Connecting our Bauman/Bowman Families

“The Search for Jacob Bauman of Rockingham, VA,
and the Bauman Surname Y-DNA Project”
Marci Bowman
from Mennonite Family History,* October 2012
with Introduction by
Larry Pearce

Science may finally help us connect the various Bauman/Bowman families in America. What follows is a brief report on the Bauman Surname Y-DNA Project, and although this particular study can only show the paternal line, it should begin to shed some light on family relationships. My wife Susan Miller’s great-grandmother was of a Bowman tree that began in Switzerland, grew secondly in Eastern Pennsylvania, and then, sent shoots into Somerset County, which ironically included her namesake, Susan (1857-1909). That Susan Bowman’s mother was also a Susan (1821-1888), married to whom we believe was a different Benjamin than he who is named in the article below. Nevertheless, the evidence is strong that this line of Bowmans came north to Somerset County from Virginia, where they settled after a time in Eastern Pennsylvania. May we suggest that you read two pieces that will provide context for the Bauman article below: “Introduction: Bowman,” background on our specific Quemahoning Township family, and “Commentary on ‘Three German Immigration Periods,'” a comprehensive general summary of these emigres with additional references.For best viewing of the story, either click on the pages below or go to “View” in your toolbar above and select “Enter Full Screen.” To return, you may click on the Return arrow or go to View and select “Enter Actual Size.”

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