Kellar Hull Listing of the Robert & Annie Gray Collection

Dr. David & Phyllis Gray

(transcriptions & scans of many now in progress – see links –
also, read the “Summary & Commentary on the Collection”)

Book One, Items 1- 57

Pre 1900

1. 1867 Survey of Farm, West Deer Twp.
2. 1876 Pictures of husband of Annie Norris’s cousin, and cousins of Annie Norris Gray
3. 1876 Notebook of RP’s attendance at Philadelphia Centennial, what he saw
4. 1887 Copy of Last Will and Testament of Elizabeth Gray
5. 1899 Two oil and gas leases with Luella Eisle on West Deer property (one dated 1902)

1900 through 1911, Pre-Florida

6. 1901 letter from brother Samuel in Parker, SD, to Robert a the homestead in Pennsylvania
7. 1904 to Mrs. R.P. from Mrs. John Weber. Address on Civil War, 40 page pamphlet
8. 1906 to Robert from Samuel describing difficulties in South Dakota farming , drought in Missouri
9. 1906 Deed Livingstone, MO. 87 acres rented from Sam Gray
10. 1908 2 letters from Mattie (sister to brother) about attending the synod of Columbia. Jennie the same, 85th birthday. Heard Dr. McNaughter
11. 1908 Road Tax, checkbook
12. 1908 RP bankbooks
13. 1909 Warrantee Deed summary page of properties- 5 lots in St Cloud, 16 lots in Lynn Haven. 3 legal deed statements from Seminole Land and Investment Company. 1909 and 1924
14. 1909 Receipt for RP $375 Austin Manhattan Mining
15. 1910 To RP in Gibsonia, Seminole Land Investment Co 2 lots 15 and 16 16. 1909 Certificate and letter from Austin Manhattan Consolidated Mining noting 500 shares, and receipt of $370 paid. (Note from Janet Louise that this Co went defunct between 1917 and 1930)
17. 1911 Article of Agreement from J L Carnadan to RP of Gibsonia No article in envelope
18. 1911 4 checks City Deposit Bank of Pgh, RP Gray, Treas? One is for “treasurer’s percentage”
19. 1911 Five postcards from Annie who is at Mercer Sanitarium to Janet

1911 through 1922, Florida period

20. 1913? to Janet from RP in Gibsonia. Janet had lost child. Condolences. Unable to visit her
21. 1913 Tax receipts
22. 1913 Letter to Janet from RP, lots look good, love to you and your husband, more condolences about loss of boy child
23. 1913 Two tax statements, 5 lots in Lynn Haven, one in St. Cloud
24. 1914 March 20. RP to Annie, received deed and details about lot measurements in Lynn Haven. Questions about Ritz gas and oil rights on farm in West Deer. Problems with no one to watch store when away
25. 1915 Tax receipts, Lynn Haven $183.00 for four lots, seems high
26. 1915 Formal Certificate, transfer of membership from Bull Creek Presbyterian to Lynn Haven Presbyterian
27. 1916 Bill of $240 to Anne for building supplies at farm
28. 1916 St. Cloud tax receipt to RP
29. 1916 Tax receipt St Cloud
30. 1919 Letter from a debtor in FL. Stop harassing me if you are a Christian
31. 1919 Tax receipts
32. 1919 Two Deeds LH valued at $75 and $150
33. 1919-1920 Tax receipts LH and SC
34. 1921 Concert Program
35. 1921 letter, a dream, Paul lost in some way, prices are strong
36. 1921 from RP letter from Aunt Jennie. Sam’s son died. Signed, Your husband true of the Red, White and Blue.”
37. Letter from RP to Annie. Hope the mines start up soon
 Second page not legible
38. 1921 To Annie. Pastor ill, going blind. RP eyes bad. Jennie fell.
39. 1921 to Annie very hot, good 4th celebration. Harding doing his best but Wilson had things in such a fix. New chimney
40. Pension $72 month for the really sick, was only $72 a year
41. Poem “The Drunkard’s Love Child” to RP from Truman fertilizer company, Jacksonville, FL
42. 1922 Nice letter from RP to Annie thanking her for birthday sweater. Started, “My dear Annie,” calls her “honey,” and reflects on their blessings.
43. 1922 March 12 letter from RP’s sister To RP (probably Mattie, though not identified) “Come home Robert.” Husband is apparently a pastor, town has drunken persons. And letter to Janet, not legible
44. 1922 July 6, RP is home. Letter from Annie to Janet, papa is better since rested. G R Leslie says, “Willie’s wheat is best he ever saw.”
45. 1922 date not clear Postcard from Paul postmarked Jacksonville
46. July 18 and 26 two letters from Annie to Janet
47. 1922 June 10 RP to Annie, Uncle Paul to FL to bring RP home.

1922, RP’s return from FL to his death in 1928

48. 1923 from Frank Young to RP, Mr. Lewis has not paid for oil leases
49. 1923 From Mr Fluke to RP, sprayed fruit trees, turpentine thieves, Klan activity
50. 1923, two letters from Fluke to R P, caring for property, complaining about thieves, heavy fruit breaking down limbs
51. 1923 From Mrs Roth re Citizens paper subscription
52. 1923 From Janet to Paul, will sell 100 acres in Culmerville
53. 1923 Tax statement from Richland Twp to Janet
54. 1923 Two tax receipts, Florida
55. 1923 From F C & L, good orange crop, some titles may not be clear, recognizes Annie’s death
56. 1923 hand written excerpt for paper– all Christians should take comfort in Isaiah 53, “he bore our iniquities”
57. UD Sarah J received $50 from RP re her invalidism

Book Two, Items 58-104

58. 1923 8 checks on 1st Nat. Bank to pay bills
59. Printed Christmas card, from Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Edmonds
60. 1924 tax document
61. 1924 Mr. Fringer to RP do you have keys, next week Chatauqua
62. 1924 Four checks on 1st Nat. Bank of Panama, signed by RP
63. 1925 Fringer to RP asking price on a lot, sinkhole and flooding
64. 1925 tax statements, 5 checks, one to Wm Gray
65. 1925, 26, 27 check book 1st Nat. Bank
66. 1926 RP to Fluke about Panama City boom
67. Florida tax statements
68. 1927 2 letters from Fringer to RP paying taxes. “I suppose you are still in bed. “ To Janet from Bertha: Will wants Janet to handle tax receipts. Addendum on letter from Bertha to Janet— Will wants Janet to handle taxes
69. Two St. Cloud tax statements
70. Tax clarifications on Fl properties, Mr. Baudy, and Mr. Collins
71. 1927 Letter to RP, unidentified person offering to buy 2 lots at $150 and $300 (Mrs. Truesdale?)
72. UD Snapshot of Robert, we think; four siblings—Will, Janet. Paul and Stan; and Samuel Gray and wife Margaret Montgomery
73. UD Printed name card, Lisa E. Leslie
74. UD Fragment of letter from Jennie, her illness and references to Mattie
75. UD Printed booklet of Review Oilwells, Atascedaro, CA
76. 1926 Typed letter from Fringer in NH, wish you could see the changes

1928, RP’s death and following

77 . UD Checkbook settling of estate. Notebook settling of estate
78. 1928 To Janet from M A Edmonds, visits Jennie
79. 1928 To Janet about Jennie, receipt to Mrs Gilbert, Jennie’s caretaker
80. 1928 To RP from Fringer, couple not paying rent, citywater and sewage coming in
81. Nov 10,1928 Janet to Stan and Elma, informing that Janet and Will to be joint Executrix
82. 1928 Cemetary monument paid, $275
83. 1928 Chamber of Commerce promotional letter
84. 1928 Tax receipts, NH and St Cloud
85. 1928 Statement of Deeds recorded
86. 1928 Frank Young to Janet—both houses vacated, dirty, broken windows etc
87. 1928 Robert Patterson’s obituary, hand written (death on Feb 15, 1928)
88. 1929 Chamber of Commerce letters and map
89. 1929 Investment Company ad to Janet
90. 1929 Marshall Co advertising tax service
91. 1929 Two letters, Young to Janet, question of store counters being taken, etc.
92. 1929 Fringer sends tax receipts and rents
93. 1929 Janet to Fringer, Mr. Brown not wanting property
94. 1929 Lynn Haven describing property owners responsibilities about paying taxes
95. 1929 Tax statement Lynn Haven152. lots
96. 1930 Postcard to RP advertising Vero Beach
97. 1930 Uncle Paul to Janet, 4 lots
98. UD Promotional brochure from Lynn Haven
99. 1930 Two letters from M. G. Brett, Panama City advertising his management services
100. 1931 B J Bailey to Janet trying to sell lot
101. 1931tax statements for LH and SC, advertisement
102. 1928 receipt for RP funeral expenses and settling estate
103. Frank Young to Janet—city state Co taxes due
104. Probably 1928, very shaky hand, RP to daughters, wants to sell 45 acres

Book Three, Items 105-137

(Note that these items are not in chronological order, but are mostly in the latter part of Robert’s life.)

105. Nov 22 1921, RP to Annie, sent Roosevelt book for her birthday, and says he has been in Lynn Haven for 10 years
106. Annie to Janet, RP coming home next month
107. UD Hand written list of properties
108. May 30, 1922 Robert to Annie, Decoration Day celebration, eyes hurt but still reads chapter in the Bible each morning
109. Saint Andres Bay Development, lots do no have clear titles
110. July 6, 1922 Rear Sir: RP home on the farm, farm in great shape, party in FLA owes him 50 cents and he wants to collect
111. Apparently 1908, from Samuel in MO to RP about a note payment
112. 1910 and 11 checks City Deposit Bank of Pgh, signed by RP “Treasurer”
113. 1930 Frank to Janet, Henry Russ not paying rent, cannot evict
114. 1923 Jewett Appraisal Service
115. 1923 Letter to RP from D S Christy, Bull Creek preacher leaving
116. May 1944 Letter from Mr. VanHorn to Janet, and tax statements
117. Table of fraction conversions
118. 1931 Young to Janet, renter burned fence posts, Young promises to pay his $100 note to the estate
119. clippings
120. Geneology of Paul Gray family
121. Eight Deeds, 1911 to 1918
122. 1923 Review of Oil Wells update
123. 1926 Official Bureau of Pensions notice, $90.00 per month, starting Aug. 4
124. Multiple year bank statements, First National, Panama
125. 1930 Letter from Young to Janet, tax issues and problems with tenants
126. UD Poem about death of a child from a friend
127. 1929 Letter from Fringer to Janet, question about a deed to Paul Gray, and receipt of $100.00 to Presbyterian Church in Lynn Haven from RP estate
128. Bundle of tax records from FL, wide ranging years
129. 1924 From Young to RP, still cannot pay off my $100.00 note to you
130. UD Seminole Land Investment Co, lot prices in St Cloud
131. 1923 RP hand written poem about Flag Day
132. 1909 Provident Securities Company, to RP certificate for 500 shares
133. Miscellaneous bundle of odds and ends
134. UD Card from Maggie to probably RP. noting 82nd year birthday
135. RP’s war diary, and other misc entries
136. 2012 Folder labeled “Gray Info” modern info on St Cloud gathered by Marilyn, Roberta’s daughter, showing current status and value of lots
137. UD Folder labeled “Norris History”

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