Our Rambo* Family Tree


(back 13 generations to Sweden)

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Gunnar Petersson* (c. 1555 – )
Unknown(  )
Peter Gunnarsson Rambo* (1611/13-1698)
Brita Matsdotter (1630-1693/95)
Gunnar Rambo (1649-1724)
Anna Cock/Cox/Koch (1649-1697)
John Rambo (1676-1753)
Anna Lycon (1673-1717)
Mons (Mounce or Moses) Rambo (1693/1700-1782)
Diana+ ______ (1703-1775)
Ann Rambo (1725-1819)
Jacob Lincoln+ (1725-1769)
Anna Maria Lincoln (1753-1821)
Christopher/Christian Bowman (1745-1815 )
Peter L. Bowman (1783-1861)
Mary Horner (1784-1880)
Benjamin Bowman (1816-1908)
Susannah Berkey (1821-1888)
Susan Bowman (1857-1909)
Dibert Miller (1855-1889)
Howard Pearson Miller (1885-1969)
Sarah Jane Baer (1891-1972)
Richard Orville Miller (1920-2015)
Hilda Elizabeth Krause (1921-1997)
Susan Kay Miller (1949- )
Larry Edsel Pearce (1948- )
Annie Rebecca Pearce (1971- )       Matthew Carter Pearce
 (1973- )

* Peter Rambo was an adopted, anglicized name identifying his origins and honoring his father, meaning “son of Gunnar. Likewise, his father was probably “son of Peter.” The name “Rambo” was possibly derived from the Swedish form of “Raven Mountain,” “Ramberget,” located on Hisigen Island where Peter lived before coming to America. The “bo” at the end simply means “resident” or “nest.” The island, today part of Gothenburg, was mostly farmland in the 17th century.

+ One source lists Mons’ wife as Katherine Boon (1691-1761), ancestor to frontiersman Daniel Boone. Still another lists Jacob’s mother, Abraham’s wife, as Rebecca Ann Boone (1692-1750), Daniel Boone’s (1734-1820) ancestor. Research is continuing.


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3 Responses to Our Rambo* Family Tree

  1. Tia McGovern says:

    My maternal grandmother is a Rambo and we’ve traced our line back to Sweden as well. I did not know that Peter was adopted. But the location of where he grew up is wonderful and i look forward to visiting it when i travel to Sweden!

  2. My blood line is Rambo. Holstein. Wills. Anthony Wayne. Hughes’s. Jonathan Roberts. All these names mix with Daniel Boone. Not sure how to connect them.

    • admin says:

      While these names are fascinating to any family historian, they are so far back in my wife’s line that I honestly haven’t taken the time to research much. All I can say is, “Keep researching.” Please let me know what you find and I’ll share this and all with others. Thanks much,

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