Elisabeth Miller (1809 -1878)
Christian Baer, Sr. (1800-1862)
Abraham Baer (1834 -1896)
Sarah Miller (1843 -1925)
Franklin Baer (1862-1916)
Almira Baush (1855-1917)
Sarah Jane Baer (1891-1972)
Howard Pearson Miller (1885-1969)
Richard Orville Miller (1920- )
Hilda Elizabeth Krause (1921-1997)
Susan Kay Miller (1949- )
Larry Edsel Pearce (1948- )
Annie Rebecca Pearce Matthew Carter Pearce
(1971- ) (1973- )

*various spellings and pronunciations: Hostetler, Hochstetler, Hochstetter, Hochstattler, Hostutler, etc.

#Ervin Stutzman, author of Jacob’s Choice, believes Mrs. Hochstetler’s name is unknown so he calls her “Lizzie.” After her death at the hands of the Indians and his taken prisoner in 1757 and his eventual return to his family, he marries Anna Yoder. 

^some sources have this Christian’s father as Hannes “Indian John” Miller (c.1730-1798) married to Magdalena Lehman (d.1817)

X connection here uncertain


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Last revised 4/25/20

4 Responses to Our Hochstetler* Family Tree

  1. Susan says:

    Hi, I share your Hochstetler ancestors who you have shown on your website, up to Jacob Hochstetler, Jr., and Anna Lorentz. The following generation had John Hochstetler,b. 1732 [your Barbara Hochstetler’s brother, I believe]. His son, Jacob Hochstetler, b.1752 near Hamburg,PA, married Barbara Miller in 1775. She was born near Hamburg, PA, also. Both Jacob and Barbara Miller lived in Elk Lick/Meyersdale area after there marriage.Do we have a link with your Millers? We don’t know much about our Millers, except her parents may have been named John Miller, 1720-1782, [possibly born in Elk Lick] and Barbara Lehman, b. 1733 in Switzerland. Thanks for any assistance.

    • admin says:

      Hello, Susan. I’m sending off a quick note to let you know I received your comments and question. I plan to review all the Millers on both sides of my wife’s family as I produce a “Vitals” page for each couple. Last year I managed to connect her parents through at least three separate Miller families from various parts of Somerset County. I need more documentation at this stage. If you can be patient, I’ll contact you as my project continues. Thanks for your interest!

  2. Jessica Scott says:

    I have a John Miller (who signed his name Johann Muller with the umlauts above the U) and his wife Mary Cross. Not much is known about John except that maybe he came from Pennsylvania and was born before 1755 and was full-blooded Dutchman according to his grandson’s journal. I am related to your Hochstettler line via Johann “Hanns” Jacob Hochstetler, Jr., but through his other wife Maria Trautman (1700 -1750). I hadn’t realized he married another person.

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