Vitals: Solomon & Elizabeth Horner

Solomon (1751-1838) b. Hanover, Berwick Twp., York Co., PA; . Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA (son of Johannes, Sr. & Anna Elizabeth Groscost Hanauer)
-military: Revolutionary War

Elizabeth ________ (?-1795) b. ?; r. Quemahoning Twp. (parents unknown)

Solomon’s marriage 1: c. 1780; 15 children total to two wives

Children: order & dates of birth uncertain (See Solomon’s will, which claims 15 children)
1. Daniel (1781-after 1839) b. Franklin Co., PA
2. John, Sr. (1782-1850/62) b. Franklin Co.; r. Somerset Co. (m1. Catherine Kimmel; m2. Elizabeth/Catharine Brubader, widow of Solomon Kimmel*?)
-buried: Samuel Horner Farm Cemetery, Quemahoning Twp.
3. Samuel (1783-1849) b. Franklin Co.; r. Somerset Co. (m. Magdalena Kimmel, sister of John’s Catherine Kimmel) not listed in father’s will
-buried: Samuel Horner Farm Cemetery
4. Mary (1784-1880) b. Franklin Co.; r. Somerset Co. (m.
Peter Bowman – our line)
-buried: Shaffer’s School House Cemetery, Somerset Co.
5. Christina (1785-after 1839) b. Franklin Co. (m. ___ Miller)
6. Eve (aft. 1785-before 1839) b. Franklin Co. (m. ____ Shaw) listed as deceased in 1839 will
7. Susannah (aft. 1785-bef. 1790/1839?) b. Franklin Co. (m. ___ Miller) two listed in father’s 1839 will, one deceased; both carried the Miller surname. Was one a step-child?
8. Solomon P., Jr. (1790-1872) b. Franklin Co.; r. Jenner Twp., Somerset Co. (m. Barbara Kaufman)
-buried: Horner-Mt. Tabor Cemetery, Quemahoning Twp. *Tombstone in Elderton, Armstrong Co., PA, lists Solomon S. Horner, probably a grandson of John, Jr. through Christian. Also married a Kimmel, whose cemetery it is.
9. Adam (1795-after 1839) b. Franklin Co.; r. Somerset Co. (m. Eleanor ____)
-buried: Samuel Horner Farm Cemetery, Somerset Co.
10. Elizabeth (aft. 1791-after 1839) b. Franklin Co. (m. ___ Miller)
11. Catherine “Catie” (1795/6-after 1839) b. Franklin Co.; r. Quemahoning Twp. (some sources have her mother as Elizabeth Gohn – m2 below) (m. Jacob Blough)
-buried: Blough Cemetery, Somerset Co.

Solomon’s marriage 2: 1798 to Elizabeth Johanna Gohn
12. Jacob G. (1803-1877) b. Somerset Co. (m1. Mary Christ; m2. Margaret ___)
-buried: Horner-Mt. Tabor Cemetery
13. Nancy (1805-1878) b & r Somerset Co. (Jacob Bowman, probably a relative of ours)
-buried: Horner-Mt. Tabor Cemetery
14. George (abt. 1809- ) b. Somerset Co.
15. Jonas (1812-1847) b. Somerset Co. (m. Elizabeth ___)
-buried: Horner-Mt. Tabor Cemetery


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