Vitals: Joseph Miller family of Germany & Somerset Co., PA, US

Joseph, Sr. & Mary Sharp Miller
Joseph “Yost” & Maria Catharina Long Miller
Joseph A. & Mary Anna Shaffer Miller
Noah J. & Elizabeth C. Zimmerman Miller
Dibert & Susan Bowman Miller
Howard Pearson & Sarah Jane Baer Miller
Richard Orville & Hilda Elizabeth Krause Miller
Larry Edsel & Susan Miller Pearce


4 Responses to Vitals: Joseph Miller family of Germany & Somerset Co., PA, US

  1. Kimberly Kantorik says:

    Your Yost Miller bio is fascinating!!!! My 2x great grandfather was William C. Miller who, unfortunately, killed Jonathan Hochstetler in 1892 fighting over their moonshine. Williamm was born in 1843 and his father was John G. Miller, born about 1814. I am currently employing the Somerset Historical Society to begin research for John G.’s ancestry. I am physically unable to go out and research for myself any longer. Do you have John G. in any of your Miller lines? I live in Latrobe, Westmoreland County! 🙂

    • admin says:

      Three things: 1. My wife’s Miller family was German, but Somerset County had lots of English Millers too; 2. Most Hochstetlers were German Amish-Mennonite who originated from down East and probably didn’t engage in moonshine, but I don’t know that; and 3. My website is mostly our own straight-line family history, and since the Miller name is so common, your Millers could have been cousins. I hope the SHS can help. Please let me know what you find out. Sincerely, Larry

  2. Judith S (Weigle) Alwine says:

    Ancestors: Fredrick John Bailey ( F.J. (Dad) Bailey , Hollsopple, PA

    John Weigle, Hooversville, PA

    • admin says:

      I don’t see much context for you or your ancestors, although my wife and I live near Boswell. Of course Hollsopple and Hooversville are just over the hill. The Somerset Historical Center can help and our number is 629-5272. Thanks for reading . Larry

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