Our Leslie Family Tree*

(back 12 generations to Scotland & Northern Ireland)

Family mottos: “God guide all” “Grip fast” “Hold fast” “Keep fast”
“Pro rege et patria” (“For king and country”)
“Soli Deo gloria” (“Glory to God alone”)

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Scottish Leslie tartan

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Jon Leslie, Sr. (1621-  )
Agnes Schort (1625-  )
John Leslie, Jr. (1651-1736)
Margaret Nisbet (1650-  )
James Leslie, Sr. (1682-  )
Alice Agnes Dungavell (1680-  )
James Leslie, Jr. (1715/7-1744)
Janet Robertson Hutchison (1721-1744)
George Willocks Leslie, Sr. (1736-1821)
Mary Alsop (before 1740 – after 1804)
George Leslie, Jr. (1761/9-1821)
Jane Guilliford (1776- )
Elizabeth Leslie (1818-1895)
William Sylvester Gray (1816-1879)
Robert Patterson Gray (1844-1928)
Annie Sims Norris (1850-1922)
Paul Barton Gray (1892-1977)
Bertha Ione Campbell (1893-1980)
Ruth Elizabeth Gray (1917-2005)
Ralph Hill Pearce (1917-2002)
Larry Edsel Pearce (1948- )
Susan Kay Miller (1949- )
Annie Rebecca Pearce Matthew Carter Pearce
(1971 – ) (1973 – )

* An alternative tree suggests that a George Leslie (dates unclear as there were several Georges in West Deer at that time, a total of at least 5 overall), married Rebecca Ferguson, daughter of Rev. War Cpt. David Ferguson (1745-1831), son of William (c.1720) of Markethill, Armaugh, NI, and Susannah Pollard Lacey (1759-1825). We continue to research this possibility and the fascinating David Ferguson narrative.


Separate Gray (chart from Aunt Edna Gray) & Leslie (chart on CD from Gary Grubbs) family traditions

Sir John Bernard Burke. The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. London: Habeison & Sons, 1884

Various Ancestry.com Public Member Family Trees & other sources

See various sources on Vitals pages

Last revised: 12/30/16

32 Responses to Our Leslie Family Tree*

  1. Tim Leslie says:

    Your Leslie’s that you traced to Ireland would almost certainly have been Scottish, and came to Ireland when the English royalty was trying to pacify and Anglicise Ireland by giving Irish land to English and Scottish subjects primarily in the 16th and 17th centuries. I have nothing against the Irish, mind ye, but I wanted to be sure you understood your Leslie’s were almost certainly originally from Scotland. The Leslie’s are one of the earliest families in Scotland; Leslie family tradition has it that our progenitor, Bartholomew (or Bartholf) first came to Scotland in about the year 1067AD.

    • admin says:

      Hi Tim,
      I’m with you! Have a look at the Leslie Introduction for the details of our Scottish origins. The subline on the family tree simply says that the first of our Leslies that I can trace came from Northern Ireland. One of these days I’ll get back over there and see if I can place them across the channel. By the way, are you aware of the new PRONI Center (Public Records of Northern Ireland) that has opened this summer in Belfast? That would be where I would start. Another source would be the commercial Leslie Hill Farm between Belfast and Derry. Thanks for your interest,

  2. Tim Leslie says:

    And Hi to you, Larry! I don’t see a Leslie introduction, is the only reason I threw in my two bits of info to your Leslie line; I only saw the reference to tracing them back to Ireland. Personally, I haven’t spent very much time on any of my other lines besides my father’s and mother’s lines; I thought similarly you might not know the Leslie origins, since I think it is not one of your primary lines. Nice to meet you, oh-so-distant cousin!


    • admin says:

      Tim, the Intro can be found in the Table of Contents on the tree page or in the drop down menu to the right of the Leslies in the Gray associated families menu. See also the Original Family Narrative with commentary and Photo Album. Where are you living? Anywhere close to West Deer Township? Thanks for your input,

  3. Tim Leslie says:

    Thank you, Larry, I had not even clicked on the Table of Contents. I am living far away from every place I would find of interest, genealogically speaking, unfortunately – in Fort Worth. *sigh* My Leslie’s all come from Alabama, and my mom’s Stepp’s all come from Kentucky. I have to allow more time to study your OFN – I believe I would drop to the floor if I were to come into possession of something like that from my family! My most prized physical possession is a tintype of a Leslie grandfather, taken just before he participated in the Civil War, along with all of my grandmother’s pictures, many of which are just under and over 100 years old. Hmmm, speaking of pictures – are you familiar with findagrave.com? I’ve had fun over the past few days uploading pictures of grandparents to the record of their respective graves.

    • admin says:

      Start where you are to research your families. Share what you can and expect some wonderful surprises from time to time! I love those find-a-grave with photo services. One seldom has to wade through the grassy graveyards anymore, although I love the “spirit” and communion of being with those dear souls. Stay in touch,

  4. Ruth says:

    I need some help. I don’t have any information on my g-grandfather Thomas Miller who was b. 1823 in Cahaney, Parish of Apohadoey (sp?), Derry, Ireland and immigrated to the US sometime between 1850-1860. His mother’s name was Nancy Leslie and she married a Miller. . .I don’t have his first name. Does anyone have any ideas on finding these ancestors.

    • admin says:

      Hi Ruth,
      We have lots of Millers on my wife’s side, all German & Swiss. Unfortunately for you, they and my Leslies emigrated many years earlier than your family. However, I’m posting your inquiry here in hopes that someone out there can help. Thanks for your interest,

  5. Bill Leslie says:

    Hi, just reading your comments. I am a first generation Leslie in New Zealand. My parents came from Northern Ireland, but I can only go back to my grandfather, born in the late 1860s. All apparently had come from the Leslie Hill area. His name was Alexander as were so many who were named after one well known Scots Leslie
    At Edinburg castle, Scotland. There is a painting of the famous Alexander, and my wife was so shocked that my father I have such similar facial images of the man of so long ago. I am convinced all Irish Leslies go back to Scotland.

    • admin says:

      Good information, Bill. Thanks for sharing. If you read my original Leslie family narrative you’ll see that my patriarch George’s brother was also Alexander. I hope someday to be able to trace the brothers back to Ulster, but the “Introduction: Leslie” certainly credits Scotland as the origination of most Leslies. Thanks again,

  6. Hello Leslies,

    I am Donald, decendant of William from Pleasant Valley, New York. You can see our tree at http://leslie.org/genealogy. I have been trying to connect my William, 5th Generation, to his father but with no luck. One interesting fact is that the Williams in our family don’t have any middle names. So if any of you have a William born circa 1795 +/- 10 years (he was having babies in the 1820’s) I would really like to know about it. He may be my William. I don’t know if he was born in the US or if he was brought over.

    Donald Frederick Leslie
    Fairfield CT

    • admin says:

      Hello Donald. Surely one of my readers will respond to you. Unfortunately for you, my Leslies came and stayed in West Deer Township, Allegheny County, PA. But, I believe that the Northern Irish Leslies were prominent land holders so had a wide influence in America. Good luck in your quest and please keep me informed of your findings.

  7. P. Leslie says:

    I’ve just finished reading all of the comments above and would like to tell you that my ‘Leslies’ come from Leslie’s Hill, Derrygarve, Castledawson, Co. Derry, Ireland. Leslie’s Hill is shown on an old Ordnance Survey Map of the area. As far as we know, they had been there since sometime in the 1700’s but of course it could have been earlier. We haven’t been able to trace them beyond around 1790 – 1800. I’d appreciate any thoughts you may have on this.

    Thank you !

    • admin says:

      Hello, cousin. I have a brochure from a trip my wife and I took to Derry, Northern Ireland, a few years ago. The Leslie Hill Farm there is a rather well known tourist attraction, a working business. While I can’t positively attach my old West Deer Twp., Allegheny Co., PA, Leslies to that modern day family, there’s a good chance there’s a connection. I hope to get back to NI soon and perhaps, through the new Public Records of Northern Ireland (PRONI) site in Belfast, find documentation. We’ll definitely visit the Leslie family too. Thanks for your interest,

  8. Kelly Mecifi (nee Leslie) says:

    My father’s ancestors are also from Allegheny County in PA. I can get back to my G-G-Grandfather, Thomas Leslie (1828-1920), but get stuck there. His death certificate says his father was Thomas Leslie, but many people trace his line as Alexander — William — George. I am pretty sure we come from one of the Georges in West Deer Twp, but can’t discern which one. There are so many Georges, Thomases, Williams, and Alexanders that it is difficult to sort out. Some day I will wander up to PA and dig into the records up there, but until then I am at the mercy of online records and searches. I am looking forward to exploring your site in hopes that something will fit for me 🙂

    • admin says:

      Let me know when you’re coming, Kelly, and we’ll research together.

    • JD McCarthy says:

      Hi Kelly, I am descendant of James Thomas Leslie (b.1812), Capel Street, Dublin, a son of Thomas Leslie and mother unknown. James Leslie left for Australia in 1828 and lived in Tasmania where he married Margaret McCarthy from Cork around 1834. I understand James’ siblings went to America and Canada. It has been suggested that his father, Thomas Leslie, came from Northern Ireland (maybe Derry). Any information would be appreciated. JD Leslie

  9. Kelly Mecifi says:

    Sounds like a plan Larry!

  10. Diane Richardson says:

    Hi Larry – It appears that you and I are distantly related. I’m a descendant of George Leslie’s eldest son William (b. 29 Oct 1759) and you must be a descendant of George Leslie’s second son, George. Here’s documentation I’ve found about George (b. 1736), who lived in Chester County, Pa, before he moved his family west:

    A search of Chester Co. PA. tax lists finds no Leslies listed prior to 1756 when George Lessly is listed as a freeman (21 and single). In 1757, he is crossed off the freeman list indicating that he had married. Subsequent tax list show him as follows: 1758-64 Taxed as an inmate (married and living in household of another) 1765 Taxed for 165 acres. 1767 Taxed for 80 acres. 1771 Taxed for 70 acres. 1772-78 Taxed for varying amounts of land. Chester Co. land records show that George bought 95 3/4 acres of land and apparently rented additional land to total 165 acres. Taxation was based on occupation of land. His wife, Mary, is mentioned in the deed. His first son, William was born in New London Twp on 29 Oct. 1759. An item #114 in the Court of Common Pleas for Chester shows that while he was acting as constable, he carried out a court order seizing 2 feather beds and a chest of drawers from James Campbell in payment of a debt owed to John Whiting. George failed to turn over the property and was ordered by the court to reimburse Whiting.

    George is listed in a History of Chester County as a landowner in 1774. On 1 Jul 1777, George took the oath of allegiance to the United States. In that same year, he was drafted into the Pennsylvania Militia in Class 5. His son William served in his place. On 4 Mar 1778, George sold his property to Rumford Dawes. In 1779, George moved his family to Cumberland Co. PA where he is listed in 1779 as being taxed for 4 horses and 1 cow in Hopewell Twp. In 1782 he is taxed for 2 horses and 1 cow again in Hopewell Twp. In 1785, he is taxed for 1 horse and 1 cattle in Pennsboro Twp. In 1790, the family moved to Allegheny Co. PA., Pitt Twp., where he is listed in the census with 4 males and 2 females. He is listed in the 1810 and 1820 census for Allegheny County.

    Information found in the Book of Sessions written by Rev. Abraham Boyd kept during his 31 years of service in the Bull Creek Presbyterian Church which he founded about 1800 shows that Mary Leslie was admitted to the church in 1804. George was admitted in 1805. The book records the death of George Leslie Sr. in 1821 at age 85.

    Documentation: Chester Co. PA. tax lists Chester Co. land records. Record of Oath of Allegiance to the United States, 1777. Cumberland Co. PA. tax lists. 1790 census Allegheny Co. PA. 1791 Allegheny Co. tax list 1810 and 1820. Allegheny Co. census. History of Allegheny Co. Bull Creek Presbyterian Church records.

    • admin says:

      All great info, Diane. Thanks, and I’ll add that to my Leslie page, with credit to you, of course. I have written to you separately also. Regards,

  11. Nancye Shrapnel says:

    I am a distant Leslie from Australia. My GGGrandmother was Mary Leslie, married to Huston Marks . They came to Australia in 1864. Mary’s father was William Leslie, who had brothers Alexander and Moses. I have always been lead to believe William married Rosanna McNeight in Castledawson but having obtained Mary’s death certificate her mother is listed as Sarah Mortimer. Can anyone help me with the correct wife for William?

  12. Jennifer Leslie says:

    Hi, I’m a descendant of Thomas Leslie of Capel Street Dublin. His son James (born 1812) left Dublin for Tasmania Australia in 1828. He married Margaret McCarthy from Cork. They are my ancestors in Tasmania. I would appreciate it if anyone could throw any light on the origins of Thomas Leslie. He had a haberdashery shop in Capel Street Merchant Quays Dublin. I think he went bankrupt in 1838.

    • admin says:

      Hello, Jennifer. While I don’t know anything about these Leslies, I surely hope one of our readers can help. At this time I believe my Leslie family came from Ulster to Pennsylvania, probably in the late 1700s. Stay tuned and thanks for your interest,

  13. Russell D Leslie says:

    Hi all:
    My Name is Russell D Leslie grandson to George, William, I have way to much info to type here but I have a family tree to. My quest is to find and photograph all my Grandpas gravesites and grave stones. For me my father Delbert, his Father Daniel and Dan’s father Felix and Felix father Hugh are all buried in a Avoca, Iowa. Hugh’s father was William Jr. Just want to to say Hi.

    • admin says:

      Hello Russell,
      We’ve talked some directly online and found that we are indeed related through the early Leslie family. Your family, apparently, stayed in Iowa and mine stayed in Western PA. Let’s put this out there and see how many other “cousins” we have and if they can add to our tree. Thanks for your interest.

  14. Jessica Hunt says:

    Hello, I am a descendent of Henry Leslie (1845) and Martha Mawhinney (1849), youngest son to Moses Leslie (1790) and Margaret McLeery (1800) of Londonderry. Harry Leslie (1890), son of Henry Leslie, who immigrated to Canada after serving and being wounded in WW1. if anyone has any information on Moses Leslie (1790) it would be wonderful!

    • admin says:

      Dear Jessica,
      Thank you for the inquiry. While I have no information on a connection, I hope a reader will come through. Keep working! Sincerely, Larry
      PS. Sorry for the delay. We’ve had technical difficulties.

  15. Scott Hicks says:

    Hi Larry,
    Thank you for your website. It is a great source of information and is clearly a labor of love. We are probably distant cousins. My third great grandmother is Martha Leslie of Derrygarve. She married Joseph Woods, and they lived on Leslie’s Hill. They had seven children, including Mary Woods, my great great grandmother. Martha is almost certainly a daughter of Alexander Leslie and his wife Jane, and a sister to Moses Leslie (ca 1790 – ca 1877), whom Jessica mentioned in the post above.
    In October, 2017, I documented the research that led me to find Martha Leslie’s name. Here is a link (I hope) to the PDF file (“Joseph Woods and Family of Derrygarve”) in my family tree on Ancestry.com:


    The PDF file includes photographs of Mary Woods and her husband, James Hughes, copies of which were given to me by a second cousin in 2012.

    I would be interested in corresponding with anyone who might be related to the Leslie or Woods families of Derrygarve.

  16. Caleb Ramzel says:

    My dad tonight told me about the Leslie Clan. My mother, who is a Leslie but changed her last name in marriage, never told me about it. It’s very interesting. My dad told me a few things. Guess I can tell people I’m somewhat related to royalty. Very interesting!

    • admin says:

      Great to hear from you, Caleb. What did your dad tell you about the Leslie family? May I repeat the general info? Where are you located? Thanks, Larry

  17. Russ Leslie says:

    Russ Leslie here looks like I will be traveling to our East Deer and around the area this spring or summer. Want to go to Bull Creek cemetery
    to Grandpa George Grave-site.

    • admin says:

      Hi Cousin,
      I’m about two hours east of the Deers and the Bull, but I’m looking forward to meeting you. In preparation, can you send my a synopsis of what you have on our family? Thanks, and see you then! Larry

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