Vitals: George, Sr. & Mary Leslie*

George Willocks, Sr. (1736-1821) b. Scotland, Northern Ireland or Eastern PA; r. Cumberland Co. & West Deer Twp., Allegheny Co., PA (son of James, Jr. & Janet Hutchison Leslie) Served as deputy constable for Common Pleas Court of New London Twp. 1767 when he got in trouble for not turning over confiscated property to the court.
-military: 1777 drafted into the PA Militia; son William served for him as was possible under the law
-burial: Bull Creek Cemetery, West Deer Twp., reportedly next to Rev. Abraham Boyd (See cemetery for GPS) The “Book of Sessions,” which was kept by Rev. Abraham Boyd during his 31 years of service in the Bull Creek Presbyterian Church, records the death of George Leslie Sr. in 1821 at age 85.

Mary S. Alsop (c.1719/40-after 1804) nothing is known except on deed within Chester Co. 1758-78 and on Bull Creek church role 1804. Tombstone not found although some family may be in lot with large family marker.

Marriage: before 1757 when George is removed from “freeman’s” list

Children: exact names & birth order uncertain

1. John (1758-  )
2. William, Sr. (1759-1850) b. New London Twp., Chester Co., PA; r. Cumberland Co., East Deer Twp., Allegheny Co., & West Deer Twp. (named for uncle, father’s brother) (m. Elizabeth Davidson#; 7 children)
-military: Revolutionary War, Chester Co. Militia  1776-1779
3. George, Jr. (1761/9-1821) b. New London Twp.; r. Cumberland Co. & West Deer Twp. (m. Jane Guilliford – our line) died possibly the same year as his father during the great Typhoid Fever outbreak
-buried: Bull Creek Cemetery, WDT
4. Alexander (1762?-   ) b. New London Twp.; r. Cumberland Co. & West Deer Twp.
5. Mary (1763-1857)
6. James (1763-1830) b. New London Twp.; r. Cumberland Co. & West Deer Twp. (named for uncle, father’s brother)
7. Samuel (1765-  ) b. New London Twp.; r. Cumberland Co. & West Deer Twp.

*other spellings include Lessly

#some confuse this Elizabeth with our Elizabeth, wife of William Gray


Rev. Abraham Boyd. Book of Sessions. Bull Creek Presbyterian Church. 1800-1805

Chester Co., PA. tax lists & land records.

Cumberland Co., PA. tax lists

Record of Oath of Allegiance to the United States, 1777

Allegheny Co., PA. Census 1790, 1810, & 1820

Allegheny Co. tax list 1791

History of Allegheny Co., PA 

Various Public Member Family Trees & other sources


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