Meditations on our Faith & Nature

Larry & Susan Pearce
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The Rev. Scott Stelzer,
St. Paul’s Evangelical Presbyterian Church,
Somerset, PAin partial fulfillment of
his Doctorate of Ministry, Autumn 2021:

1. The Sycamore Trees of Somerset Pike

2. The Turkey Vulture

3. Oh, Deer!

4. Water Under the Bridge

5. Kaufman Hill

6. Back Porch Pennsylvania

7. Biking the Great Allegheny Passage

8. Clouds & Mist

9. Trees

10. Thorns (in draft)

Prayer for our Faith and all of Nature: Heavenly Father, through your Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit you came to earth with an eternal plan of salvation. You continue to visit us today through the large, magnificent and small wonders of creation to which we lowly humans can relate. The meaning  of somethings have yet to be revealed. We thank you for your servants through whom you have worked over the millennia, for the plants and animals that preceded us in creation, and for the writings through which you have spoken and explained. Continue to show us the errors of our humanly ways and your plan for everlasting life. In Jesus’ name we give you thanks and offer this prayer. Amen

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