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A Scots-Irish Glossary

A Scottish GlossaryFrom Grace in Thine Eyes by Liz Curtis Higgs
c. Waterbrook Press, Colorado Springs, 2006

Scottish Picts offer historians a picture of non-Roman Briton culture
By Matt Swayne

Background on the Scots-Irish

Some Scottish Symbols & Traditions

Naming practices in Scotland

Origin & Meaning of Scottish Surnames
by Will Moneymaker, AncestralFindings.com

Robert Burns (1759-1796), Scottish poet – Biography

Burns Night Celebration Guide, January 25

Name (Date): Notes

David Marshall (1715 – ):
(from Pearce-associated families) Born in Ballyguin, Mayo Co., Ireland, and married Elizabeth Harkness. Their grandson John settled in the Enon Valley, Beaver Co., PA.

James Norris (c. 1715 – ):
(from Gray-associated families) Born in Northern Ireland, possibly of Captain ___ Norris line (c. 1690 – ). Grandson Robert (1760-1845) of Castle Dawson, Derry Co., and family came to Philadelphia as early as 1810 and son Robert, Jr. moved to West Deer Twp., Allegheny Co., PA, possibly in the 1820’s.

John Anderson (1731-1814):
(from Gray-associated families) Married Elizabeth Wilson and probably settling in Westmoreland Co., Western PA. Their granddaughter Martha married James Ross, also of Ulster, and resided in northern Allegheny Co., PA.

William Hill (1740-1815):
(from Pearce-associated families) Married Elizabeth Dixon and settled in Adams County, PA, where they raised as many as 15 children. He was married again to Lydia Jack, probably from our Jacques/Jack family.

William McRoberts (c.1750- ):
(from Pearce-associated families) Married Hannah Baird. Their daughter Susanna married George Allison who founded Allison Park, PA.

Henry MacKrell (c. 1760 – ):
(from Gray-associated families) Born in Northern Ireland and married to Mary ___, their daughter Mary married Robert Norris, Jr. and settled in Western PA.

James Crawford (1764-1829):
(from Gray-associated families) Married Sarah Campbell and came to Westmoreland/Indiana County, PA, before moving west to O’Hara Twp., Allegheny Co. Their daughter Mary also married a Campbell, Thomas.

Thomas W. Lee, Sr. (c.1780-before 1830):
(from Krause-associated families) Although exact origin is uncertain, his father may have been William who came to western Bedford (now Somerset) Co., PA. They may have been Catholic, but son “Tommy” married into an Amish family and learned the wheelwright trade.

James Gray (1780?- ):
Sailed from Londonderry around 1790 with the Boyd family and settled near Gray’s Mill (now Russellton), West Deer Twp., Allegheny Co., PA. Married Mary Patterson in 1805.

John Nelson (1778-1859):
(from Pearce-associated families) Married Annie Allen (1785-1855) and settled in Pittsburgh’s north hills.

Thomas Watson (c. 1795 – ):
(from Pearce-associated families) Born in Northern Ireland, he married Margaret ___ and they settled in Sugar Creek Twp., Venango Co., northwestern PA.

Thomas Campbell (1806-1848):
(from Gray-associated families) An immigrant from County Down, he sailed from Belfast in 1828 to be with relatives in what is present day Fox Chapel, PA. He married Mary Crawford (1799-1886), whose mother was also a Campbell.


Typical roadside sight in Ireland -Careful!

Gorse is everywhere in full bloom

Seat/sculpture at our hotel in Enniskillen, border of Irish Republic & Ulster

Larry walking the (windy) ancient walls of Londonderry

Larry at Londonderry’s Emigrant statue, point of departure for our Grays and many other families

Queen Victoria statue in Londonderry, missing parts after bombing

Giant’s Causeway, along the rocky northern coast

The old Fish Market in Belfast

Belfast Cathedral – St. Anne’s

Tiny Presbyterian church in Antrim


Name Date/Notes

William Carnochane/Carnaghan (1418- ):
(from Pearce-associated families) of Carrick, Scotland. His 5 X Great-grandson Cpt. James “The Indian Fighter” Carnahan, Jr. (1692-1790) emigrated from County Antrim to Cumberland Co., PA. His daughter Jane married Cpt. James Jack, Jr.

James Browne (c.1800-? ):
(from Gray-associated families) Little is know of this couple except that they were born in Scotland, then settled in Philadelphia before coming to the Pittsburgh area. James married Annie Sim(s).


Port of Stranreer via ferry, Scotland

Symbol of Scottish temperament

Modern forestry practice – old & new growth

Susan at an ancient burial cairn

Larry at Kilmartin graveyard – relative?

Glencoe, site of Campbell-MacDonald feud & massacre

Larry standing with Robert the Bruce at Sterling, as did his ancestors

Susan standing with piper at famous Jenner Dept. Store, Edinboro

Susan ready to fire 1:00 salute, Edinboro Castle – this saves $

A natural/national treasure – Grey (sp?)

Drive safely!

Typical farewell road sign

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  1. Susan Elizabeth Collier Lamont says:

    Hah! Also headed to Scotland next month. My Campbells and Hutchisons came from Scotland by way of No. Ireland. My ex-husband was Campbell and Lamont (I’ll be visiting Mull to see his grandmother’s hometown) and I’m spending a couple of nights in Kilmartin. My Campbell and Hutchinson married. Resulting Campell married a Schindler. Resulting Schindler married a Speicher. See my response to Indian John Miller.

    • admin says:

      Take lots of pictures and be sure to share them with me! You’ll love Kilmartin. Lots of Campbells up in the church yard. Don’t forget Glencoe just up the road where we beat up the poor MacDonalds. I’ve been trying to eat at their restaurants often to make up for that awful day.
      Proud to be a Campbell though,

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