Vitals: Richard & Susan Austen Pearce

Richard: (1786*-1861) b. Chittoe/Bromham, Wiltshire Co., UK; r. Pine Twp., Allegheny Co., PA (parents probably^ Thomas & Jane Pearce; Miller by trade)
-buried: Cross Roads Cemetery, Pine Twp., Allegheny Co., PA (See “Show map” for GPS at CRC)

Christening record from
Headcorn Baptist, Kent
(ink has bled through page)

Susannah “Susan” Austen: (1791-1865) Kent Co., UK; r. Pine Twp., Allegheny Co., PA (parents Ambrose & Susannah Beard Austen)
-buried: Cross Roads Cemetery (See “Show map for GPS at CRC)

Richard & Susan Austen Pearce graves, Cross Roads Cemetery

Marriage: (1813) St. Marylebone Church (“The Queen’s Church”) London, UK; double ceremony with Richard’s twin Sarah and Susan’s brother Charles Austen

Emigration: Richard & Charles came to America in 1820 to buy land (see “Original Family Narrative” & Commentaries) then returned to England for wives and children, sailing again March 10, 1821, from London on the ship Venus. They arrived in New York on April 12 and traveled by wagon from Western Pennsylvania.


1. Ambrose (1814-1874) b. UK; r. Allegheny Co. (m. Jane Kidd; father of William, Jr., Builder)
-buried: Cross Roads Cem., Pine Twp., PA
2. Alfred (1816-1895) b. UK; r. Harmony, PA (m. Sarah Latchan; Banker; father of Rev. Isaac & Austen)
3. Frederick (1818- ) b. Bourne End, Buckinhamshire, UK; r. Flora, Clay Co., IL  (m. Martha Ingerham)
4. Maria (1819-1913) b. UK (m. W.L. Graham)
5. Sarah (1822-) b. Pine Twp., PA (one source says died in infancy?)
6. Richard Henry, Jr. (1824-1897) b. Pine Twp., PA; r. Flora, IL (m. Mary Nelson, sister of Permelia, younger brother Charles’ wife)
7. Franklin Edwin (1826-1911) b. Pine Twp.,PA (m. Susan Anderson; Miller, Shreve, OH; Miller by trade)
8. Charlotte (1829-1881) b. Pine Twp., PA (m. James Ross)
9. John William (1831-1893) b. Pine Twp., PA; r. Greenville, Mercer Co. & Latrobe, Westmoreland Co. PA (m. Amelia Douglas; Owner, Pearce Woolen Mill)
10.Charles (1834-1914) b & r Pine Twp., PA (m. Permelia Nelson; father of Wesley, my grandfather)
-buried: Cross Roads Cem.

* Toby Pearce sources claim Richard was born 10/25/1785 and baptized 1/2/87 at Aldbourne

^ At least one source claims Richard’s parents were Michael (b. 1760) & Barbara Shearer (b. 1770) Pearce

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