Our MacKrell* Family Tree

(Back 8 generations to Northern Ireland)

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(Click on first name for Vitals; spousal surname for associated family)

Henry MacKrell* (1745-1810)
Mary ____ (1750-1810)
Mary Mackrell* (1785-1840)
Robert (Jr.) Norris (1785-1867)
Dowling (Dauling) Norris (1823-1858)
Elizabeth K. Brown (1824-1916)
Annie Sims Norris (1850-1922)
Robert Patterson Gray (1844-1928)
Paul Barton Gray (1892-1977)
Bertha Ione Campbell (1893-1980)
Ruth Elizabeth Gray (1917-2005)
Ralph Hill Pearce (1917- 2002)
Larry Edsel Pearce (1948- )
Susan Kay Miller (1949- )
Annie Rebecca Pearce Matthew Carter Pearce
(1971- ) (1973- )

* Some of the many variations of spelling include: McKrell, Mackerell, Mackeral, Mackrill, McRill, McCreal, Mckrilles, MacReal, etc.


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Internet: http://www.magheragenealogy.org & Maggiepeace99@gmail.com 

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Last revised 5/12/21


julianne says:

facinated to see another Mackrell link, although cannot fit it at the moment.

admin says:

Thanks for your support, Julianne. Please let me know if you find anything new on our illusive, but fascinating family.

2 Responses to Our MacKrell* Family Tree

  1. Maggie says:

    I am DNA related to a Robert Mackrell whose father was Henry and mother Mary from Northern Ireland. Yes, 1775.

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