Vitals: Jacob & Anna Catherine Burger Lang/Long

Jacob  (1710/15- 1783/1807) b. Palatinate, Germany; r. Longswamp, District Twp., Berks Co., PA (son of Georg & Maria Wensch Langs)

Anna Catherine Burger (1734-1807) b. Palatinate; r. Longswamp (daughter of Johann Samuel & Elizabeth/ Catharina Fowler? Burger)

Emigrated: 1739 from Rotterdam, Holland, with 215 fellow Germans to Deal, Kent, England, to Philadelphia on the Irish ship Robert and Alice, Walter Dooman, Master. Sister ships Friendship and Loyal Judith accompanied them.

Married: 1751, probably Longswamp Reformed Church, Berks Co, built by Anna’s father.

Children: dates & birth order uncertain

1. Maria Appolonia (1753-1751) died in childhood
2. Johann Michael (1754/6-1822) b. Longswamp; r. Ohio (m. Ann Margaret Muck and/or Mary Agnes Small)
3. Elizabeth (1757-1842/5) b. Rockland Twp., Berks Co. (m. George Jacob Groh)
4. Maria Catharina (1748/61-1829) b. Longswamp; r. Somerset Co., PA (m. Yost Miller – our line)
-buried: Friedens Lutheran Cemetery, Somerset Co., with son Johannes “John”
5. Maria Juliana (1761-1798) (m. George Geist)
6. Jacob, Jr. (1763-  ) (m. Catherine Rheinert)
7. Johannes Heinrich “Henry” (1765-  )
8. Johannes “Hannes” (1769-  )
9. Frederick Sohn (1770-1850) (m. Mary Ann Rachel Welb)
10. Johannes “John” (1776-  )
11. Abraham (1778-1832) (m. Esther Helwig)
12. Daniel (1781-1840) (m. Rachel Schneider)


Various Public member Family Trees & other documents.




2 Responses to Vitals: Jacob & Anna Catherine Burger Lang/Long

  1. 1. How are the parents confirmed?
    2. Where did the list of children come from? His will only lists five (Mary Appolonia, Jacob, Nicholas, Henry, John)
    Follow-up: Disregard the question about the children; I was looking at his brother’s page. Still curious about parents.

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