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Dilmanus Kimmel (b.1391):
(see Joseph Miller-associated families) Born in Neukirchen, Hessen. Later family became “plain people” (Dunkards) and fled the Palitinate for religious freedom in York Co., PA, mid-1700s. See “Documentation” on “Kimmel Family Tree” and “Introduction Kimmel.”

Heinrich “Heini” Seiler/Saylor (c.1500-1531):
(from Joseph Miller-associated families) We know that Great-grandson Jacob emigrated to Somerset Co., PA, from Germany, but family origins may include towns such as Willenstein, Sembach, Obermehlingen, Ischbach, some even in Switzerland. Their Amish beliefs no doubt kept them on the move.

Peter H. Broenniman/Brenneman (1554- ):
(from Krause-associated families) One must travel 8 generations to learn that Daniel, the emigre to America, Brenneman’s father was born and raised on the Hofgut estate in Braunshardt, Darmstadt, Germany, in 1736. That Nicholas (1736-1789) married twice: Barbara H. Kurtz and Magdelena Unzicker.

Peter Langs/Long (1600):
(from the Joseph Miller-associated families) He and son Georg were each born and raised in Germany, but Great-grandson Jacob (c.1710) were immigrants from the Palatinate to the Longswamp settlement in Berks Co., PA. Daughter Maria married Joseph “Yost” Miller and came to Somerset Co. in 1782.

Jacobus Meyer (1627-1716):
(from the Krause-associated families) Later generations resided in the Alsace-Lorraine region, specifically Kutzenhausen, Bas-Rhin, before coming to America in 1739.

Christian Miller I (before 1642):
(from both Joseph Miller & Krause-associated families) We believe that his Great-grandson Christian Daniel Miller, Sr. (c.1700) emigrated from Wurtenburg, Bavaria, to Berks Co., PA, then his son, Hannes “Indian John” (c.1724-1798), wounded in the famous “Hochstetler Massacre,” moved west to Somerset Co. to become our bloodline in several ways.

Andreas Berger (1643-1703):
(from the Joseph Miller-associated families) It was his Great-grandson Johann Samuel Burger (1710-1783), born in the Palatinate, who emigrated to the Longswamp Amish  settlement, Berks Co., PA, in 1739. Johann’s Granddaughter Maria Long/Lang married Joseph “Yost” Miller and came to Somerset Co., PA in 1782.

Johannes Wilhelm Lehmer (1663-1745):
(from the Joseph Miller families) Johannes and wife Anna lived in Stammheim, Hessen, Germany. Their grandson of the same name emigrated to York Co., PA, and settled in Franklintown. Daughter Catharine (1771-1850) Married a Swede, Ruel Peterson, and lived in northern Somerset Co.

Hermann “Mannus” Bender (c.1675):
(from the Krause-associated families) Great-grandson Jakob, Sr., and wife Helena S. Brenneman were located in Bodenhausen, Hesse, Germany, and Amish. Daughter Maria married Daniel Brenneman and emigrated to Garrett Co., MD.

Hans Michael Zimmerman (c.1680):
(see Joseph Miller-associated families) Birthplace unknown, but other, more famous Johann Jacob Zimmerman (b.1644) came from Dutchy, Wurtemberg, and sailed to Germantown, PA, in 1794. Our Hans, we believe, came to York Co. earlier, 1753. He was the first of three generations of “Michaels.” See “Introduction: Zimmerman.”

Michael Miller (1686-1773):
(from Krause-associated families) Although little is known if this Michael, his son George was born in Baden-Wuerttenberg and settled in Lancaster and York Cos., PA, with wife Maria Barbara Stambach, a native of Alsace-Lorraine. Their son George Michael moved to the mountains of Preston, WV.

Johann Michael Miller III (1692-1771):
(see Joseph Miller-associated families) This third line of Millers was born in Steinwenden, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, sailed to America in 1727, and settled in eastern Pennsylvania. Originally Reformed, these Millers also became “New Baptists” (Brethren/Dunkards), espousing non-violence and refusing to pay war taxes or serve in the Army. Ancestor Mary married Swiss Anabaptist descendants of Christian Miller, then daughter Sarah married Abraham Baer, whose granddaughter married the Lutheran descendant of Joseph Miller. See Introduction: Mary/Johannes Michael Miller and Our Baer Family Tree.

John Bathasar Sartorius/Sadorus (before 1711):
(from the Joseph Miller-associated families) Little is known about the patriarch of this family with over half a dozen spellings nor what the exact line is to the later namesakes, but John was an early emigre to Philadelphia. We do know that Elizabeth Sadoris (1798-1888) married into the Berkey line of Somerset Co. Ironically, Elizabeth’s mother was a Taylor, and Sadorus, a Latin word, has the German equivalent of the name Schneider, meaning “Tailor.”

Joseph Miller, Sr. (c.1725):
Born in the Palitinate . Possibly, only his sons “Yost” and Jeremiah came to Berks Co., PA, in the mid 1700s before fighting with the colonials in the Revolution. Jeremia and wife were captured and held by the British at Brandywine. Both sons came to Somerset Co. in 1782. Yost married the daughter of another Revolutionary War veteran. A third generation Joseph followed. See “1910 Miller Reunion.”

Joseph Baush (1750-1807):
(from Joseph Miller-associated families) Probably born in Germany before coming to Monagham Twp., York Co., PA. He and wife Anna Barbara Stahl raised nine children.

Christian Baer, Sr. (1800-1862):
(from Joseph Miller-associated families) Born in Germany and came to America with two brothers in 1821. He married Elizabeth Miller and they farmed in Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA, raising nine children.

Ludwig Wilhelm Ferdinand Krause (c.1818):
Little is known, but son Karl came to Baltimore, then settled in Western MD. See “Introduction: Krause.”

John C/G? Georg (1821-1907):
(see Krause-associagted families) A native of Baron, Germany, he emigrated with with two brothers and father to Western MD between 1840 & 1850. His two marriages produced 12 children.

George Hoffman (1828-1907):
(from Gray-associated families) Born in Bavaria and settled in West Deer Twp., Allegheny Co., Western PA, in 1846 with wife Annie K. Browne, where they raised as many as eight children.


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  1. Jenny Riner says:

    I am looking for the original family crest for Riner (originally spelled Reiner, I believe). I had the name researched and it came back that it is of German descent, and when translated means “advisor to the army”. I also think that there is supposed to be an owl, and a hammer and mallet upon the crest, or the coat of arms. If anyone has any ideas on where I can find this information (with pictures, if available), that would be greatly appreciated.

    • admin says:

      Hi Jenny,
      I did a simple Google of “Reiner family crest” and got many sites. Give it a try. Note the number of different choices of information and images. Very simple. Hope that helps. Thanks for writing,

  2. Dan Krause says:

    I would love to know where in Germany my Krause (paternal) and Swartz (maternal) families come from. Any ideas on how to figure that out?
    Dan Krause

    • admin says:

      Hi Paul,
      My kids got me a membership in Ancestry.com for Christmas. I started with my Pearce & Gray families and will soon get to my wife’s Millers on both her paternal & maternal sides; they cross back and forth in several places. Ancestry has as much wrong info as the internet where I began years ago, so you really have to sort and document.
      You didn’t tell me where you live, but our Somerset & MD area historical centers are a good place to check. I used Genealogy.com, Google, and my favorite, Dogpile.com (a meta-search engine). Just try different combinations of names, dates, and places. You’ll be amazed at the wealth of information and helpful people. By all means re-check my documentation at the end of each of my pages. Check back for clarification. My wife’s paternal line stems from Joseph “Yost” Miller of Lancaster Co, PA (German Lutheran) and her maternal line comes, I believe, through Hannes “Indian John” Miller of Berks Co, PA (Swiss Amish-Menonnite). Both families ended up here in Somerset County after the Ft. Stanwix treaty and interbred. Thank goodness my wife found me over the mountain in Pittsburgh, a good Scots-Irish Presbyterian (actually my dad’s family were English).
      Looking forward to working with you. I’d appreciate you telling me what mistakes I’ve made or additions I need to make. I’ll certainly credit you. Thanks for your interest,

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