And Baby Makes Four: Grandniece Alyssa’s Story

Larry Pearce
(with help from Alyssa)

Jared, Emma Beth
and Alyssa Green

What a great week to post this story of our niece Alyssa. Whether we think of her as a Grand or a Great niece, the fact is that she delivered another generation to our family over this past weekend. Does that make the precious bundle a Great-grand niece? Whatever she is, we welcome little Emma Beth to our family history page. And we thought this was just going to be about Alyssa’s new kiddie lit composition . . .

Momma Alyssa Cable Green is the daughter of Mark and Wendy Miller Cable of Johnstown, PA, and the granddaughter of Dan and Carolyn Miller of Alum Bank, PA. Alyssa is very excited and proud to be making her writing debut in a book about her dog, Daisy! Like the rest of the Greens, Cables, and Millers, Daisy is full of energy and curiosity, just another member of the family. She has a very expressive personality and is always eager to discover new things.

Children’s Literature
available now at

Alyssa will be taking some time away from teaching Kindergarten to care for Emma Beth, but when she returns to the classroom, she’ll continue to cultivate a love for reading and writing in her students. They had become so fond of her “Daisy Stories” over the years that she decided to put them in written form for others to read as well. She is hoping to bring laughter and enjoyment to each and every set of hands that picks up her book. In the future, Alyssa hopes to write more books that address social settings that young kids go through – death in the family, moving to a new house, even adding new family members – with Daisy, of course, in order to help children process these events.

Alyssa in her classroom

Alyssa lives in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with her best friend and husband, Jared. As we said, their first baby, Emma Beth Green, arrived on March 10, 2019, and Daisy is very excited to be a big puppy-sister to a human sibling.

Daisy & Alyssa
in Broadway, VA

Look for more about Daisy, Emma Beth, Alyssa, and the rest of this wonderful family at this site in the future, and share your impressions below in the comments box if you wish.

Last revised 3/12/19

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