Our Zimmerman Family Tree

(16 generations back to Germany)

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Johannes Zimmerman (1540/50-1574)
Unknown (  )
Bectold Zimmerman, Sr. (1570-1658)
Katharina Zergeibel (1580-1634)
Bectold Zimmerman, Jr. (c.1600-1658)
Anna Sabina Boger
(c.1600- )
Mathais Zimmerman (1621-1687)
Anna Margaretha ______ (1618-1692)
Johann Sigmund/Georg Zimmerman (c. 1650-1689)
Barbara/Elizabeth Metzgar (c. 1660-  )
Andreas Zimmerman (1680-1740)
Anna Elisabetha Freyburger (1681-1740/1)
Johannes “Hans” Michael Zimmerman (1706-1741)
Anna Elizabeth Dodderer (1709-1779)
Johannes Michael Zimmerman (1732-1802)
Maria Magdalena Sauter (1727/31-1801)
John Michael Zimmerman, Jr. (1763-1823)
Elizabeth Kimmel* (1766-1836)
Elizabeth C(atherine?) Zimmerman (1828-before 1884)
Noah J(oseph?) Miller (1826-1881)
Dibert Miller (1855-1889)
Susan Bowman (1857-1909)
Howard Pearson Miller (1885-1969)
Sarah Jane Baer (1891-1972)
Richard Orville Miller (1920-2015)
Hilda Elizabeth Krause (1921-1997)
Susan Kay Miller (1949- )
Larry Edsel Pearce (1948-  )
Annie Rebecca Pearce Matthew Carter Pearce
(1971- ) (1973- )

X Generation missing. Research is ongoing to find Elizabeth Catherine Zimmerman’s father, Daniel, as identified in the Miller book below. We believe that Noah and Elizabeth’s son Charles married 17-year old Mary Bender, who guardian was Elizabeth’s uncle John H. Zimmerman.

* The maiden names Kimmel and Koontz have been confused when represented only by the letter “K.” Subsequent intermarriages and the preponderance of the given names Elizabeth and Catherine, sometimes used together, have further complicated the confusion.

# By German custom, each generation or males began with the Christian name Johannes, Johann, Hannes, Hans, or John but given or middle names were used to given identity. J. Michael had a son John H(einrich or Henry?) (1830-1898) who was born on and worked the family farm on which his father lived and died. Before serving in the Civil War, John A. married “Miss Susan Zimmerman,” probably a cousin. They had a son John A(andreas?).


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Last revised 2/8/21

Inquiry & response copied from “Our Surnames/Origins/Photos”  6/11/18

terry says:

I’m going to try to get some help with this. It’s very difficult for me to find my father in all of this. I only know his name, birthdate, and place of birth. One identity is that his father, a known relative, was Herman Zimmerman, maybe a Zimmermann of Prussia with no birthdate available. I just know that my father was born in Magdeburg along with my DNA. It shows so many names attached to your name. Here I have over 60 relative’s names in DNA, the same from your surnames. I checked.

  • admin says:

    Hi Terry,
    First, Zimmerman would be my wife’s ancestor and she hasn’t had DNA taken yet. Second, and this is good news, I think I’ve located her GGgrandmother Elizabeth Zimmerman’s father Daniel, another line from the John Michael Zimmermans of Quemahoning Township, Somerset County, PA. Somehow she was apparently a half-sibling to Daniel and Elizabeth’s issue. Daniel’s father and grandfather were both Jacobs. So far I can’t connect to your Herman but please stay tuned.

    Sarah says:

    Dec. 24, 2020 – I just wanted to tell you that your tree is absolutely wonderful!!! I was able to obtain a lot of information from your tree and correct some misinformation that I had. Thank you for all of your effort and thoroughness.  I found your tree quite informative and helpful.  I was able to find a major omission on my tree and thus was able to correct that.  Thank you for sharing your work.

    By the way, it does take us quite a while to connect.  The closest connection we have on the Zimmermans is Johannes Michael Zimmerman. I copied and pasted my line from ancestry.com, just so you could see:
    Johannes Michael Zimmerman 1732-1802
    7th great-grandfather
    Jacob Zimmerman 1768-1845
    Son of Johannes Michael Zimmerman
    Michael Zimmerman 1786-1863
    Son of Jacob Zimmerman
    Ephraim Zimmerman 1818-1859
    Son of Michael Zimmerman
    Howard Milton Zimmerman 1870-1944
    Son of Clark Benjamin (Benneville) Zimmerman
    Mary Louise Zimmerman 1897-1972
    Daughter of Howard Milton Zimmerman
    Sarah Hoover Reed 1921-2001
    Daughter of Mary Louise Zimmerman
    Kathryn Charlotte Maurer 1946-
    Daughter of Sarah Hoover Reed
    Thank you again for sharing all of your hard work,

14 Responses to Our Zimmerman Family Tree

  1. ashly deardorff says:

    I am doing research on the Zimmerman side. I have back to Andrews Zimmerman 1703. Any info you can give me I would love to have since it is part of my family. Thank you very much.

    • admin says:

      Hi Ashly,
      It is I who needs YOUR help! Please see the Zimmerman Table of Contents, especially the Introduction. There’s lots on the internet about our family. Thanks for your interest and let me know what you find.

  2. Dianne Leach (zimmermann) says:


    Our family tree has been traced back to Franz Zimmermann. Franz M.Zimmermann naturalised in New Zealand before 1948,age 46 yrs.Birth place;Pojolton,
    Subkau,Poland West Prussia.Former nationality German.

    Franz father and mother names are; Ignatius Zimmermann and Juliana Cassatioski or Kassatioski.
    I have no other confirmed info around any of the brothers and sisters.


  3. William Semo says:

    I documented this cemetery. Please help me to add or ammend data. https://www.findagrave.com/cemetery/2640639/zimmerman-cemetery

    • admin says:

      I’ve replied to you directly, Will, via e-mail of my confusion over the various Zimmermans. Thanks for this tip, and together we’ll get this mystery solved. Regards,

  4. Nancy says:

    I wondered why Zimmerman, Kimmel and Koontz were names in my DNA matches! Must be my Henry Jacobs from Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Don’t know where they came from nor where they went after that. Would love any info! Thank you!

    Anyone know who the Jacobs were in Buckingham county, VA?

    • admin says:

      I have written to you offline in hopes of getting more information. The Zimmermans were a large German-American family in Pennsylvania and Somerset County with many similar given names. I have not conclusively properly connected our Elizabeth Zimmerman to the Millers and Kimmels of Quemahoning Township, but have recently connected the Koontz family of Berlin-Brothersvalley Township to Michael Zimmerman, the early politician. Other Berks/Lancaster County families took the Shenandoah Road into Virginia. Some of my wife’s Amish-Mennonites then came back north to Western MD and PA. Sorry, I don’t know the Jacobs, but thanks for your inquiry,

  5. Terry Zimmerman says:

    I am not the Terry Zimmerman mentioned above. But I am a descendant of the Zimmerman suplee marriages that occurred in Pennsylvania during the Revolutionary War. Christopher Zimmerman was one of my ancestors. I would like to know anything more you all can tell me about my family genealogy. I’m just beginning. My wife and I made a visit back to Montgomery Township three years ago and were amazed at the connections with the two families in that small community and church graveyard.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the inquiry, Terry. Several things: First, I’ve hit a wall with my wife’s Miller-Zimmerman marriage in Somerset County, PA. Seems there was one before our dates AND seems many of the Zimmermans had similar names and approximate dates. Very difficult! Second, I’m not familiar with the term you use, “suplee.” My online dictionary wants to make it a proper surname. What are you intending? Third, I’ve been away from the Zimmermans awhile but will send along anything else I find. Let’s hope our readers will assist. Regards,

  6. Robert Hall says:

    I have traced my Zimmerman line back from New Zealand to Ignacy / Ignatius Zimmerman / Cymerman in Poland. He was born 1822 in Tomaszewo , Pomerania , Poland. He married Julianna Paszalowska . Two of their sons came to New Zealand : Franciszek ( Franz ) and Michael Zimmerman. Franz married Barbara Celka / Zella on 1874. Michael Zimmerman married Lucy Fabish . Barbara Zimmerman died 15th April 1889 in Ratapiko , Taranaki , NZ . Franz and Michael took up farming here in 1879 -80. In the 1900s Michael and Lucy Zimmerman moved to Horsham Downs to farm. Both buried at Mercer , NZ. Franz Zimmerman remarried after Barbara Death . He Mary Martha Stachurski nee Potroz . They farmed in around Inglewood , Taranaki , NZ . Franz died 5th May 1938 in Inglewood , NZ and Mary Martha Zimmerman died 7th Feb 1939 in Inglewood , NZ. Franz and Barbara Zimmerman only daughter Agniszka ( Agnes ) out of 6 boys. Agnes born 7th Dec 1878 in Jackson Bay , South Island , NZ. She died May 1963. Agnes married Arthur James Goodwin on 9th August 1900 at Catholic Church Stratford , Taranaki , NZ. Agnes and Arthur Goodwin had 14 children . Franz and Mary Martha Zimmerman had 8 children. One of their sons , Francis Ksawary Zimmerman killed in France world war one. One of Franz and Barbara Zimmerman sons Paul Theodore Zimmerman was at Gallipoli world was one . He came home to NZ and lived on the Wanganui river with his world war one mates clearing land for farming.

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