Vitals: Peter L. & Mary Horner Bowman

Peter* L. (1778/83-1858/61) b. Richmond, Maiden Creek, Berks Co., PA; r. Brothersvalley Twp. and Quemahoning Twp., Somerset County, PA (son of Christian/Christopher & Anna Marie Lincoln Bowman: Farmer) from among first families in Somerset County
-burial: Bowman farm-Shaffer School House Cemetery, Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co. (see “Show map” for GPS)

Peter Bowman's stone, Quemahoning Twp., courtesy Brian Ensley

Peter Bowman’s stone, Quemahoning Twp., courtesy Brian Ensley


Mary Horner (1784-1880) b. Franklin Co., PA; r. Somerset County (daughter of Solomon &  Elizabeth Horner)
-burial: Bowman farm-Shaffer Schoolhouse Cemetery, Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co. She lived to be 95

Married: 8/7/1805, Somerset Co. Mary was 20. They had at least 12 children and celebrated 56 years together

Children: (at least 12 in all – 7 sons & 5 daughters, all born in Quemahoning Twp. FindaGrave doesn’t agree with all names & dates.)
1. Joseph (1806-1884@) b. Quemahoning Twp.; r. Ohio & Illinois
2. Elizabeth (1807-1865) b & r. Somerset Co.
3. John  N. (1810-1892) b & r. Somerset Co. (m. Mary Lohr; Farmer) his son, Benjamin F. Bowman, wagonmaker and Civil War vet is often confused with our Benjamin. They were cousins.
4. Susannah “Susan” Horner (1811-1879) d. Polk Co., NE (m. George Lohr, probably brother-in-law through John)
5. Jacob# C. (1814-1875) b. Somerset Co.; r. Woodford, IL (m. Fanny ______)
6. Benjamin (1816-1908) b & r Somerset Co. (m. Susannah Berkey – our line; Farmer)
7. Daniel (1819-1897)
8. Catherine (twin)(1821-1872) d. Carroll Co., Illinois
9. Rachel (twin) (1821-1850/84@)
-burial: possible Bowman-Shaffer farm cemetery, Quemahoning Twp.
10. Peter, Jr.  (1824-1900) b. Somerset Co.; r. Iowa ( m. Elizabeth Kocher)
11. Mary Ann (1827-1856/84@)
12. William (1828-1896/1920) b. Somerset Co.; r. Johnstown, PA (m. Sarah Woy)
-buried: Husband Cemetery+, Somerset, PA. His son Dr. Jacob T. Bowman founded the Somerset Community Hospital in 1927.
13. Franklin# ?

The History of Bedford, Somerset, & Fulton Counties, PA (1884) has Peter Bowman as living and dying in Quemahoning Township, the only son of John S. Bowman, a native of Germany. The Biographical Review Containing Life Sketches of Leading Citizens of Bedford & Somerset Counties, Pennsylvania (1889) V. 23, pp. 208-210, has Peter’s father as John J. Bowman (b. 1847), son of John & Mary Lohr Bowman, of Quemahoning Township. Peter’s paternal grandfather was Stephen was born in Germany and lived in Western Virginia. This Peter was born in VA in 1783 before moving to Quemahoning Township. Confusion among the various Johns, Jacobs, and Peters still reigns.

@ Several siblings died in 1884. Could this have been an epidemic?

# Some sources list a Thomas with these dates. Could Jacob and/or Franklin have been a middle name?

+ One source has William buried in the Weller Cemetery, Somerset County.


See “Table of Contents: Bowman”

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2 Responses to Vitals: Peter L. & Mary Horner Bowman

  1. Thomas Bowman Young says:

    I was aimlessly searching the internet and came across this great website!
    I noticed you have William Bowman with no info. He is my G G Grandfather. He married Sarah Woy of Somerset and had “x” children. They moved to Johnstown, PA, where we still currently live, (about 20 miles from Somerset.) However, William and Sarah are buried in the Husband Cemetery in Somerset. He died in 1920, She in 1924.
    His son, Dr. Jacob Bowman (b.1882) started the Somerset Hospital. My G Grandfather, Jacob’s older brother, Irvin, remained in Johnstown and became the owner of a pattern making concern tied in with the Cambria Iron/Steel Company . He and my GGrandmother are buried in Grandview Cemetery. Along with my Grandmother and Grandfather, Clarence S. Bowman.
    I know Solomon Horner is my G.x…Grandfather because of my Mother’s paperwork from the DAR and my GG Aunt Olive Bowman Hook’s of Somerset. Unfortunately, so much of their family info was lost because of the Johnstown Flood of 1889. However, William and his family are in the Census of 1880 and he is listed as a farmer. And, thanks to many relations returning to and/or never leaving Somerset, we do still exist;)
    Thanks for a great site!

    • admin says:

      Wow, Thomas. It’s not often I receive such kind attention from a reader. Thanks! We must be neighbors, living between Johnstown and Somerset. You can write me at: PEARCE@ATLANTICBB.NET anytime. I appreciate your information and will include in my Vitals section. My wife and family have used the Somerset Hospital but I didn’t realize that Dr. Bowman was related. I worked at the Somerset radio station and passed Husband Cemetery everyday but didn’t know of the Bowman connection. Thanks again; you made my day,

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