Annie “Mom” Krause 1952 Diary

Transcribed by Larry Pearce
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Charles "Pop" & Annie "Mom" Krause, Laurel Trinity Cemetery, Jennerstown, PA

Charles “Pop” & Annie “Mom” Krause, Laurel Trinity Cemetery, Jennerstown, PA

To summarize the introduction made in two previous parts to this historical family artifact, we remind you that my wife’s grandmother Annie Lee “Mom” Krause (1885-1971) was raised in a traditional Somerset County Amish home, whose maternal lines came from Berks County, PA, and before that, the Emmental region of Switzerland. Annie’s Grandfather Thomas “Tommy,” Jr. (1816-1900) was called an “orphan” with roots unknown at this time. As a young woman, “Mom” married a Lutheran man from the Cove, a nearby farming community in Maryland. His family had emigrated from Prussia in the mid 1800’s. As was the custom when marrying outside the sect, Annie had to leave  her religious community. The couple moved north. She and  Charles, later nick-named “Pop,” eventually bought their own farm, upon which they raised nine children. The events in this diary take us back to those years of joy, faith, and lots of hard work. For a more complete context, read “Introduction: Krause” and refer to our glossary of names and places. Whenever possible, corrections and/or meanings are placed in brackets in this transcription. Some names cannot be identified, unfortunately. A commentary is provided with my impressions of these invaluable documents. I hope you enjoy this look back to days gone by in rural America.

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1/1 – Tues – It was nice out today. Harry was sick today. Alma and the kids went out to Dairy [sic] today for dinner. In the afternoon I walked over to Friedlines.
1/2 – Wed – It rained most all day today. In the evening I went over to Jean W [?] to missionary meeting. I had the lesson and we had lunch. Mrs. Fisher brought us home. Took six pigs to the sale today.
1/3 – Thurs – I did my ironing this forenoon and in the evening Donnie came for us, so we went up to Ernest for a while. It was pretty cold.
1/4 – Fri – Today Harry took some potatoes over to Shraders. I helped Rita. Harry paid Clydes off. It had a little snow and was pretty cold. It started snowing again this evening. Slippery.
1/5 – Sat – It was pretty cold today. Mary and I had planned to go to Somerset but gave it up. We were up at Ernests. Very icy.
1/6 –Sun – Today [?] we were down at Dicks for dinner and this evening we had communion. Ernest took us over. It was awfully icy.
1/7 – Mon – This morning we cleaned up in the summer house and bring up a lot of meat. Dicks were here a little in the afternoon. Hilda was in Somerset for a treatment. I pieced a quilt. Ernest was here in the evening.
1/8 – Tues – Today I finished my quilt and in the evening we were at Ernests. We dressed some chickens for Jims. Ernest got some maps from Daves and we went up to see them. Very icy.
1/9 – Wed – This morning Mary and I went to Somerset on the buss [sic]. I wenbt to see about our insurance. Pop and Harry dressed Ernests pig. Dick came in the morning and got some chicken for them & Helen. E.M. [Shaulis?] and P. went to the Dr. in the evening and I watched television. Nice.
1/10 – Thurs – Snowing hard. I washed up in the summer house this forenoon. Ernest had four teeth pulled this forenoon. Its still very slippery in spots. I washed in the afternoon. Finished up in the summer house.
1/11 – Friday – Today I ironed, put the clothes away, cleaned, fixed a black dress, churned, and Ferne was here. Its pretty cold out this evening. Some of the snow went away but not all.
1/12 – Sat – It was nice this morning. Ogelines [sic] brought his pig and butchered them here. We were at ernests in the evening.
1/13 – Sun – We walked to church & SS this morning. Larry & Donnie were here for supper then the boys and I went to see a picture at the church.
1/14 – Mon – Today we worked up Ogelines pigs. We finished everything. Mary wanted me to go along to town but I couldn’t go. We got a letter from D.C. in answer to the one I wrote. Alma did a little washing to me today while I helped to butcher.
1/15 – Tues – It was real nice today. I did my ironing and did a little sewing. It went over to Weavers and Horners this afternoon.
1/16 – Wed – This forenoon Mary came and I washed two dresses for her then in the afternoon I went out to Covers and Schmuckers with Fern. Then in the evening we went up to Ernests. Hemmingers came again when we were away.
1/17 – Thurs – This morning Dick came up and took me down to their place then in the afternoon we went down to H. Bloughs house and to Sam Hemmingers. I staid at Dicks until after supper. It rained hard.
1/18 – Fri – This forenoon I finished the layette and this afternoon Fern and I went down to see Mrs. Shaffer. It was real nice, only the wind was cold. We also stopped at Owen Barnetts.
1/19 – Sat – I had all of my cleaning to do today. Clyde came home and in the evening I went with him down to Olives and Larrys.
1/20 – Sun – This morning we went to church then we went up to Ernests for dinner. Clyde and Rosina were there too. Dicks came here and were down stairs for supper. It was nasty out today, not cold.
1/21 – Mon – This morning I did the washing and this afternoon Mary Mayes came then Fern and I went over to Lenharts to see Mrs. Friedline. Fern washed two dresses for her. 1/22 – Tues – I sewed and fixed all day and ironed too. The weather wasnt very nice.
1/23 – Wed – It snowed most all day today. Its cold too. I did a little cleaning and this afternoon I went up to Ernests.
1/24 – Thurs – It was cold, snowy, and icy this morning. Hilda and the kids and I spent the day down at Herbs. I came home in time to get supper.
1/25 – Fri – This forenoon I did some cleaning and this afternoon I baked some cookies and some doughnuts. The preacher was here this evening. Its still cold and slippery.
1/26 & 27 – Sat & Sun – Larry came this morning and put the new spigot in for me. Now we have hot waater up here too. It was nasty out all d ay but not cold. Today is Ritas birthday. I didn’t get to SS today. It rained most of last night.
1/28 – 30 – no entries
1/31 – Thurs – I got my dresses back from the cleaners today. They look like new. Dick plastered in the cellar tonight.

2/1 – Fri – Today Mary, Pop, and I went to town with Dicks. The weather was nice in the forenoon and in the afternoon it rained.
2/2 – Sat – Today they finished grading potatoes. Larrys were here in the morning.
2/3 – Sun – We missed church today. We went out to Kings with Ernest. It rained hard most of the afternoon.
2/4 – Mon – I think it rained all night last night. I didn’t sleep well at all. Ernest was here this afternoon and said the road men were up there today. Part of today was nice, part gloomy.
2/5 – Tues – It snowed a little most of today and it was pretty cold. Pop walked over and got a haircut. Mary was here. I pieced a quilt. I washed in the forenoon.
2/6 Wed – This morning its real nice and not very cold. I ironed and this afternoon I want to put a hem in Almas dress. We have missionary meeting tonight.
2/7 – Thurs – Dicks were here all day. Dick worked at the shower. Hilda sewed. I have a cold. In the evening Pop and I went up to Ernests.
2/8 – Fri – This morning Dick came and finished the cementing at the shower. I’m doing some cleaning and some packing [eggs?] too.
2/9 – no entry
2/10 – Sun – This morning we started for Texas. The weather was nice. Only a little cold. Got as far as Covington, Kentucky.
2/11 – Mon – This morning we left Covington and got breakfast at Louisville, KY. We stopped and I bought some gifts then we drove to Menplus [Memphis?] and slept there the second night. Weather fine.
2/12 – Tues – Tuesday night we lept in Greenville. We eat lunch in Brown Wood Texas. We got to Altons in Santa Anna at four oclock. Weather fine.
2/13 – Wed – We spent tonight at Altons.
2/14 – Thurs – We spent today at Altons. We met the Dr. and Mrs. Love tonight.
2/15 – Fri – We spent today at Altons. We went to a store in Santa Anna. It rained today and snowed a little but melted right away.
2/16 – Sat – This morning we left Santa Anna for Corpus Christi. We stopped in Sanantonio [sic]. We all eat supper at the Pick a Rib.
2/17 – Sun – Today we went through Corpus and out to Padre Island and in the evening we went to a drive in. We met Mr. & Mrs. Abbott.
2/18 – Mon – This morning Altons left Corpus Christi to go back to Santa Anna. I sure hated to see them go. Ralph and Betty went with us through the Naval Base. Weather fine.
2/19 – Tues – Ernest and Donnie went fishing. Mary, Pop, and Mary, and I went to the city and did some shopping. Weather fine.
2/20 – Wed – We went sight seeing. The children spent most of the time at Mrs. Osburns. I cooked our meals and washed dishes.
2/21 – Thurs – Today we all went to Mexico. We eat breakfast at Kingsville on Kings ranch. We went to Brownsville and crossed the Rio Grande into Mexico unto Matamoras. We had dinner at the Texas Hotel Bar. We got back to Ralphs at nine oclock, all very tired. Weather fine.
2/22 – Fri – Ernest and Donnie fished all day. They didn’t catch any thing.
2/23 & 24 – Sat & Sun – Yesterday the water was very rough and high so this morning Ernest took us out to see it. It had gone down some. We went to watch the boat races on Sunday.
2/25 – Mon – This morning we left for home. We went as far as Waco Texas where we spent the night. It rained for a little while then the weather was nice.
2/26 – Tues – Tuesday night we spent in Bryans Court in Bileux [sic] West Beach Missippi [sic]. Weather nice.
2/27 – Wed – We left Gulf Port this morning and drove all the way through Missippi and most of Alabama and spent the night attella [?] Alabama. We went to the Liberty Theatre in the evening. Weather nice. We crossed the Missippi River on our way home.
2/28 – Thurs- Thurs morning we went up on Lookout Mountain in Tennessee. We spent the night in Quality Courts in Kingsford Tennessee. Weather nice.
2/29 – Fri (Leap year) – Today we crossed the Natural Bridge in Virginia. We drove fast and got home at nine oclock on Friday evening, all tired but glad to get home. Weather nice.

3/1 – Sat – This morning we had snow. We just got home in time.
3/2 – Sun – This morning we went to church and this afternoon was very dull.
3/3 – Mon – Today I washed and baked pies. The weather was bad.
3/4 – Tues – I ironed and I started a wuilt. Mary was here. Weather bad. I didn’t get to missionary m.
3/5 – Wed – I finished cutting out my quilt. The weather was bad. I went to Ernests in the evening.
3/6 – Thurs – I pieced my quilt. Mary was here. The weather was bad.
3/7 – Fri – Today I did some of my cleaning. It still snowing a little. I wrote to Ralphs and I want to bake a cake.
3/8 – Sat – It was cold and snowy. I went for groceries with Ernest.
3/9 – Sun – Kings were here. We went to church in the evening.
3/10 – Mon – I sewed today. The weather wasn’t too bad. Ernest bought a new car in the evening.
3/11 – Tues – Today I washed an it got nice out. Then in the afternoon I was up at Ernests and it got so very windy I was afraid to walk home.
3/12 – Wed – Today I ironed and sewed and Mary was here in the evening. Alma and I went to church then I went up to Ernests to see Groucho. It was a nice evening.
3/13 – Thurs – Rain again. I went to Floyds and Keysers this morning. Dicks were here in the evening. I got a letter from Jean.
3/14 – Fri – Today it’s a little cold. It snowed a little last night. I’m doing some cleaning. I wrote to Sadie. Alma is canning beef.
3/15 – Sat – Today was cold but nice. The men hauled manure. Hilda was here for dinner. Dernest got his new car.
3/16 – Sun – This morning we went to church. Ernest took us. They took Ferne to a funeral. Its awful snowy and cold all day today. I wrote four letters today.
3/17 – Mon – This forenoon I fixed some clothes and this afternoon I washed our clothes. The weather wasn’t nice.
3/18 – Tues – This forenoon I ironed and put the clothes away and this afternoon I went to town to see Dr. Whit. Mrs. Miller, Hilda, Helen, and I went. It rained in the evening. Mrs. Wandrei [?] was here. So were Harry Friedlines.
3/19 – Wed – This forenoon I cut a dress for Mary and this afternoon I helped Mary dress twelve chickens. I watched television a while in the evening.
3/20 – Thurs – Today I sewed on Marys dress and also on mine. I helped eep the kids down stairs while Harrys went to PTA at Grey.
3/21 – Fri – I did most of my cleaning and worked on my dress. Its lovely out today, just like spring, so nice and warm.
3/22 – Sat – Today I did my usual Saturdays work.
3/23 – Sun – We went to church. Then to Ernests for dinner then over to Shraders. The weather was nice.
3/24 – Mon – Ernest went to town and got me new rolls for my clothes ringer. I cut out my dress.
3/25 – Tues – Today I washed and ironed and sewed. Mary was here. Weather nice.
3/26 – Wed – Alma and I went to church. I sewed most of the day. Hilda and the children were here for dinner. I helped Hilda with some of her sewing. Weather fine. Pop started to plow.
3/27 – Thurs – Harry got a car today. Pop plowed. It was a little cold but nice and sunny. Mary was here.
3/28 – Fri = today Hilda and I were in town. I staid down there for supper. This morning 8 people burned to death near Rockwood. Their house burned to the ground.
3/29 – Sat – Today I got ready for company and my cleaning. We had snow all day.
3/30 – Sun – Harolds and Dick were here for dinner & supper. My throat is so [?]. Donnie, Pop, and I went to church.
3/31 – Mon – I sewed and fixed Donnies pants. Weather nice. Went down to Ferne in the evening. Throat bad.

4/1 – Tues – Missionary meeting. At Jake Schmuckers. Rain. Went to visit Aunt Bertha with Ferne. Throat bad.
4/2 – Wed – Town with Hilda. Weather fair. Went over to the church to see The King of Kings. Picture. Throat bad.
4/3 – Thurs – I washed and ironed today. It was nice out but pretty cold. Mary was here. Pop plowed over by Jennerstown. My throat is a mess.
4/4 – Fri – My throat is a mess. Pop and Harry are going to work over at Jennerstown in the field. I’m mailing Floyds package. I want to do my cleaning today.
4/5 – Sat – Today it rained. I went to mission study. Daves came after dinner. In the evening we went to Ernests.
4/6 – Sun – We all went to church in the morning. Dave left. After dinner Ernest was here for dinner.
4/7 – Mon – We have snow. Everything is white. Its cold too. Alma and I went to church last evening. Rev. Senft preaching a wonderful surprise.
4/8 – Tues – Mary was here today. I finished my dress and I’m glad of it. I covered some chair pads for Alma. In the evening Alma, Ronnie, and I went to church. Rev. Stewart preached. Cold.
4/9 – Wed – This morning I washed. It looks nice out but its cold. The snow isn’t all gone. Pop worked in the creek all day yesterday so he was too tired to to church. My throat isn’t too much better. We have church tonight.
4/10 – Thurs – Pop went along to church tonight. I fixed Donnies pants and also Pops. The picture of the Lords supper in he church was grand.
4/11 – Fri – Pop went along to church tonight. It was cool out. We had church at St. James. We had 3 hour service this afternoon. Afterwards Ferne and I went to visit Mrs. Cover. Overdorfs were here a little while.
4/12 – Sat I baked pies and didn’t do much else but rock Rita.
4/13 – Sun – We went to communion at 6:30 and then I wrote letters in the afternoon. Dicks and Jims came. Also Mary. We went to church in the evening. Rain.
4/14 – Mon – Hilda came today and started take the paper off the ceiling. Dick came and they staid for supper.
4/15 – Tues- Helen and Mary helped Hilda in the kitchen. My throat was so tight I didn’t do much.
4/16 – Wed – Today was nice and I washed a big wash and in the afternoon U cleaned the spare room. I was very tired until evening.
4/17 – Thur – Today Mary and Hilda were here and worked in the kitchen. It was very nice and the children played out side. We went to Ernests in the evening.
4/18 – Fri – They are planting strawberry plants today. I’m sorry pop has to help for he gets so tired. Its lovely out today. I’m doing my cleaning then I want to do my ironing. Got a letter from Sadie.
4/19 – Sat – Planted [?] the plants today. Weather nice.
4/20 – Sun – All went to church in the morning then Kings and Ernests were here for supper.
4/21 – Mon – I washed and ironed. Hilda has a bad jaw [?] so she didn’t work at the kitchen. I also finished Sadies dress. Weather fine.
4/22 – Tues – Hilda painted the kitchen today. Mary helped a little. The new peepies came this morning.
4/23 – Wed – I did a little cleaning then went to Somerset with Hilda 7 Helen. It rained so they only sowed 2 acres of oats.
4/24 – Thurs – Today I kept Hildas kids while Helen and Hilda went to town. It rained all day & last night.
4/25 – Fri – It rained all last night. I want to clean & church today.
4/26 – Sat – I baked rolls for a change. It was dreary & wet outside.
4/27 – Sun – We and Ernests went out to Kings. It rained here but was nice out there.
4/28 – Mond – I washed this morning. The weather was nice. I was very tired in the afternoon and I didn’t do much.
4/29 – Tues – Today I finished cleaning the bed room and living room and in the evening I ironed. Susan and Dannie were here while Hilda went to Somerset. Weather nice.
4/30 – Wed – This forenoon I patched and put clothes away and this afternoon I made a nightgown and [unclear] pair of pants. Pop didn’t come from the field until 7:30. Weather nice but cool.

5/1 – Thur – This is a beautiful first of May. The pear tree looks as if it was loaded with snow. Pop & Harry are sowing oats over at Jennerstown. I want to clean the dining room & hall.
5/2 – Fri – Cleaned house.
5/3 – Sat – Regular Saturday. Hilda has a lot of pain [?]. Went down in the evening.
5/4 – Sun – Today I went to Gettysburgh [sic] with Fern. We also went to Little Town [?] to Rev. Harnes [?] church. We had a lovely day.
5/5 – Mon – This morning Harry took me down to Dicks. I did the washing. Ir rained in the afternoon. I didn’t get home until 9:30 PM.
5/6 – Tues – Today I washed and did two ironings and scrubbed the porch and then went up to Ernests. It was nice out.
5/7 – Wed – Today I went to town with Hilda and Helen and in the evening Alma and I went to missionary meeting at Mrs. Hays. It was very cool.
5/8 – Thur – Today I cut potatoes all day. It was cold in the barn. I had such a pain in my stomach.
5/9 – Fri – We cut potatoes all day/ Pop and Harry planted sweet corn. Clydes came in time for supper.
5/10 – Sat – I dressed chickens for us, Clydes, & Mrs. Bell. I felt pretty rough. Clydes left after dinner.
5/11 – Mothers Day – Clydes & Dicks were here for dinner then Dicks and I went down to Herbs for supper.
5/12 – Mon – It rained nearly all day today and it was cold and nasty. I went to the Dr. in the evening. I didn’t wash and we didn’t cut potatoes.
5/13 – Tue – Its cold and rainy today. Pop went over for a hair cut. I got a package from Ralphs. I don’t feel like working so Im going to write a letter to Puds.
5/14 – Wed – I washed this morning and for the rest of the today I cut potatoes. It was cold and sunny out. We were up at Ernests in the evening.
5/15 – Thur – We cut potatoes all day today and finished I hope. It was real nice, only windy. It rained last night. 5/16 – Fri – I did most of my cleaning today. It was fairly nice but too wet to plant potatoes.
5/17 – Sat – This forenoon I cut potatoes and baked pies and then dressed a chicken for Annie Bell. Then to Ligonair [sic] for groceries.
5/18 – Sun – This morning I went to SS then home for dinner then down to the cemetery then to town then to Ernests for supper then in the evening to church. The Senft baby was born & died today. Nice but cool.
5/19 – Mon – I washed and made soap then Emma Mae came for flowers. This afternoon Mary came and also Dicks were here for supper. They are working in the kitchen. It rained all day.
5/20 – Tues – This evening Dicks came and finished my kitchen. I ironed some of the wash. It rained all day and it was real cool.
5/21 – Wed – Today I scrubbed and waxed my floors. It was nasty out all day.
5/22 – Thur – Today I wwent to town with Hilda and up to Herbs and to Overdorfs. Then in the evening Pop and I went to church back at Mt. Zion. They planted in the garden today.
5/23 – Fri – Today I did some cleaning and churned and somehow I was very busy all day. They finished planting the garden and also finished planting potatoes.
5/24 – Sat – I dressed 5 chickens and baked pies. We are invited to Ernests for supper. Its nice out today. Rain.
5/25 – Sun – Herbs, Larrys, and Clyde Shraders were here for dinner & supper. Rain about all night.
5/26 – Mon – Its very damp and cool out. I wrote to Jean. Ronnie o his drivers test. I fixed a cover. In the evening I went to Davidsville to see Mrs. Frazee.
5/27 – Tue – Today I washed and it happened to be nice in the afternoon. I took my iron up to Ernest to get it fixed.
5/28 – Wed – This forenoon I ironed then in the afternoonwent over to town. I visited Mrs. Friedline, Mrs. Senft, and Mrs. Norton [?]. It was real nice today.
5/29 – Thur – Rain in the night and part of today. I made a lot of soap and red up the summer house and in the evening I went up to Ernests. It was very cool in the night.
5/30 – Fri – Well today is Memorial Day. I’m all out of heart. I don’t seem to be able to do anything right anymore. I want to clean and fix up the porch. I did my inside Friday cleaning. Bob & Bert were here.
5/31 – Sat – It was pretty nice all day. In the evening we went to Ligoner [sic] and it rained & rained there but not here. Planted corn today.

6/1 – Sun – Today it is nice out, real nice. We went to church. The boys joined church today, Ronnie, Donnie, & Jerry.
6/2 – Mon – Today I finished my soap. Ernest, Mary, & I went to the Dr. in the evening. Weather very nice. They planted tomato plants this week.
6/3 – Tue – This morning I washed and churned and carried my soap over to the summer house. We also started to separate my milk. In the evening I ironed. Weather very nice.
6/4 – Wed – Today I cleaned up the house and dressed some chickens and got ready for our missionary meeting. There were 14 at the meeting including Rev. Senft. Weather nice.
6/5 – Thur – This forenoon I went to town with Mary and Donnie. We went up to Ernests and watched Groucho. Weather lovely, only cool.
6/6 – Fri – Today was a real summer day. Its too hot to plant tomato plants. Donnie opened his stand today. I sewed and cleaned a little and messed with my flower plants.
6/7 – Sat – It was nice today and I did just the usual. It was nice out.
6/8 – Sun – Larry brought Paul up. We went to SS school then Larrys came then Dicks & us went over to see Allie Kamp then to Sims, Clydes, the cemeteries then home by way of Rockwood to see the place where a family burned.
6/9 – Mon – I washed and ironed. It was a little rainy but not enough to make the ground wet. Mary was here.
6/10 – Tue – It was nice in the evening. Ernest and I went to the Dr. They picked some strawberries today.
6/11 – Wed – Pop got his glasses this forenoon. Mrs. Friedline came in the afternoon. The Rev. Senft and his family were here for supper. Then Lindy came. It was very cool out.
6/12 – Thurs – Today I cut out some things to sew. Then in the afternoon Hilda and Helen and kids came. I put a hem in Almas dress. It was too cold to sit on the porch.
6/13 – Fri – This morning its cold.
6/14 – Sat – It rained today and in the evening Harrys had a wiener roast.
6/15 – Sun – Today we went to church then in the afternoon we went up to the Lutheran Camp to the pool dedication.
6/16 – Mon – This morning I washed. The weather was very nice but hot. They picked strawberries. Mrs. Frazee died this morning.
6/17 – Tue – Hilda and Helen were here for a while. I ironed and made some preserves and went up to Ernests for a while. Hot.
6/18 – Wed – I worked on my old blue and white dress and fooled with Rita. Hilda and I went down to Davidsville in the evening.
6/19 – Thur – I didnt do much today. We had a rain and hail storm. We went to Ernests in the evening. Pop & Ernest settled.
6/20- Fri – This morning I cleaned and then after dinner Herbs came. They came back from Philadelphia on [?] yesterday. The men planted tomatoes & cabbage today. I think it is too late.
6/21 – Sat – Clydes came at 12 oclock last night so toady I didn’t get anything much done. Its real cool.
6/22 – Sun – Harrys went to Shraders today. We went to church then Fern & Cecil came for dinner. Dlydes stopped going home and Larrys were here too. It rained & stormed. Dicks were in Pittsburgh and were flooded.
6/23 – Mon – Its still very wet & raining. We heard yesterday that Jennie Lee is dead. No particulars.
6/24 – Tue – Hot down at Dicks. Canned cherries in the evening at Ernests.
6/25 – Wed. – Hot. Canned cherries here at home.
6/26 – Thurs – Hot
6/27 – Fri – Very hot. Susan, Dannie, & Marty had tonsils taken out at Somerset Hospital today.
6/28 – Sat – Very hot. Kids came home today.
6/29 – Sun – Hot and thunder in the afternoon. Church in the evening. Mell [sic] Prices were here in the evening.
6/30 – Mon – A little cooler this morning. Im washing. I don’t feel too good. Havent for some time.

7/1 – Tue – I went up to Ernests this eveninf. It got very cool in the night. Donnie brought me home.
7/2 – Wed – I went to missionary meeting over at Alegras. Only a few were there. I came home with Harry Friedliness. Mrs. Friedline was leader.
7/3 – Thur – It was nice today. I sewed for Alma. Virginia and Russel and family were here for supper. It rained through the night.
7/4 – Fri – This morning it rained a little. After I had my work done I walked up to Ermesys. In the afternoon it got nice so in the evening we went to Idelwid to see the fireworks. Dicks came just before we left.
7/5 – Sat – Its lovely out this morning. I got a letter from Sadie. They are in Salem, Oregon.
7/6 – Sun – This morning we went to communion. Then this AM Dicks & Larrys came then Overdorfs came. The day was lovely.
7/7 – Mon – This morning I went to Somerset with Hilda, Mary, and the kids. It was a lovely day. We all went to the Dr.
7/8 – Tue – We had a very nice rain this morning and we really needed rain. [unclear] We are invited to a birthday party for Barry.
7/9 – Wed – Today it was wet. I went up to the missionary meeting in the evening. It was up at the camp and we had a speaker from India. Lunch afterwards. Pop went to the Dr.
7/10 – Thur – Today Hilda and I were down at Larrys for lunch then we went to Herbs. The day was fine.
7/11 – Fri – I did my regular cleaning. The day was fine.
7/12 – Sat – I dressed chickens and baked pies and finished the cleaning. It was very hot today.
7/13 – Sun – Harrys are gone to Smiths. We are going to church. Trostles were here for supper.
7/14 – Mon – Jean and Warren are here so I didn’t get much done. Hot.
7/15 – Tue – I washed and in the evening we walked up to Ernests. I canned a boiler full of beans. Hot.
7/16 – Wed – Today Jean and I spent down at Dicks. Hot.
7/17 – Thur – We ironed. In the evening Trostles came for Jean. Hot.
7/18 – Fri – Apples and Adams were here, also Agnes Sunch [?]. We cleaned and canned a lot of beans. Clyde came home. Hot.
7/19 – Sat – Harrys had a little wiener roast. I was down at Trostles for dinner. Had a nice time.
7/20 – Sun – We were up at Ernests for dinner then A D [after dinner?] I kept Dicks kids while they went for huckleberries. Herbs came along back for supper.
7/21 – Mon – It rained last evening and in the night. This morning its very nice. I want to wash. Alma, Mrs. St. Clair, & I went over to the hospital to take flowers from the church.
7/22 – Tues – It was awfully hot today.
7/23 – Wed – Pop went to the Dr. this evening. It was hot but rained in the evening.
7/24 – Thur – Today it wasn’t so hot after the rain. Mary was here. I just messed around, baked a little and sewed a little. I didn’t feel very good.
7/25 – Fri – It was pretty cool last night, really cold but its nice this morning. I want to do my cleaning.

[Final entry for 1952]


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