Hill Family Tree from Generation V: Joseph Marshall & Alice Virginia (Moon)

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as compiled by
Larry Pearce, grandson of Bessie Reed (Hill) Pearce (1887-1974)
(Click on links for Vitals of each of my “straight line” families/
No Vitals provided for others but links for additional information)

For context, see “Our Hill Family Tree”

See also Gen. IV – John Dixon (1824-1915) & Sarah (Marshall) Hill (1831-1907)

This begins with Generation V. after William (c.1740) & Elizabeth (Dixon) Hill: 

V. Joseph Marshall (1858-1939) & Alice Virginia (Moon) Hill (1865-1947)

-VI-1. Bessie Reed (1887-1974) m. Wesley Herron Pearce (1876-1955) See Vitals

-VI-2. Mary “Mayme” Fleming (1888-1982) m. Rev. Dr. Hugh Russell Crummy (1886-1957) (buried Allegheny County Memorial Park)

–son Rev. Dr. Lester W. (1918-2008) m. Gervaise “Gerry” Theil

–daughter Eleanor m. Raymond McIndoe ?

–daughter Velma (d.1968) m. Homer Truver

—gs. Raymond “Ray” L.

—gs. Theodore “Teddy” L.

—gd. Janet m. Paul Smith

—gd. Ruth m. George Orr

 -VI-3. Harold “Harry” Alton (1891-1945) m. Hulda Fisher (1895-1987) (had 6 b&s)

–daughter Mary V. (1922-1964) m. Woodrow “Woodie” Arthur Wilson

—gs. Kerry (b.1947) was 17 when Mary died; m. Kathy ___



—gs. Kevin Arthur (1951-1967) died at age 16

—gs. Keith ( ) m. ___

—-2ggs. _____

—-ggstepdaughter ____

–daughter Irene Claire (1924-2006) m. Glenn Avery Coss (no children)

–daughter Grace (b.1928) m. Virgil TeSelle (1920-2003) 

—gd. Luanne m. William D’amico

—-ggs Adam D’amico

—gs Gary

—gd. Virginia m. Dr. Eugene W. Lowe, Jr. (b.1957)

—-ggs. Tyler

—gd. Bailey m. Roberts Chris

—–2Xggs Peter

—–2Xggd Cecelia

—–2Xggs Jon

—–2Xggd Hannah

-VI-4. Carl Raymond (1893-1970) m. Deborah Susan Spencer (1896-1993)

–son Carl Richard (1930-2020) m.1 ____ Holbrook; m.2 Jean _____

—gd. Deborah “Debbie” Sinclair (b.1955)

—gd. Kathryn “Kathy” San (b.1956)

—gs. Spencer (b.1958)

—gs. Richard (b.1962)

—gs. Steven Holbrook (b.1964) m. Heidi Therese Krueter (b.1966)

—-ggd. Aislenn Mecayla (b.1994)

–daughter Mary ?

-VI-5. Hazel Irene (1896-1932) m. Alex K. Nicely (1896-1967) (died birthing twins)

–daughter Jane Hazel (1932-2016) m. Richard Allen Lent

—gs. Richard Alexander

—gd. Ann Kathleen (Breslend?)

—-ggd. Emma Jean Breslend

–daughter Jean Alice (1932-1991) m2. ___ Walbrecker (d.1991)

—gd. Dianne L. Walbrecker (near Baltimore)

—gd. Marie L. (d. before 2016) m. ____ Macciocca

—-ggs. Nicholas

—-ggd? Alexandra

—gd. Laura W. m. _____Robic

—-ggd. Jessica

—gd. Amy m. _____Berger

-VI-6. Charles Leroy (1898-1980) m. Martha Ellen Bonin (1894-1992)

–daughter Jean Ruth m. George Walter Fogel, Sr. (Ohio)

—gs. George “G.W.” Jr. (b.1921) m. Irene (Ohio?)

—gs. Ed (New Cumberland, PA)

—gd. ___

–daughter Marge m. ___ Hilliard (generations missing with Robert Randall (b.1960?) sons Nicholas Robert (b.1985) & Timothy Raymond (b.1987); daughter Robin Lynn (b.1969)?

—-ggs Thomas m. Tammy ___

—–2Xggs Kyle Thomas (died in infancy 1997)

—–2Xggd Alyssa Leigh (b. 1999)

–son Charles L. (1934-2000) m1. Barbara Robertson (5 grandchildren)

—gs. David ( ) m. Marianne ____

—-ggs. Adam m. Megan Cole

—–2Xggs. ____

—gs. Norman

—gd. Elizabeth m. ____Goode

–daughter _____ (died in infancy)

-VI-7. Myra Jean (1899-1978) m. Thomas Clarence Miller (1900-1969)

–daughter Nettie M. (1924-2012) m. James “Jim” Stark (b. 1923)

—gd. Janet m. Alan Bochek

—-ggd. Scott m. Debbie Drapela

—gs. Bruce (d.2001) m1. Barbara Erb; m2. Judy ____

—-ggd. Shelly m. Michael Whipkey

—–2Xggs. Seth

—–2Xggs. Payton

—-ggd. Crystal Stark

—gd. Cheryl m. Joe Criswell

—-steps. Jace

—-stepd. MacKenzie

–daughter Alice J. (1925-2017) m. Emery A. Drescher (1917-1919) 

—gd. Louise M. m. Daniel R. Droney

—-ggs. Timothy L.

—gd. Jean A. m. Larry Noble

–son Walter Alton (1929-2006) m1. Vivian Elaine Bowser (1929-1979) m2. Carol Jean Jackovac

—gs. Kevin

—gs. m. ___

—-ggs. ___

–son Paul Wayne (1933-2019) m1. ____ m2. Stella Ann Smith (1937-2014)

—gd. Valerie Jean

—gs. Wayne

—gs. Thomas

—gs. Jeffrey

–daughter Melva B. (1933-2014) m. James D. Smith

—gs. Howard m1. _____; m2. Judy ____

—-ggd. Jennifer

—-ggs. _____

—-ggs. _____

—gs. Donald m1. Nancy Schuster; m2. Stacy ___

—gs. Randy m. Sharon ____

—-ggd. Amy m. Matthew Hankinson

—–2Xggd. Mya

—–2Xggd. Aubry

—–2Xggs. Matt m. ____

——3Xggd ____

——3Xggd. ____

——3Xggd. ____

—gs. Thomas m1. Ashley ___; Rona _____

—-ggs. Jacob

—-ggs. Ty

—gs. Charles m. Tara Claypool

—-ggs. Devin

—-ggd. Courtney m. ______

—–2Xggs. Ezra Jack

—–2Xggstepd. ______

If you can add to or revise our Hill Family Tree, please reply below of write to me directly: LRYPEARCE@GMAIL.COM . Accommodations will be made for privacy.

Documentation & Credits:

Genevieve Hill Maihle. “Family Portraits: John Dixon Hill” & Obituary

Grace Hill TeSelle, cousin. Various e-mails & Christmas letters

Dave Maihle, cousin. E-mails

Other Hill cousins, including Cheryl Criswell, Kevin Miller, and Louise Droney

Untold help & documents from the late Nettie Stark & Alice Drescher, cousins

Last revised 3/22/22

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