Vitals: Col. Johann Michael & Anna Margaretha Souther/Sauter Kimmel

kimmel-johannmikeJohann Michael Kummell (1662-1734) b. Alsheim, Palatinate, Germany; r. Gimbsheim, Germany (this part of the Pfalz Valley, called Gamsonm, was then part of Poland) (son of Hans Konrad & Anna Marie Knebel)
-military: Hessian mercenary, Colonel in Polish Army
-other: large landholder, judge, and “Unterfaceth,” “right hand of the Duke”; his sons committed “many acts of devilry,” some later bannished, accused of plot to overthrow the Duke. Col. Kummell was thought to be “progenitor of virtually all the Kimmels who migrated to America,” or “Stammvater des Amerikaner Stamms” (Father of the American Family).

m1. Anna Margaretha Souther/ Sauter (1663/73-1728) b & r Gimbsheim (parents unknown)
-other: probably widow of John Oswald (d.1689), first wife, and mother of his children; second wife was widow of Hartman Heinreich, Anna Elizabeth.


1. Johann Philip, Sr. (1695-1777) b. Gimbshein; r. Red Run, York/ Lancaster/Adams Co., PA (m. Anna Elizabeth Voltz – our line)
2. Johann Valentine (1701-1768) b. Gimbshein; r. Red Run, York/Lancaster Co. (m. Anna Maria Baltzer)
3. Johann Conrad (1703-1735) b & r Gimbshein (m. Maria Christina Muth)
4. Johann Heinrich (1705- ) Did he die in infancy or is he confused with Maria’s husband?
5. Johann Jacob (1705-1784) b. Gimbshein; r. Ephrata, Lancaster Co., PA (m. Maria Barbara Heinrich)
6. Maria Pfronica “Elizabeth” Kimmel (1708-1764) b & r Gimbshein (some say Elizabeth was another daughter)

M2. Anna Elizabeth (d. 1733) widow of Hartman Heinrich


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Various Public Member Family Trees & other documents


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  1. Gudrun Herold says:

    Gimbsheim – called Gamsonm – It was all the time called Gimbsheim, maybe this Gamsonm is a wrong understanding or an idiom. Gimbsheim was never in Poland ! When he went to the Polish Army, it was his own decision.

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