Glossary to the Annie “Mom” Krause Diaries

Identifiable Names & Places
(in alphabetical order – names not listed are probably neighbors)
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Alma (Krause nee Kaufman) – daughter-in-law; Harry’s wife
Alton (Krause) – son; husband of Genevieve
Barry (Krause) – grandson; son of Larry & Lois
Blough(s) – neighbors of Dick & Hilda Miller; Helen & Harold
Boswell – town NE of Jennerstown along Rt. 601
Clarence (King) – brother-in law; husband of Sadie nee Lee
Clyde (Krause) – son; husband of Jean
Davidsville – town to NE in Somerset Co., PA along Rt. 403
Davie (Krause) – grandson; son Harry & Alma’s son
Dick (Miller) – son-in-law; husband of daughter Hilda
Donnie (Krause) – grandson; son Ernest & Mary’s son
Ernest (Krause) – son; husband of Mary
Genevieve (Krause nee Overdorff) – daughter-in-law; wife of son Alton
Glenn(s) (Bodnar) – brother-in-law; wife Eva is nee Lee
Greensburg – city along Rt. 30 about halfway to Pittsburgh
Grey/Gray – small mining town just south of Jennerstown off Rt. 985
Guystown/Geistown – borough east of Johnstown, Cambria Co., PA
Harry (Krause) – son
Herb (Adams) – son-in-law; husband of daughter Olive
Hilda (Miller nee Krause) – daughter; wife of Dick
Hinman/Hyndman – small town in adjoining SW Bedford County, PA
Hooversville – small town in NE Somerset Co., PA
Jean (Krause) – daughter-in-law; Clyde’s wife
Jennerstown – address of residence in northern Somerset Co.
Jerry (Krause) – grandson; son of Harry & Alma
Jim(s) (Krause) – grandson; son of Harry & Alma
King(s) (Clarence & Sadie nee Lee) – sister & brother-in-law
Larry (Adams) – grandson; son of Herb & Olive nee Krause
Larry (Lawrence Krause) – son; husband of Lois
Ligonier – town west of Jennerstown along Rt. 30
Lizzie (Shrader nee Lee) – sister; wife of Clyde Shrader
Lois (Krause) – daughter-in-law; Larry’s wife
Mary (Krause) – daughter-in-law; wife of son Ernest
Mart (Krause) – step-grandson; son of Ernest & Mary
McConnellsburg – town to the east of Somerset Co. along Rt. 30
Olive (Adams nee Krause) – daughter; wife of Herb
Omar (Miller) – brother of son-in-law Dick Miller
Overdorff(s) (Maude & Chester) – in-laws of son Alton
Paul (Adams) – grandson; son of Herb & Olive
Pop (Charles Krause) – husband of Annie “Mom”
Pud (Ralph Krause) – son; husband of Rachel
Rita (Varney nee Krause) – granddaughter; daughter of Harry & Alma
Ronnie (Krause) – oldest grandson; son of Harry & Alma
Shirley (McGrory nee Krause) – granddaughter; daughter of Ernest & Mary
Shrader(s) (Lizzie nee Lee & Clyde – sister & brother-in-law
Sim (Simon Lee) – brother
Somerset – County seat 8 miles south of Jennerstown along Rts. 985, 601, & 219
Susan (Pearce nee Miller) – granddaughter; daughter of Dick & Hilda
Thomas Mills – town in northern Somerset County along Rt. 985/219
Trostle(s) (Jerry & wife) – son Clyde’s in-laws; Jean’s parents
Warren (Krause) – grandson; son of Clyde & Jean
Windber – Somerset County borough to the northeast along Rt. 56

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