Our Mary/Johannes Michael Miller* Family Tree

(back 12 generations to Germany)

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Johann Michael Miller I (1632- )
Unknown (  )
Johann Michael Miller II (1655-1695)
Irene Charitas/Anna Loyse Regina (1657-  )
Johann Michael Miller III (1692-1771)
Suzanna Agnes Berchtel/Berchtoll (  )
David Miller (1719-1785)
Magdalena ____ (1735  )
Abraham (H.?) Miller (1779-1820)
Mary Crill (1781- )
Mary Miller (1815-1883)
Christian L. Miller (1813-1891)
Sarah Miller (1843 -1925)
Abraham Baer (1834 -1896)
Franklin Baer (1862-1916)
Almira Baush (1855-1917)
Sarah Jane Baer (1891-1972)
Howard Pearson Miller (1885-1969)
Richard Orville Miller (1920-2015)
Hilda Elizabeth Krause (1921-1997)
Susan Kay Miller (1949- )
Larry Edsel Pearce (1948- )
Annie Rebecca Pearce Matthew Carter Pearce
(1971- ) (1973- )

* It is believed by some that this Miller family originated separately in Germany, perhaps as Brethren, from our Joseph “Yost” Miller family, Susan’s chief paternal line, who were Lutherans. These Millers settled first in Lancaster Co. then came to Southern Somerset Co. whereas Joseph’s family settled in the northern part. Another family, originating with Christian, were Swiss Anabaptists who settled in Berks Co. before coming to southern Somerset Co. and contributing to Susan’s maternal line. Intermarriages between these Christian Millers and Susan’s paternal lines connect both. Another theory has that Christian Miller’s ancestors were related through the Johann Michael I shown above.


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4 Responses to Our Mary/Johannes Michael Miller* Family Tree

  1. JESSI says:

    First, Id like to say that I love all the information you have here! Thanks for sharing it with the internet world 😉 I am curious if anyone has info on Phillip J. Miller? He is the son of Johann & Suzanna Miller. I would also appreciate any other info/photos on MLLER/CRIPE/PIPPENGER/KECK/CRIST/YODER/HINTZMAN/MAST/BERKEY/BURGI/FACESH/SAYLOR/MISHLER/ROCHETTE.

    Thanks in advance,
    I can be reached at: makkat225@hotmail.com

    • admin says:

      Thank you for all your kind comments. I’ll have to keep looking for your Phillip and Johann Millers. You don’t include dates, so I’m not sure where to start. Otherwise, we have lots of possibilities with your other families to whom my Susan is related: Berkey, Saylor, and Mishler. Please stay in touch with anything you find. Regards,

  2. Bonnie Enderle says:

    I have been looking for a very long time for my line of MILLERs.
    Jonathan Miller b. 05/29/1806 d. 03/05/1865 in Black, Somerset County, PA.
    he married Elizabeth Unknown b. ? d. ?, he then married Elizabeth Yost 04/18/1848, b. 06/20/1817 in Hesse Darmstadt, Germany, d. 04/23/1901 in Black, Somerset County, PA.
    Jonathan and the 1st Elizabeth had 6 children.
    Jonathan and Elizabeth Yost had 6.
    Any help and or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much,
    Bonnie Mros-Enderle

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