Vitals: James Gray & Mary Patterson

James #(1785-1861) b. Manordale, Franklin Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA; r. Deer/West Deer Twp., Allegheny Co., PA (son of William & Mary Boreland Gray)

Mary Patterson (1786- ) b. Munhall Station (Squirrel Hill), Allegheny Co.; r. Deer/West Deer Twp. (parents unknown)

Married: Bull Creek Presbyterian (1805) or another of Rev. Abraham Boyd’ church plants*

Children: uncertainty because of similarity of names between generations; research continuing. Why was there nine years between this wedding and first child? Incorrect wedding date or death of Mary and James remarried?

1. James H(ope?) (1814-1886)? (A James appears in Westmoreland County cemetery)
2.William Sylvester (1816-1879) d. West Deer Twp. (m. Elizabeth Leslie@ our ancestors) butcher & farmer
-buried: Bull Creek Cemetery, WDT
3. Rachel? (A namesake appears in Westmoreland County#)
4. Henry (1821-1899) d. West Deer Twp. (m. Dorothy ___)
-buried: Bull Creek Cemetery, WDT
5. Daniel? (A namesake appears in the 1790 Pitt Twp., Allegheny Co. Census)
6. Margaret Jane (1824-1880)

#The list of Westmoreland County wills (North Huntington Twp. 1861-1899) has a James Gray (spelled “Grey”) married to Rebecca with similar names as the 1850 Federal Census:

  1. James H. (b.1789 in Pennsylvania)
  2. Rebecca (b.1803) wife or daughter?
  3. Margaret Jane Wilson ( ) probably a married daughter
  4. Rachel Cowan Collery (  ) ditto, named after early Cowan ancestor
  5. Crosby (mis-spelled “Crophy) (b.1843) probably a grandson
  6. William Crosby (mis-spelled “Croply”) (b.1763 in Ireland; deceased at time of probate) Is this James’ father?
  7. Mary Ann Jenks (b.1763; deceased at time of probate which lists her as “Jane”) Is this James’ mother or William’s married sister or second wife?

@ Our William and Elizabeth are sometimes confused with a 19th century William & Elizabeth Gray and family of North Versailles, Allegheny County. We believe they are a different line, although they may have common ancestors with ours.

Note: Some of these names and dates seem to match earlier Gray family Vitals. Because we have lost track of father James and have no date of death for wife Mary, could James have remarried after her death and moved back to Westmoreland County. See “Alternative Narrative for Our Pioneer James Gray.” Research continues.

*Bob & Mary Closson’s 175 Southwestern Pennsylvania Marriages (performed by Rev. Abraham Boyd 1802-1849, Presbyterian) lists James & Mary Peterson on May 15, 1805


Bull Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery records

Various U.S. Federal Censuses and other records

Various public family trees,



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