Vitals: Johannes Wilhelm & Anna Barbara Lehmer

Johannes Wilhelm (1663-1745) r. Stammheim, Hessen, Germany (parents unknown)

Anna Barbara (c. 1670- ) r. Stammheim (parents unknown)

Marriage: 1692, Stammheim


  1. Johann Wilhelm Nicholaus (1694/95-1755/62) b & r
    Stammheim (m. Elizabeth Konrad-our line)

2. Johannas Peter (1694/95-1738) b&r Stammheim


Dennis W. Lamer Family of Illinois. 30 Mar. 2016

See “Our Lehmer Family Tree” & Vitals

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  1. Bill Crowe says:

    Good morning. This is a great site. I am a descendant of Ruel and Catharine(a) Peterson. I really enjoyed your work. Thanks for keeping it public. If there is anything I could get you on your family, please feel free to email me.

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