Vitals: John & Mary Jane Jack Cooper

John (1751-1806) b. Ireland? Mifflin Co.? Cumberland Co.?; r. Newton Twp., Cumberland Co., PA (parents unknown; Farmer) Note: PA Wills & Probate for Cumberland County, 1803-1817, lists a John Cooper as “Esquire.” Could our John have been a Justice of the Peace? Did he come from Philadelphia or Maryland?

Mary Jane Jack (1749-1821/25) b. Green Spring, Newton Twp.; r. Newton Twp. (daughter of James, Jr. & Jane Carnahan Jack; Homemaker)

Married: 1783, Newton

Children: Why did as many as 5 children and father John all die within a year of each other (1805-1806)? Disease? Typo/error? The children were just young although I have no definitive death dates for some. Others are different in various public trees. Father John was only 55-years old. See his Last Will & Testament. Was John “inspired” to write his will during/after the illnesses and deaths of his sons?

1. James (1784-1805) died a a young man
2. Jane (1786-1805/40?)
3. Margret/ Margaret (1787-1854/55) b. Newton Twp.; r. Sugarcreek Twp., Venango Co., PA (m. Lawrence Carlysle Fleming; our line)
4. Sarah “Sallie” (1788-1888) (m. Jacob Stoll)
5. John, Jr. (1794-1812) named executor in father’s will at age 11
6. Robert (1795-1805) died in childhood
7. Matthew (1796-1805) ditto?
8. Andrew (1798-1805) ditto?
9. William (1800-1805) ditto?


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Various Public Member Family Trees & other sources



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  1. Hello
    I wonder if any of these ancestors are related to John Bossier Cooper, as told by the documents Boisselier/Bossier was anglicized into Cooper
    John Bossier Cooper
    Henri Boisselier

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