Vitals: Benjamin & Susannah Berkey Bowman

Benjamin & Susan Bowman family of Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA

Benjamin (1816-1908)

Benjamin Bowman

b & r Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA (son of Peter L. & Mary Horner Bowman; Blacksmith & farmer) not to be confused with Benjamin F. Bowman, a wagonmaker, Civil War vet, & probably a cousin
-cause of death: “Senile debility brought on by advanced age”
-buried: Oddfellows (IOOF) Cemetery, Stoystown, PA (See “Show map” for GPS)

Benjamin & Susanna Berkey Bowman
IOOF Cemetery, Stoystown

Susanna Berkey (1821-1888)

Susanna Berkey Bowman

b & r Somerset Co., PA (daughter of  Jacob T. & Elizabeth Sadorus Berkey:Homemaker)
-burial: Oddfellows Cemetery, Stoystown (See “Show map” for GPS)

Married: (c. 1833)

Children: (some dates not known)

1. Amanda (1844-1928) b. Quemahoning Twp.; r. Edinboro, Lawrence Co., PA (m. Henry Barnhart; 8 children, oldest Isaac Henry lived with Bowman grandparents during 1880 census)
-burial: Grandview Cemetery, Johnstown, PA
2. Lorenzo (1846-1907)
-burial: IOOF Cemetery, Stoystown
3. William H. (c. 1849-1932) b. Quemahoning Twp.; r. Hooversville, PA
4. Hiram (1851-1932) b. Quemahoning Twp.; r. Roxbury, PA
5. Mary E. (1853-1911)* b. Quemahoning Twp.; r. Iowa
6. Catherine (1855-1908)
7.  Susan S. (1857-1909) b & r Somerset Co (m1. Dibert A. Miller – our line; m2. Josiah J. Keim)
-burial: Oddfellows Cemetery, Stoystown
8. Martha Emma (1860-1915) b & r in Somerset Co.
9. Rebecca Jennie (1863-1935)* b. Quemahoning Twp.,; r. Iowa

* The 1909 obituary for daughter Susan refers to surviving sisters as Amanda, whom we have identified, and Mrs. E.L. Yoder and Mrs. S.J. Plank, both of Iowa. We assume they are Mary and Rebecca, who survived their mother. Note that one of Susan’s sons, Earl, emigrated to Iowa as a teenager after his mother remarried. Sister Martha was said to have “made her home with Mrs. Keim.”


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