Table of Contents: Georg


Our Georg Family Tree

Vitals: Families of John & Louisa Smearman Georg

Research/Writing in Progress

Photo Album: Georg

2 Responses to Table of Contents: Georg

  1. Wendy Georg Ray says:

    How did you come about to have this family crest I am wondering? I keep getting the same one, but I believe this is the English version. The German Georg is red and yellow and black. Could you please advise? I would like to get the correct one if I am incorrect.


    • admin says:

      Yes, I believe the crests and coat of arms I found on the internet and posted have an “E” on the end. Many English Saxon names have German origins. I can’t say that’s true of our Georg family – yet. I assure you that when I find the German Georg ensignia I’ll post them. Meanwhile, Do you have ancestors in New Germany near Friendsville, Western Maryland, as my wife does? Would you share your information. I’m preparing an introduction on our Georg family. You may write to me personally at Thanks,

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