Excerpts from Two Old Zimmerman Family Wills

Interpreted by
Larry Pearce

#1 – Johannes Michael Zimmerman (1732-1802)

Dated: 24 August 1795

Written: at Quemahoning Twp. residence

Probated: 25 February 1802; Filed 30 September 1803

This document mentions wife Magdalena, although she died in 1801; eldest son Michael, Jr.; daughter (Catherine) Elizabeth, who (probably) married the brother (also named Michael) of Michael, Jr’s wife (Catherine) Elizabeth Kimmel; daughter Magdalena; son (John) Adam; and other living brothers and sisters.

Inventory: $810.67 (advance of $81.62 made by sale of above inventory and by money received by Henry Gibler of $1.50 and cash from Charles Bush of $2.)

Total assets: $895.79 (valued at from $19,000 to $36 million in 2015)

Disbursements for debts: $94.96

Balance for distribution by executors: $800.83

Executors: Wife Magdalena & son Michael, Jr.

Witnesses: Jacob Gibler, Gabriel Roth, and Adam Keefer

#2 – John Michael, Jr. (1760/3-1823)

Dated: 19 June 1823

Written: at Quemahoning Twp. residence

Probated & filed: 1823

The details of this will are limited here, but it mentions his wife Elizabeth and children Michael III; David; Joseph; Daniel; Susanna, who is married to Jacob Miller who is to receive the land of Michael’s brother Jacob; Elizabeth, who is married to David Sheffer; Nancy, who is married to Frederick German; Lana,  who is married to John Snyder; and Catherine.

Executors: Son Michael Zimmerman, Jr. & son-in-law Jacob Miller

Witnesses: Jacob Kimmel (of M?), and John Horner

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