Vitals: James, Sr. & Jean Wilson

James, Sr. (1704-1776) b. Ballyrashane, County Derry, Northern Ireland; r. Marsh Creek, York/Adams  Co., PA (parents unknown)

Jean (1721-1798) little is known of her



1. Elizabeth (1743-1774) (m. William Reed, probably of Gen. William Reed’s family, who served in the Rev. War. Later Wilsons also married Reeds)
-burial: An Elizabeth Wilson (d. 1774) rests at Lower Marsh Creek Cemetery, Gettysburg, PA?
2. Hugh (1746-1810) (m. Isabelle Holmes)
3. James, Jr. (1747-1779) b & r York/Adams Co. (m. Hettie Jack – our line – later Carnahan ancestors married Jacks)
4. John B. (1749-1770)
5. Cpt. David B. (1752-1846) (m. Jane Rowan)
-buried: Lower Marsh Creek Cemetery
6. Martha Agnew (1754-1822)
-buried: Lower Marsh Creek Cemetery


“James Wilson.” 10 April 2014.

Lower Marsh Creek Cemetery records

Various Public Member Family Trees & other documents.


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  1. Mary Lou Cole says:

    Regarding the letter dated 1881 from S.A. Wilson of Zanesville, Ohio, “My father, David Wilson, late of Allegheny Co., PA, was a son of Margaret Peirce.”

    Sarah Ann Wilson born cir. 1832 was the daughter of David Wilson bc. 1802 and wife Lucinda of Elizabeth Twp, Allegheny Co, PA. David was the son of Hugh Wilson and Margaret Pierce. Hugh died in 1810 in Allegheny Co. His will [WB 1, p307] named six children: Jennet Bell, John, Robert, David, Sally and Joseph Pierce. In the will, Hugh gave instructions that his son ‘Joseph Pearse’ live with his uncle David Wilson until he was 21. The statement implies Hugh and David were brothers.

    Hugh named wife Margret and David Wilson as executors. David Wilson b. 1780, d. 1816, and married Isabella Chambers in 1802 in Allegheny Co. He and Isabella moved to Mifflin Township in 1808 to file a Pennsylvania Land Grant. Isabella received the warrant for the land in 1817 after David’s death. The area became Jefferson Twp. in 1828.

    • admin says:

      Mary Lou,
      All VERY interesting and specific, which is most helpful to genealogists. Unfortunately, the various Wilsons who appear on both sides of my family don’t seem to connect to yours, geographically or genealogically. I’ll keep my eyes open though, because going back far enough, as you know, we’re all related. Maybe one of our readers will comment. Thanks for your input,

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