Our Hans Musser* Family Tree

(back 11 generations to Switzerland)

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Baron Benjamin Musser (c.1675 – )
Unknown (  )
Hans “John” Musser@ (1704-1752)
Veronica Frony? ( )
John Musser@ (1738/53-1828)
Barbara Grider/ Kreider (1740/51-1833)
Susannah Musser# (1785-1818)
Christian Miller ~ (1779-1865)
Elisabeth Miller+ (1809 -1878)
Christian Baer, Jr. (1800-1862)
Abraham Baer (1834 -1896)
Sarah Miller+ (1843 -1925)
Franklin Baer (1862-1916)
Almira Baush (1855-1917)
Sarah Jane Baer (1891-1972)
Howard Pearson Miller +(1885-1969)
Richard Orville Miller (1920-2015)
Hilda Elizabeth Krause (1921-1997)
Susan Kay Miller (1949- )
Larry Edsel Pearce (1948- )
Annie Rebecca Pearce Matthew Carter Pearce
(1971- ) (1973- )

*Probably originally Möser in German

@One source claims that John was the son of Hans’ brother Peter (1730-1859) and wife Anna Hershey (1732-1837) or  Hostetter. Was this a second marriage?

?Was “Frony” a nickname for Veronica or a variation of the surname Forney?

#Susannah Musser (1785-1818) is probably a relative of the southern Somerset County Anabaptists who produced our Krause family.

~ exact Miller origins uncertain – research ongoing

+ Research is ongoing into possible connections among the various Miller families of Somerset County


“Descendants of Johann Musser.” 24 Nov. 2011.  http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~hcpd/norman/musser.htm

“Hans Musser” 25 Oct. 2011. http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~quick/d0099/g0000029.html#I000858

8 Responses to Our Hans Musser* Family Tree

  1. susan says:

    I have found that John Musser who married Barbara Kreider is son of Peter Musser and Anna Hershey- . Peter Musser is the son of Hans Musser and Veronica.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your reply. I’m checking my sources and will share with you, but if my dates are correct, there’s only 34 years between John and Hans. Would there be room for Peter and Anna? May I ask for your documentation? Also, my wife apparently has these Mussers in her maternal Krause ancestors. I’m checking those also. Please stay in touch.

  2. I descended from Hans and son John (Born 1738). Have bible pages from this 1738 of John and family. His cousin married Barbara K. He married twice – Margaret Hambright and Sara Funk. Their family information was written by hand and placed in the 1976 bible which has come down through our family.

    For further information, send me an email.

    Bloomington, IN

    • admin says:

      Marylou, you have a very valuable possession there. How fortunate you are. Thanks for sharing this information. I know Hans and John have many descendants who will be glad to hear. I’ll write some specific questions as I prepare the Vitals on the Musser family. Regards,

    • Tim Mercer says:

      I may be mistaken, but are you the person who contacted my mother,
      Sylvia Mercer in Covington, KY a few years ago? My grandfather changed
      from Musser to Mercer sometime during WWI (I believe).
      You made a family tree back to Hans Musser, very interesting!
      I was interested in their religion (Mennonites or Amish?).
      If you have any information I would certainly appreciate hearing
      from you.
      Thank You Very Much!

      • admin says:

        Hi Tim,
        I don’t recall contacting your mother, but I could have answered her inquiry and certainly am interested in anything on the Musser family. Check back for anything I have new on the Mussers, and please also share anything you have. Regards,

  3. Johnathan Musser says:

    I have little to no idea of whom I descended from. I know that my grandmother’s name is Rose Musser, and my father’s name is Dan Musser, and at some point they lived in Tacoma. Aside from that, nothing. It’s strange, but most of the time I don’t even think about it, and then, when I start googling my last name, looking for faces that look the same, reading about Pennsylvania, the Musser Grave Sites, and the Park, it is such an incredibly potent and abrupt shift from indifference to a sense of devastating emptiness.

    • admin says:

      You sound like you’ve discovered some interesting things about your family name. Do you still live in the state of Washington? What do you mean when you say, “the Park”? Are you aware that the Musser name was spelled “Mosser” in German with an umlaut? Try googling that, and above all, keep searching and asking questions until you get beyond the emptiness. Don’t forget to write back and share what you’ve uncovered. Thanks,

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