Vitals: James & Annie Sims Brown

James (c.1800-  ) b. probably Scotland; r. Philadelphia & Allegheny Co., PA? (parents unknown)

Annie Sims (c.1800-after 1911) b. probably Scotland; r. Philadelphia & Allegheny Co., PA (parents unknown)

Emigration: to Philadelphia

(cw) Annie Brown, Elizabeth Norris, Annie Gray, & Janet Kellar Hull (c.1888)

(cw) Mother Annie Brown, dau. Elizabeth Norris, grdau. Annie Norris Gray, & ggrdau. Janet Kellar Hull (c.1888)

Children: others?

  1. Elizabeth K.* (1824-1916) b. Philadelphia?; r. West Deer Twp., Allegheny Co., PA (m. Dowling Norris – our line)
    buried: Bull Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery, WDT
  2. Annie K.*  (1829-1890) b. Philadelphia?; r. Pine/Richland/WDTs, Allegheny Co., PA (not to be confused with granddaughter Annie Norris Gray) (m. George Hoffman – our line)
    buried: St. Paul’s Lutheran Cemetery, Flagstaff/Sugarloaf Hill, McCandless Twp., Allegheny Co., PA

* one family tree suggests the “K” is for Krug, possibly a maiden or family name, and that Annie/Anna was also born in Bavaria.


Notes from Edna Gray

Family tradition & cemetery records

U.S. Federal Censuses, 1850-1900, military records, and various Member Public Family Trees. 12/31/13.


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