Table of Contents: Lee


The Ten Oldest Amish Settlements
What a Somerset County Amish Meetinghouse Look Like
Ten Questions & Answers About the Amish
all by Erik Wesner,

Our Lee Family Tree

On the Trail of our Early Lee Family

Our Thomas Lee Families of Somerset Co., PA

Meet our Great-great-grandfather “Tommy” Lee

Romantic Historical Fiction about our Casselman Valley Amish

Some Community Facebook Pages: Krause-associated Families

1838 Deed transfer from Catherine Miller Lee to Daniel Forney:
(click on images to enlarge/use back tab to return)
Miller to Lee 1838         02-1838 Lee

1839 Deed transfer from Catherine Miller Lee to Tommy LeeLee to Lee 1839

1863 Deed transfer from Christian Bender to Tommy LeeBender to Lee 1863

Obituary of Tommy Lee (1816-1900)

Obituary of Christian F. Lee (1858-1906)

The Questions of Anna Lee & Charles Krause’s Confirmation Certificates

Simon Lee’s WW I Letter from France, 1918

The Annie Lee “Mom” Krause 1950 Diary
The Annie Lee “Mom Krause 1951 Diary
The Annie Lee “Mom” Krause 1952 Diary
Commentary on the Annie Lee “Mom” Krause Diaries

Photo Album: Lee

Research/Writing in Progress

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4 Responses to Table of Contents: Lee

  1. Manfred Nissley says:

    Wow! These deed transfer’s are incredible! The “Holy Grail” of Amish Lee genealogy!

    • admin says:

      It’s comments like yours that make family history so rewarding. I have to give credit to Jim down at the Casselman Historians, though. Come join us at our annual meeting at the Maple Glen Church, Grantsville, MD, in September. Admission is FREE!

      • Manfred Nissley says:

        Oh, I wish I could be there. I am in Canada and it is a long way back to my maternal grandma’s hometown (Grantsville). Additionally, the border is closed to non-essential travel due to CoVid. I wonder if there would be a way to join in video conference call?

        • admin says:

          Manfred, I have forwarded your note to the powers that be at the Grantsville Historians. While I haven’t received my quarterly newsletter, I’m doubtful that there’ll be an annual meeting in September because of the pandemic. A virtual meeting would be a great idea. I’ll be in touch.

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