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Did you know that this is the 15th anniversary for Facebook? What a useful tool, having come out of such a humble beginning. I don’t know how else I could keep up with the thoughts and activities of family around the country. Many of our relatives have private individual Facebook pages that will probably require membership and a “Friend” request, if you’re interested, but here we are concentrating only on what we consider the very best public community spaces as a more contemporary compliment to our family history. Please take a moment to view the beautiful pictures and listen in on the interesting conversations at these sites:  local organizations and activities, churches, schools, libraries, museums, and societies. Don’t forget to click on the links inside each Facebook page.  Think of this information as the answer to the question genealogists might logically ask about their subjects’ communities: “Where are they and what are they doing  now?”  As this section is ever-expanding, do send me new discoveries via the comment block below. Also, I have arbitrarily categorized the links by location and subject matter and have made some contextual comments for your interest. This arrangement may change, so check back.
Larry Pearce, Administrator

QUEMAHONING TOWNSHIP – Joseph Miller, Sr., our family Patriarch, emigrated from the Palatinate region of Germany around 1754. His sons “Yost” (1748-1811) and Jeremiah came from Lancaster County to the mountains of West central Pennsylvania in 1784, some of the first Europeans to settle in “Indian Territory.” Today’s Quemahoning Township was then called Stonycreek and was part of Bedford County, later to become Somerset. Many of his descendants still reside in and around this area.

*Quemahoning Twp, Somerset Co, PA – Most is still rural with woods & streams

Quemahoning Reservoir – The centerpiece offers camping and recreation

STOYSTOWN – One of the oldest towns west of the Alleghenies, a borough established in 1762. This was the hub of civilization for early settlers along the Forbes Road with stores, churches, and a post office. The Miller families visited here frequently.

Stoystown, Somerset County, PA – Some original buildings still stand

BOSWELL – Founded at the site of a 1904 coal mine, this small borough still displays many of the original homes, although the businesses have given way to chain stores.

* Boswell Historical Society – Area history complete with a small museum & park

CONEMAUGH TOWNSHIP – The land between Quemahoning and the City of Johnstown was home to many Amish-Mennonites coming west from Berks County. Still home to many farms, it’s now split by four-lane 219, serving Somerset & Cambria Co’s. 

* Conemaugh Twp Area Historical Soc. – See artifacts, documents, & photographs

SOMERSET – This small borough has had several names over the years but now gives her new name to the county where all the Miller family legal business was done. The courthouse is at the highest elevation in Pennsylvania.

* Somerset, PA – Victim of three fires, the town is a mixture of the old & the new

* Somerset County, PA –  Once mostly farming, the new economy is tourism & a prison

* Somerset Historical Center – Archives, a museum, and lots of festivals for all   

JOHNSTOWN – This former steel town, named after Amishman Joseph Schantz, has had many nicknames over the year, including “Little Pittsburgh” and “Little Europe” for its ethnic diversity. It’s still the center of the metropolitan area.

* Greater Johnstown, Cambria Co – Lots of history here, besides the 1889 Flood

SEVERAL FAMILY CHURCHES – Our Miller ancestors were mostly German Lutherans and Brethren, as represented below, but descendants today are found in all faiths. Thankfully, after some the original buildings have been removed, the cemeteries remain as a silent testimony to the faithfulness of our families.

* St. James Lutheran, Boswell – Thanks to Bill Havyer, our heritage is preserved

* Laurel Trinity Luth, Jennerstown – This new edifice represents three congregations

* Friedens Lutheran – Founded by our Millers and Shaffers in the 1780s

* Grace Lutheran, Stoystown – This East Main St. church was founded in 1888

* St. Paul’s Lutheran, Buckstown – Another old congregation nearby

* United Church of Christ, Stoystown – Finally, a Reformed Protestant church!

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